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Jamaat al-Muslimeen needs volunteers to support the causes of Prof. Sami Al-Arian, Imam Jamil al-Amin, Lynne Stewart, Ahmed Abdel Sattar. Also, to write to Wall Street Journal about Imam Warithuddin 'Umar.
A reader says: Governor Ridge of Homeland Security was the one who insisted on the DEATH PENALTY for MUMIA ABU JAMAL before public protests stopped it. Please give us more information - editor
TWO U.S. ARMY SERGEANTS WHO WERE WOUNDED IN DECEMBER IN AFGHANISTAN in a grenade attack appeared on Fox TV on March 14. Their news was not previously publicized. It appears that U.S. forces are not only facing the RESURGENCE OF THE TALIBAN, and the Jihad call of Gulbuddin Hikmatyar, but also random attacks from Afghans NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY GROUP.
College Student Accepts Islam in Pennsylvania

Following Dr. Kaukab Siddique's juma' khutba in Pennsylvania on March 14, 2003, a college student accepted Islam. Dr. Siddique made sure he was accepting with full understanding and without any pressure of any kind before asking him to recite the kalima shahada. Those present raised the TAKBIR. Sweets were distributed in celebration.

Among the dignitaries present were Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz, an elder of the Islamic community in America, and Sis. Motisola M. Abdallah, Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

Special thanks go to the Egyptian sister who helped the young man during his studies and search for Islam.

A beautifully printed Qur'an with Abdullah Yusuf Ali's translation and commentary (printed in Pakistan) was gifted to the young new Muslim.

2 points from KHUTBA: The TEXT was SURA Al-BALAD .... "free the slave....".

{During his khutba, Dr. Siddique emphasized that the teachings of Abraham, Moses and Jesus are completed and perfected in the example of Muhammad (peace be on them all).}

He said: It is the religious duty of Muslims to help Americans understand what is the truth about today's war situation. Nearly 50% of the American people are unable to understand because of the COMING TOGETHER OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT and the U.S. MEDIA. He said, Zionist Jews have taken over this beautiful country.

Dr. Siddique deplored the exploitation and oppression of women in America. Africans brought as slaves to America were able to survive spiritually because AFRICAN WOMEN WERE STRONG and DID NOT FORGET THE HERITAGE OF ISLAM. In the NEW slavery we are facing, the power structure is trying to destroy womanhood, making drugees out of mothers and prostitutes out of daughters...

March 11 at about 8:33 am on the National feed for NPR there was a great interview with Badi Ali and Mohammed from the Islamic Center of the Triad about their trip to Iraq as Human Shields. Badi and Mohammed's interviews were outstanding and very courageous.

They have been warned by the FBI in person not to go to Iraq and during the interview this morning several Feds said that they would get into serious trouble if they went. Badi and Mohammad did a beautiful job explaining their religious reasons for this trip and their support for the US based on their right to free speech under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Simply wonderful!!

I think you can hear the show by going to and then go to Morning Edition for March 11. Unfortunately it is not one of the highlighted items that you can pull-up separately. However, it was a lengthy segment of about 6 minutes.
Congratulations to the Islamic Center of the Triad and their wonderful work for Peace and Justice.

John Young

[Report from our New York City representative, Sis. Aisha]

Salaam Bro. Siddique,

I pray that you are in good spirits. I have a feeling you are from the last email about the 5 million protestors in Pakistan. That was an invigorating read. It will take some time but, I believe that non-Muslims are beginning to follow our example and speak out more than ever before. It seems to be such a united effort.

Here are some of what's been going on in the New York area:
Israel Exposed!: Last night, there was a program called "If Only America Knew..." on public access. It was about Israel-Occupied territories and the government's brutality toward the Palestinians. I don't know how they were able to do this but, they were over there and they showed the bulldozers knocking down Palestinian homes as well as other village ruins. The piece was put together by none other than the Kunstler Clan. I remember the famed civil rights attorney. I guess his family is carrying on his legacy.

Rushdie's New Play:

(Source: New York Amsterdam News vol. 94 no. 10 March 6 - March 12, 2003)

Salman Rushdie is putting on a new play, "Midnight's Children" at the Apollo Theater starting March 22 for 12 scheduled performances. The play is 3 hours and the Muslim Community is said to be a little apprehensive about it. The play is being performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company in conjunction with Columbia University, University of Michigan and the University Musical Society.

Imam Taalib Abdur-Rashid reviewed the play's script and found one scene where a Muslim woman patient's exposing herself to male doctor troubling. The executive director of the Apollo Theater, David Rodriguez, said in a New York Times article -- stated that "Midnight's Children" is "the first direct artistic collaboration with Columbia that anyone here can remember" and hoped for more collaborations.

However, former Apollo owner, Percy Sutton, felt that Rodriguez disrespected the Muslim community by not consulting with us first before allowing the play to perform: "This guy doesn't live in the community. His bottom line is not the interest of the people of Harlem, so he is not sensitive to the subtle dynamics here," said the long time Harlemite and one time Malcolm X attorney. Sutton, who still serves as advisor to Malcom X's daughters, added, "I would have reached out to my Muslim brothers before booking a production by such a controversial author."
That's my sentiment exactly. But, who owns the Apollo, now? Sutton owned it for years until his friends like Congresman Rangel possibly stabbed him in the back.

I was watching the Winston Gilchrist Show, which comes on public access cable, and Dr. James Smalls was the guest. Mr. Gilchrist posed the question of why do blacks seem to be worse off than before? Dr. Smalls stated that the Civil Rights Struggle for blacks focused on integration and voting rights but, left out economic building in the black community. Gilchrist pointed out that the black Muslims emphasized black ownership and Dr. Smalls responded that most blacks bought into the civil rights movement controlled by the very white liberals who own most areas of black communities till this day. JEWS ARE OWNERS EXPLOITING BLACK COMMUNITY
The NAACP was created by 56 whites with W.E.B. DuBois as its figure head. I believe that in America with ownership comes power. Ninety-eight percent of Harlem is owned by Jews/Whites. Is ownership the solution for Muslims?

You can't always emulate what your enemies do but, the Jews moved from the Lower East Side slums to the position of power they now have. But that's not a fair example. Many Jews could pass for white and before Israel came into existence, Hollywood Jewish actors/actresses were still changing their names and appearances to look more Anglo. And that was being done inspite of the fact that Jews owned Hollywood! Oy, talk about self-hatred. Many of the Jewish execs suggested the anglo names to be used! But, most immigrants who choose to come here buy some property and supposedly that's who the politicians respond to in these instances.

Many of society's underdogs were victimized in some way and sought to gain leverage. For instance, the Jews have infiltrated the mainstream media, real estate, law, medical profession, and in New York it's the education field. I've been told that the Jews don't have the type of power they have in New York but, they do in the mainstream media. But, how much of zionist power is based on the American Oil companies need for Israel?

The principle is that people should respect others but, in this country it must be earned with the victim having some leverage. Latinos are buying up radio stations and cable satellites like crazy. They're the largest "minority" goup in the country and they choose not to clarify themselves by race. Even the census board claims not to keep a stat on their numbers because they don't choose a "race". We Muslims need some kind of leverage and we can do that without buying into the system, I believe. I don't claim to have any knowledge. It's just a thought.

Salaam, Sis. 'Aisha
ONE CORRECTION: The Pakistani mass rally was: FIVE MILLION, not 500,000-Editor

2003-03-15 Sat 08:19ct