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FAMOUS BLACK POET AMIRI BARAKA has outraged the American power structure by writing a poem about 9.11. He is being accused of "Anti-Semitism." Even the governor of New Jersey has spoken against him. He might lose his job. It's a long and powerful poem. If you would like to see it, let us know.
One lesson to be learned from the poem is that many Americans are getting tired of hearing that 9.11 was the worst thing that ever happened.
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HITLER'S WAR by David Irving. 985 pages. Published 2002. Hard cover. Numerous photos in color. Incredible scenes from the devastation of German cities. Original research. Thorough documentation. Probably the greatest book on World War II. Buy one for your library. $50 [$80 for two]
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Zionist Program Using Christians to Provoke and Attack Muslims Uncovered Pat Robertson's Expressions of Deep Hatred for and Abuse of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on TV (Sept.18)
Same Method Used in Nigeria, Sudan, Pakistan, Indonesia to Create Armed Conflict

It can be said without dispute that Christians and Muslims have lived in peace in Nigeria, Sudan, Pakistan and Indonesia. Churches and cathedrals have been sacrosanct in Muslim lands. Muslim governments have provided land and money to Christians to establish their religious schools and places of worship. Never have Muslims seen Christians as their enemies. Saladin forgave the crusaders even after the massacres they had carried out in Palestine.

In the last decade, this harmony has been shattered by a series of coordinated provocations meant to ensure that Christians and Muslims will go to war. The provocations are deliberately produced by Christian supporters of Israel who believe that Armageddon needs to be brought about to enhance the early return of Jesus (pbuh).

These Christian groups have been openly advocating the demolition of masjid al-Aqsa, with no ambiguity whatsoever. For them Islam is an abomination which must be destroyed. The methodology they have employed is as follows:

1. A European missionary went to Nigeria a few years back, visited the Muslim majority city of Kano and publicly cursed and abused Muhammad (pbuh). The result was a Muslim uprising and physical conflict between Christians and Muslims. The army was used to quell Muslim protests.

2. In Sudan, pro-Zionist Christians, coming out of Switzerland, started the "slavery in Sudan" charade and funded the SPLA rebels in the deep south. As the slavery story spread, the Zionist media demonized Sudan. Sudan Air flights were banned and the U.S. clamped the most severe sanctions on Sudan in an attempt to destroy the Sudanese economic base.

3. In Pakistan, lunatic fringe Christians were used to abuse and curse Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Outraged Pakistanis attacked some Christians. Instead of backing off, the Christians, seemingly under encouragement from pro-Zionist Christian groups, started demanding that laws which forbid blasphemy against Muhammad (pbuh) should be abrogated. This further poisoned Christian-Muslim relations.

4. The biggest pro-Zionist Christian success came in Indonesia. Vast sums of money were pumped in to bring about conversions. This was followed by the induction of modern weaponry for the Christian storm troopers. Christian groups soon found that the unarmed Muslim populations were easy prey. They started raping, looting and killing on a big scale. Numerous mosques were attacked and sacrilege and rape was carried out by Christian stormtroopers, heavily armed, particularly in Ambon. Details of these massacres have been published on the Internet but were ignored by American media. Only recently have Muslims seized arms and started counterattacking, some say with help from Osama bin Laden's movement.
The source of intense hate, abuse and provocation is rooted in the pro-Zionist Christian fringe within the United States. Although most Christians do not share the hate and bigotry generated by these groups, these pro-Israel groups are extremely wealthy, well-organized and extremely active.

If we look at the language of hate and bigotry expressed by Pat Robertson in a recent interview [September 18] with Fox News' Hannity and Colmes program, it is quite obvious that this is the source of the inflammatory rhetoric being used to create conflict in the Muslim world. The similarities are just too many to be a coincidence.

This is indeed the language of war aimed at the cultural genocide of the worldwide Islamic way of life. It is certainly not Christian and is only to be found in Sharon-type Zionism and in the Brahminism of India's Advani and Vajpayee.:

Robertson, like a good Zionist, supports the war against Iraq. He began the interview with an off the cuff irresponsible remark that Saddam Hussein has killed so many people (quoting fabricated statistics) and as for the Sh'ite Muslims "He actually boils them in oil." [Sounds like a version of the "babies removed from incubators" story.]

ROBERTSON on MUHAMMAD (peace be on him): "All you have to do is read the writings of Mohammed in the Koran.... He urges his followers to kill Christians and Jews. He talks about eradicating all of the Jews. He was a robber and a brigand."

ROBERTSON on the Qur'an: "You read the Koran, it says wage war against your enemies. Kill them if you possibly can. And destroy anybody who doesn't agree with you."

