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Dr. NAHEED MORRILL, the Pakistani woman we reported on earlier, from McLean, Virginia, has been destroyed by the prejudiced American post 9.11 justice system. She has lost her children, her property share and her medical license. The Muslim community, particularly Pakistanis, should rally to her support. She needs help to be able to enter an appeal against the judgement handed down.

Please direct your questions to:

Asim Ghafoor, Esq.
Legal Defense Fund
202-497-2219, 202-298-6696, fax-202-318-4331

And send your financial support to:

Dr. Naheed Morrill
6509 Chesterfield Ave.
McLean, VA 22101
From the Editor's Diary

JUMA' KHUTBA: Br. Kaukab gave the juma' khutba and led juma' prayers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore on March 28, 2003. The audience was largely Arab, Indo-Pakistani and Malaysian. A number of students came to the khateeb and thanked him for the khutba. [Main points in our next issue.]

NEW YORK CITY: The editor spent two days in this multi-ethnic city. March 29 there was a powerful ANTI-WAR demonstration which began from Time Square in Manhattan and ended at Union Square. The core of the march was a large Islamic Palestinian group, though the call for the march came from Ramsey Clark's A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition.

The marchers carried pictures of Iraqi children hit in the ongoing bombing of Basra, Baghdad and other cities as well pictures of Palestinian children killed by the Zionist Jews. Tributes were paid by several speakers to RACHEL CORRIE, the sweet rose of America who gave her life trying to save a Palestinian home. She was crushed by the Jewish thugs who were trying to demolish it. It appears that Palestinians have finally realized that Israel does not want peace and were chanting: From the River to the Sea, Palestine, Palestine. [The editor joined the protestors in four rakats of zuhr prayers combined with four of ‘Asr, prayed right there in Union Square, a solid phalanx of fearless young men and women.]

A few Zionist Jews had turned up for a counter demonstration, carrying American instead of Israeli flags, with some provocative placards saying: There is NO Palestine, etc. An orthodox Jew had turned up to support the Palestinians and to condemn Israel.

[After the rally, the editor met Sis. ‘AISHA, Jamaat al-Muslimeen's New York City representative, a young African-American sister, a good example of the new generation of Islam, astute and uncompromising. Sis. Aisha is very busy working on LISTS OF JEWISH and OTHER BUSINESSES WHICH SUPPORT ISRAEL. She also explained how the rich Jews are getting the HOUSING LAWS changed in Harlem to drive out the lower income African-American population and to "develop" the area for $3500/room apartments.]

[There were also conversations with another, even younger, sister, TABASSUM, who had been arrested on Thursday during the "die-in" in Time Square to protest the massacre in Iraq. Sis. TABASSUM was mistreated by the police because she wears a HIJAB or Islamic headcovering. She was pushed around very roughly when she was arrested. Later, at the police station, she refused to remove her hijab. She was threatened with being kept at the station even after the others had been released. However, the other protestors who had been arrested REFUSED TO BE RELEASED IF SHE WAS NOT RELEASED. Finally the police let her go at 2 AM.]

MEETING THE FAMILY OF AHMED ‘ABDEL SATTAR. On March 30, the editor visited the family of Egyptian POLITICAL PRISONER Ahmed ‘Abdel Sattar in their Staten Island apartment. His wife, Lisa, is originally from Chicago. Alhamdulillah, a strict Muslimah, she clings to her hijab, takes college classes and keeps their FOUR CHILDREN in tune with the norms of Islam. The sister, a "White" Muslimah, has been given a lot of run around by the prison authorities in her visits to meet her husband in prison. The authorities have been TRYING TO BREAK HIM IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT but have failed. She says, not only is his Islamic faith strong and vibrant, he inspires her and the children to be strong.

Ahmed was paralegal for SHAIKH OMAR ‘ABDEL RAHMAN and worked hard to safeguard the Shaikh's rights in prison. Ahmed has never broken a law, has been a model citizen (worked for the post office), provided for his family and spent time to develop mosques and the local Muslim community. His "fault" was that he opposed the regime of Hosni Mubarak, the tyrant of Egypt. The U.S. government, working with Mubarak, taped Ahmed's phone calls and claims that it has found calls which implicated him in attempting to overthrow Mubarak. [In this Zionist America, dictators are defended while citizens are oppressed.]

The editor noticed the economic squeeze which Sis. Lisa and the four young people are going through, living in a small apartment with little income coming in. Muslims should take care of the families of political prisoners while they are enduring this era of oppression.
Please write to: Ahmed ‘Abdel Sattar #53506-054, MCC, 150 Park Row, New York, NY 10007

Remember that he has not been convicted or even brought to trial. ON APRIL 9, HE WILL HAVE BEEN HELD FOR ONE YEAR.

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