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THE FINAL CALL magazine published an extensive interview with Dr. Kaukab Siddique last week. The interview was also available on line: . The interview brings up the cases of Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman and Imam Jamil al-Amin.

The Final Call, founded by Minister Louis Farrakhan from Chicago, has the largest circulation of any African-American magazine in the U.S. Dr. Siddique was interviewed by Br. Rashad Muhammad.
Why is Israel Interested in Attacking Arafat?
A Look At the Disinformation Campaign Meant to take Support Away from Islamic Groups
by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

I have been wondering why Israel is interested in attacking Yasir Arafat. My analysis is as follows:

1. Yasir Arafat is a secularist leader, with little or no Islamic knowledge and only superficial commitment to Islam in his personal life.
2. Arafat was the first Palestinian leader to RECOGNIZE Israel.
3. When there was little support for him, he was brought into the Palestinian situation and set up as a leader.
4. All the Islamic opponents of Arafat were locked up and then "elections" were held to elect him as the leader of Palestine.
5. He has never urged battle against Israel. Even after severe humiliation, he never says no to talks with Israeli leaders, even with criminals like Sharon.

The question arises why Israel keeps abusing Arafat and claiming that he is behind "Palestinian terrorism?"

Is there any evidence that Arafat supports or funds or encourages martyrdom operations against Israel? Absolutely not. There is no such evidence.


Look at the TIMING of each Israeli campaign. Each time Israeli move follows a successful martyrdom operation against Israel when the Palestinian people see Islamic martyrs as their heroes. Israel is quite ALARMED at the steep increase in support for Hamas and Islamic Jihad among average Palestinians. The Israeli assassination of Hamas leader ABU SHANAB led to a huge demonstration by Palestinians at his funeral. It was clear the forces of Islam are gaining so rapidly that Israeli plans will soon become worthless.

Then came the outrageous Israeli rhetoric against Arafat, with an open claim that he would be removed by force, and then the hint was given that Israel might even kill him! The Palestinians took the BAIT and rallied in their thousands to support Arafat and he came out all smiles and blowing kisses. [HOW THE ISRAELIS MUST BE LAUGHING!] The attention was totally diverted from the centrality of Islamic resistance.

Look at the rulers supporting Arafat: MUBARAK, ABDULLAH, and all the toothless dogs in the conglomeration of politically castrated "leaders" known as the Arab League. These same traitors only days earlier accepted the U.S. appointee to the Ruling Council in Iraq as "Foreign Minister of Iraq."

These rulers supporting Arafat have the same characteristics as Arafat. They are BITTERLY OPPOSED to what they call "political Islam." They all recognize Israel. All they want, like Arafat, is some largesse ("crumbs") from America in the form of a rump bantustan to be called "Palestine."

Can't our Palestinian brothers/sisters see: Israel is trying to legitimize a man sitting in a room surrounded by Israeli forces. The Israelis know that all they have to do is to abuse Arafat, and Palestinians, in a knee jerk reaction, will support him. It is pathetic!

Thus Israel keeps alive America's man as a legitimate Palestinian leader while Israeli hit squads are busy killing the real leaders.

2003-09-21 Sun 08:46ct