ROBERTSON on HADITH: "And what is called the hadif, the --- you know interpretation of of what Mohammed said, that this whole thing is in my opinion, is a monumental scam..."

ROBERTSON on ALLAH: "And the most important deity in mecca was the moon god. And he was the same god that was you know, Ur of Kaldez when Abraham was up there. And his name was Allah. And he had three daughters."

ROBERTSON supports SALMAN RUSHDIE: "...he wrote into the Koran that we should worship those three daughters, and then disciples got after him ... And Salman Rushdie wrote about the satanic verses."

ROBERTSON claims the QUR'AN was stolen from JEWS: "It took about 20 years to write the entire Koran. 80 percent of it comes from the Jewish and Christian scriptures. He mentions Moses 500 times in the Koran. I mean, it is strictly a theft of Jewish theology."

ROBERTSON abuses MUHAMMAD (pbuh): "And then he turned around and he murdered all the Jews in Medina. I mean, this man was a killer. And to think that this is a peaceful religion is fraudulent. It just is ...."

ROBERTSON cooks up SIX-MILLION HOLOCAUST kind of PROPAGANDA against Muslim countries. Hannity, the FOX News host had asked him if war was inevitable "with Islam for many decades to come?" Robertson's answer: "ABSOLUTELY YES." and then he added: "...see what's done to Christians in Indonesia, for example, when you see the persecution in Saudi Arabia. Here you look at SUDAN. They killed two million plus Christians because of Shiria. In Nigeria right now, they're getting ready to stone a woman to death for adultery. And it just goes on and on, the list of horror."

[As a real Christian, Carlsen, has pointed out, these "statistics" would mean that all the Christians in Sudan are dead. Robertson is in the habit of fabrication but his fabrications are listened to with respect in the Bush White House.]
All this vicious hatred was being vomited out on a major TV network, Fox News, and was actually encouraged by the host, Hannity, who said: "All right Reverend Roberstson, always good to see you."
We have given actual quotes from Roberston so that readers can note the intensity of hate, based on total ignorance and a deep racism, which is working here. This inflammatory material is being sent into Muslim countries through heavily funded and organized Christian missions. The result is the sharp decline of good relations between Muslims and Christians.

1. Christian organizations should be carefully screened. Those organizations which are organized and/or funded from America and Europe should be banned.

2. Import of weapons for Christian groups should be stopped.

3.Pipelines of funds being used to "convert" starving and poor people should be identified and plugged.

4. Indigenous Christian groups must be given full freedom, respect and security to practice their religion.

5. Blasphemy laws should be carefully streamlined to ensure due process of law but should be uncompromisingly implemented.

6. Facts about the peaceful and secure lives most Christians live in Muslim lands should be thoroughly publicized.

7. Muslims must not indulge in criticism of the Bible. Let followers of each religion teach their religion instead of attacking other people's religion.

8. Muslims must be made aware of "Christian" groups working with Israel to blow up the Dome of the Rock and masjid al-Aqsa and should learn to distinguish between them and Christians in general. [Palestinian Christians do not agree with Robertson and are targeted by Israel equally with Palestinian Muslims.]

I think you are being distracted deliberately by the sectarians. No one is interested in their talk except the disinformers. Use your time to discuss the current issues and the basics of Islam. What ALI (r.a) did or did not do, at this time undercuts the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Please continue the hard core Islamic info. The sectarians are agents of the spreaders of disinformation and distractors from the main problems at hand in the Muslim world.

There is a tremendous thirst for knowledge about basic Islam after 911. Augusta (Georgia) alone has received requests for 4800 Qurans which have been given out. Allah's word is spreading like wild fire; we just need to be the facilitators and hopefully good examples.
[Sent by Sis. Hamdiyeh, South Carolina.]
Coalition Forces Raid Village On "Tip" On Taliban Commander
Oct 01, 2002
Source: Jihad Unspun
On a tip that Taliban Commander Jalal-ud-din Haqani was hiding in the Afghan village of Musha, in the province of Gardez, 400 Afghan and coalition forces surrounded the area and searched the whole village however they were unable tolocate Haqani.
According to sources, coalition forces paid particular attention to village leaders Haji Peer Khan, Assal Din and Haji Rasool. Local villagers strongly protested being humiliated by being searched and said that the Afghan soldiers disrespected their elders, women and children, saying they were Taliban.
It was also reported that after the failed search, the coalition forces tried to cross the Pak-Afghan border near Ghulam Khan three times to conduct an operation in Southern Waziristan however, Pakistan security officials did not give them the permission to enter the country, contrary to Pentagon reports.

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