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VICTIMS OF MASS RAPE Get "Conscience Money" after 10 years!
"Women are the twins of men." (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith)
"Do not stop the maid servants of Allah from the mosques of Allah." (Hadith)

{The suffering of women in Kashmir is symbolic of the suffering of women worldwide. The Indian army uses rape as a tool of subjugation in this deeply conservative society. The raped women are then ostracized by the Muslim society too. The following report indicates the current upheaval in Kashmir and brings out the pathetic effort of Muslims to give "conscience money" to the victims of mass rape who were assaulted by Indian forces as far back as 1991!} {Courtesy TAIBA BULLETIN}

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most beneficent
taiba bulletin
Muzaffarabad, AZAD kashmir, february 26, 2002

Muzaffarabad, February 26(TNS): Noori is a mother of seven children and has been widowed twice at the age of 29. Her first husband was killed by Indian troops leaving her to face life on a shaky terrain along with four small children.
Soon she was re-married to her brother-in-law, who died four years later after fathering three more children. There are scores of Nooris in held Kashmir where decrepit orphanages and households tell the tales of hapless mothers and children. And hardly any help comes their way in their struggle for existence. Noori who hails from Sumbal in Kupwara district survives on what her 12-year-old son brings home, often less than Rs. 50 a day, which he gets for nine hours of hard work.

A report written by Suhail Wani of Sify News says, Noori finds it difficult to remember the names of all her children and this forces a writhing smile on her face. She believes that her day would also come. Haja of Pattan in Baramulla District in north Kashmir lost her husband who was a Guerrilla Mujahid, in a gun battle with military forces in the early nineties. Her second husband fell to the bullets of army troops and so did her brother. She works hard to feed her five daughters and an aged father and is quite worried about what the future holds for her daughters. Haja takes care of her epileptic son and two other children with no help forthcoming from any quarter. She does not seek it either and a frown crosses her face when political organizations are mentioned. There are thousands of such faces drenched in insecurity and helplessness. For the children of the valley and their struggling mothers, life has been damaged beyond repair for no fault of theirs. The state social welfare department has come out with a list of orphans and recommended a monthly allowance ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 300. But it has not reached the next step of providing them the much-needed assistance to be self-reliant in life. That is the kind of help girls like Farida is in need of. A talented student from Baramulla, Farida has no money to pay for her admission to class 1X. Her mother, Shakeela has four other daughters to look after. Poverty forced Shakeela to send one of her daughters to a Darul-uloom in Gujarat. The bruised psyche of children affects their studies, health and behavior. If the mother has remarried, the child feels doubly betrayed. Irfan Parra's father went missing from Sumbal when he was a toddler. He has grown without fatherly love. He wished his father were there to share his joy when he passed matriculation exam recently. - " They can be consoled materially not otherwise. A vacuum is their lifelong companion," says Abdul Hamid, principal of a public school at Sumbal.


Muzaffarabad, February 26(TNS): Srinagar-based human rights organization Kashmir Watch has called upon world bodies to pressurize India to release Kashmiri political detainees. The Executive Director of the organization, Abdul Khaliq Hanif in a statement issued in Srinagar today said that India was making an unavailing effort to stifle Kashmiris' voice by putting the leadership behind the bars. It is estimated that almost 6235 Kashmiri liberation activists are languishing in various notorious jails of held Kashmir and India like Hazaribagh in Bihar, Jodhpur in Rajhastan, Tihar in New Delhi and Sangroor in Punjab. Prominent political leaders and activists detained under Indian black laws are, Shaikh Abdul Aziz, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Hubbi, Ghulam Nabi Sumji, Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai, Ghulam Muhammad Butt, Saadullah Tantrey, Ghulam Ahmad Mir, Bashir Ahmad Butt, Mussarrat Aalam, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza, Muhammad Yousaf Mujahid, Shakeel Ahmad Bakhshi, Hakim Abdul Rashid and Muhammad Ashraf Laya. The political detainees are deprived of basic human facilities and proper medical care.
Hypocrites we!
Today we are celebrating Eid-ul-Azha in the memory of the supreme sacrifice offered by Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) centuries ago, which reminds us of our duties towards almighty Allah and his creations. Even though we boast of being among the faithful, yet what we practice is far from what has been enjoined upon us by the Holy Prophet Sallalah-oAlihi-Wasalam. Today thousands of our sisters, rendered destitute and more the number of children robbed of one or both parents are on the crossroads. Only a small number of these women and children have been lucky in finding some support from a few non-governmental organizations or philanthropists. A majority of the victims of the violent situation are bereft of any support. It is not that people did not show any compassion towards them as millions of rupees were collected in their name. But that aid never reached the instead target groups as many a wolves in sheep skin usurped it, who made rags to riches stories. Not only have we neglected another group of the victims of the situation, classified as the rape victims, but have condemned them to a life of ignominy and shame.


Even ELEVEN years after the most shameful incident of mass rape at Kunan, Poshapora village of the frontier district of Kupwara the victims and their next of kin have failed to overcome the trauma inflicted on them. They continue to face social ostracism even today. The state and central governments have simply ignored the sad plight of the victims for obvious political reasons. And the amalgam of more than twenty two political and social organizations, the All Parties Hurriat conference which claims to represent the majority's opinion in the state and has been campaigning for the political rights of the people, appears satisfied after disbursing Rupees one hundred to each affected family. With that relief disbursed to the victims, the APHC washed its hands off. Then see how cruel the Kashmiris living in the neighboring villages of Kunan, Poshapora have been to the victims! As if the Feb 22-23, 1991 traumatic experience of the victims and their next of kin were not enough, the inhabitants from these neighboring villages have been crossing all limits by heaping abuses on them. Their uncharitable remarks and taunts have made the life of the unfortunate victims miserable.
One hundred rupees are about ONE DOLLAR 30 cents.

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