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1. Can an Occupying Power claim self-defense? (Dr. Ismail Zayid, Canada)
2. Letters on Aimal Kansi's execution.
3. "Let's Pretend" (An awakening poem from Karen English, N. California)
4. Faith-renewing Khutba: Muhammad (pbuh) has prophesied Defeat and annihilation of the Jewish- Israeli entity [Maulana Zakiuddin Sharfi]
5. Jewish mayor of Occupied Jerusalem Insults the Prophet (pbuh)
6. ISNA/ CAIR give Blank Check to President Bush
1. ISRAEL's "Self-Defense" Claim is not Available Under any Law
From: Ismail Zayid
To: Mr. Bill Graham
Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 3:56 PM
October, 9,2002
The Hon. Mr. Bill Graham,
Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Dear Mr. Graham:
We appreciate your concern about the 'incursions' by Israeli forces and the " ensuing violence, including the deaths and wounding of many Palestinian civilians." However, we continue to be puzzled by your continuing reference to "terrorist violence", presumably Palestinian acts, as you regularly describe them. As to your statement that you " support Israel's right to self defence", this defies credibility. Israel is in illegal occupation of Palestinian territory for 35 years, in defiance of repeated Security Council resolutions. Throughout this period, Israel has been in violation of virtually every article of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Canada, as one of the High Contracting Parties, has the obligation, under Article # 1, of this convention, to act to bring to an end these violations. An occupying power cannot claim self defence, and all peoples under foreign occupation, including even the Palestinian people, have the right to defend themselves, in accordance with the UN Charter. It is time that this practice of double standards is brought to an end, and our country practices what it claims to uphold.
Yours sincerely,
Ismail Zayid, MD.
President, Canada Palestine Association.

asalaamu alaykum,

What is the logic for opposing the death penalty for Kansi? did he not know when he came to America to murder its federal agents that capital punishment would be a possibility? as Muslims do we not live under the laws of the land in which we reside? Kansi knew he what he was getting into when he pulled that trigger on those agents who had know idea he had targeted them. his cowardly actions put him in the situation he is in today.

wa'alaykum as salaam
This is so hypocritical brother. We support the death penalty except for when a Muslim is being executed. What total hypocrisy. Please show some restraint.
Note: Jamaat al-Muslimeen has consistently opposed the death penalty, be it for Muslims or non-Muslims.
If the man had been accused of a nonpolitical crime he would at most been declared "insane" and not given the death penalty. He got the death penalty for being from a predominantly Muslim country. At no time have we have been told what mental social tortures this man was put under that led to such events. There was an African-American that shot white people at random in New York several years ago and nobody questioned that he was insane and not worthy of the death penalty. In any event the US death penalty is discriminatory generally speaking and mostly applied to minorities. It is not an Islamic death penalty.
R. Solano
(The writer is a human rights activist from the Hispanic community.)
3. AN AWAKENING POEM [The writer is from Jamaat al-Muslimeen, California]

Allah says in Qur'an:
"Do men think that on their (mere) saying 'We have attained to faith' they will be left to themselves and not be put to a test?" (29:2)

Out of frustration and disappointment that too few of us are acknowledging the gravity of our situation, I wrote the poem, "Let's Pretend."

Let's Pretend

Let's pretend the war on Islam has not begun
Let's pretend we don't hear it rattling our windows
Scratching at the door
A siren wailing two blocks away

Let's hold a conference instead

Let's have speakers
Let's bestow awards on each other
For excellence
Let's get plaques made
Let's have panel discussions
Let's pontificate on issues on which we've pontificated before
Lets pretend we're in a leisurely place
That war does not apply to us

Let's pretend we didn't hear our Prophet (sallu allahu alaihi wa sallam) being denigrated

Let's be honored to sit at the table of our enemies
Let's prove we are good negroes*Let's whisper in the slave master's ear of a planned escape
Let's send wine and honey to the Crusaders' advancing armies
Let's curry favor

Let's hold interfaith forums on mutual understanding
To prove we are good

Let's have a fashion show

Let's wait for our leaders to speak out for us
And when they are deafeningly silent
Let's follow their lead

Let's close our eyes, plug our ears
And ignore
The gathering storm of the inquisition
The thunderous hoof beats of the lynch mob

Karen English

*I think the word can apply to a bootlicker of any race. The lower case "n" should get that point across.

Maulana Zakiuddin Sharfi's Khutba:

We are now convinced that all Muslims from India are not like Manzoor Ghori and Dr. Nakadar (who begged to meet Vajpayee).
Speaking to a capacity juma' gathering at a mosque in Maryland, Imam Sharfi, originally from Hyderabad, India, made the following points:

A Muslim's allegiance must be to Allah first and last. In our daily prayers five times a day, we say Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest) 170 times. When we say Allah is the greatest, we mean Allah's Book is the greatest, Allah's law is the greatest, Allah's Prophet is the best example, Allah is our hope and our sustenance.

If Muslims do not really mean it when they say "Allah is the greatest" 170 times, then they must be classified as hypocrites. It's this problem of falsehood within ourselves which we must confront if we want our claim to be Muslims to be taken seriously.

Allah has promised that victory and worldwide dominance will go to the Muslims. The path to this victory is outlined in the Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh). The Hadith indicate to us the war we fought in Afghanistan against the Soviets when we sided with the Christians. The Hadith also indicate to us the battle forthcoming against the Christians as we now see in Afghanistan.

