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[From Rashid Hamid, U.K.]
Scumbag speilberg...
Making Millions Off the American People to Help Israel

US filmmaker Spielberg to donate $1m to Israeli 'victims' of intifada
Friday, December 13, 2002

US film director Steven Spielberg is to donate one million dollars from his Holocaust Foundation to five organisations which help Israeli victims of Palestinian attacks, a newspaper reported Thursday.

Spielberg, who set up the Frankfurt-based foundation from the profits of his 1994 Oscar-winning film Schindler's List, said he was donating the money because of the ongoing violence.

"I understood that it isn't about to end," he told Maariv newspaper. "I have understood that the tragic reality existing today in Israel is almost permanent and there is no chance it will change in the near future."

The money is to go to five different organisations whose main aim is to counsel and help the victims of Palestinian attacks and their families.

Some funding will also be used to provide scholarships at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem that will be named after the nine people, including five Americans, killed in a Palestinian bombing in the university's cafeteria on July 31, Maariv said.

Spielberg, who was due to make an official announcement later Thursday, wanted the news to be published first in Israel.

A total of 2,760 people, of whom 2,032 were Palestinians and 678 Israelis, have been killed since the intifada, or uprising against Israeli occupation, broke out in September 2000, according to an AFP toll

Author: Ahmed al Ajmi Source: Ummah News and Agencies

2002-12-14 Sat 16:10ct