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Ramadan 28, 29, 1424

EID GREETINGS TO OUR WORLDWIDE READERSHIP. The "offices" of New Trend will remain closed during Eid week, November 25 to 30. Insh'Allah we will re-appear on December 1.

AFGHANISTAN: November 23. An American helicopter was brought down at Bagram air base near Kabul. Five U.S. troops were killed and 7 wounded. [Fox News]

Most military activity in Afghanistan is not covered by foreign news media. However on November 22, Geraldo River was in a U.S. military column near Shkin, on the Pak-Afghan border when a Taliban attack occurred. A vehicle was blown up by a freshly laid mine. One U.S. soldier had his leg amputated while several others were wounded in other ways. The Fox News media clip showed U.S. troops running helter skelter and firing wildly at an unseen enemy. The wily Taliban had hit and disappeared: classic guerrilla warfare. Grassroots fighters taking on a superpower.

2003-11-30 Sun 11:30ct