We are told in Hadith that these western powers will launch a military force into Iraq and then they will also attack Saudi Arabia and other countries, perhaps Iran. There will be tremendous suffering for the Muslims but these attacks will stir up and awaken the Muslim world. The Muslims will then mobilize and fight the Christians and the Jews till both are utterly defeated.

9.11 was a sign from Allah that the downfall of America and the West is at hand. The Qur'an has taught us that the time given to nations is fixed. When the time comes for the end of a nation, its downfall cannot be stopped by its resources and its wealth. America's power is now going to pass away. Already we can see the terrible degradation of America from within, the degradation of women, the molestation of children, the vast drug culture.

9.11 brought more da'wa for the message of Islam than the entire Muslim world could have ever carried out. The issue of Palestine was brought into focus as never before. The media called it "terrorism" but did not realize that the whole world was receiving quite a different message.

Muslims should have no doubt, because Muhammad's (pbuh) prophecy is absolutely true: the Jews will be defeated and Palestine will be liberated. The Muslims will defeat the Jews in a tremendous final battle. The defeated Jews will hide but will be hunted down, so much so that when a Jew hides in a clump of trees, the trees will call out to the Muslims that a Jew was hiding there and should be sent to hell. [The Israelis, in the land they have occupied, are actually planting these trees which are named in the Hadith.]

O Allah! Help us to be united in these times of stress and oppression. O Allah keep us focused on the future victory You have promised us so that we are not depressed by the difficulties we face at this time.

[We will make available Maulana Sharfi's faith-renewing tape in a few days. It's in English with Arabic quotes from Qur'an and Hadith. The English is good and the Arabic is powerful, like Wahy coming down even today.]

[Maulana Sharfi should be invited to every mosque. Let's know if you are interested.]

Ehud Olmert was described as the "mayor of Jerusalem" when he appeared on C-Span (October 12, 2002) when in fact he is the mayor of occupied Jerusalem. Even countries which are not supporters of Islam or Christianity recognize the fact that Jerusalem is an occupied city.

Olmert claimed that he equally respects all the religions which exist in Jerusalem although he went out of his way to state the superiority of Judaism.

When it came to Islam, Olmert had no hesitation in insulting the exalted messenger of Allah, Muhammad (pbuh). Talking about Masjid al-Aqsa, Olmert stated that "it is believed (by muzlims) that Mohammed went upstairs from Al-Aqsa."

So for this Jew, Muhammad's Ascension (mairaj) is: "he went upstairs", and Olmert claims that he respects all religions.

He also tried to assert various Jewish myths about the existence of the Jewish temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock. Historically, there is no evidence of any such temple on that site. He also claimed that a synagogue had existed on that site.

Thus, Olmert's thinking is not very different from that of the Brahmin leaders of India which led to the destruction of Babri masjid (mosque).

Olmert defended Netanyahoo and openly supported Natanyahoo's call for the assassination of President Saddam Hussain of Iraq.

It is evident that the so-called mayor of occupied Jerusalem is more like a Nazi Gauleiter of Poland under Nazi occupation than a civic leader. He talks like any street thug in his call for the assassination of the President of an Arab country, in fact the only such country which is independent.

In response to Falwell's attack on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), pro-government Muslim leaders of ISNA/CAIR etc were very quiet for days. Then they came out with a proposal which is so timid and self-serving that only non-thinkers could have brought it out. These funded leaders are asking Bush to condemn Falwell's attack on the Prophet (pbuh).

Thus they are handing President Bush a blank check to fill in his Islamic credentials. Even the most vicious Jewish-zionist group in America, the ADL, has condemned Falwell's attack on the Prophet (pbuh). [CAIR immediately rushed to publish ADL's statement and sent it to Muslim communities.]

Now Bush is being given the opportunity to say that he respects Islam (just as Sharon, Olmert and the ADL do).

Bush has destroyed Afghanistan, funded Israel's ongoing genocide against Palestine and is preparing an invasion of Iraq. He has branded every Islamic armed resistance movement as "terrorist." Note the list of Bush's terrorists: 1. Hamas. 2. Islamic Jihad. 3. Gamaa al-Islamiyya. 4. Hizbullah. 5. Hizbut Tahrir (Uzbekistan). 6. Al-Qaida. 7. Taliban. 8. Yemeni Islamic movement. 9. Somali Islamic movement. 10. Lashkare Taiba. 11. Harakatul Mujahideen 12. Abu Sayyaf etc., etc.

Now ISNA/CAIR 'leaders' are saying that all Bush has to do is declare that Muhammad (pbuh) is NOT a terrorist and Bush can then be touted to the entire Muslim community as NOT AGAINST ISLAM.

President Bush has to be fully aware of Robertson's and Falwell's statements on national TV. If ONE ISRAELI GETS HURT, the White House issues a statement condemning terrorism. Days have passed since Falwell insulted the Prophet (pbuh).[October 4 and 6] Not a word from Bush!

Now a few days have passed even after ISNA/CAIR begged Bush to take notice of Falwell. [Oct. 10]

Again silence from the White House even though these ‘Muslims' are begging on their bended knees for a morsel from the master's mouth.

Is this Islamic leadership? Does any Muslim honestly believe that ISNA/CAIR etc are following the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh)?

2002-10-12 Sat 21:16ct