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Rabi' al-Thani 27, 1426/June 5, 2005 #44

Muslim Woman in North Carolina Cries out for Help: Husband refuses to recognize his Islamic marriage with her after impregnating her.

[Mr. McNally has assured New Trend that he has thoroughly researched the information provided here. If Dr. Ibrahim Oudeh finds any of this incorrect, he is welcome to write to New Trend and his letter will be published.]

When is a marriage apparently not a marriage?

By Jim McNally

When is a marriage apparently not a marriage?

It's the kind of question brides shudder to think of, religious leaders cry foul about, and the courts rarely know how to answer.

But it is exactly this question that has wreaked havoc on the life of H. K. and she wishes someone could sort it all out for her.

K. thought she had become Mrs. Ibrahim Oudeh on August 29, 2003.

Her friends gathered at the Masjid Ahlus Sunnah Mosque on East Market street in Greensboro. She was outfitted in the appropriate wedding attire. Her groom placed a ring on her finger and the imam of the center, James Bass, decreed upon them the titles of husband and wife.

But more importantly to K. than any of that was the fact that all three of what Muslims call the Pillars of Marriage : " freedom from obstacles; an offer of proposal; an expression of acceptance " had been met.

K. and her betrothed had also satisfied the conditions of a proper marriage contract, or what adherents of Islam refer to as a nikaah.

The most important witness of K's marriage, therefore, was Allah.

None of that, however, amounted to legal marriage according to the man K. still maintains she is married to.

That man, Dr. Ibrahim Oudeh, a physician and recent former mayor of Dunn, North Carolina, in fact, became angry to the point of indignation while answering questions regarding K's claim that he was her husband and the father of the last of her seven children.

When asked whether or not he took part in an Islamic wedding ceremony involving himself and K., Oudeh began screaming and making threats.

"F**k the mosque, f**k Islam," said Oudeh, who then went on to make similar remarks about the Muslim God, Allah, and the faith's founder and most revered figure, Mohammed. Oudeh said he was never married in a legally-binding ceremony, and that he may not even be the father of K's one-year old son, despite the fact that he is identified as such on the child's birth certificate and that the boy has Oudeh's name.

This matter came to a head when K. learned recently that Oudeh is engaged to another woman.

"It was shocking to me," said K, who is also a physician and who was previously married to the father of her other six children.


by Kaukab Siddique

The Passing Away of a great Spiritual Leader.

June 3, 1989. Imam Khomeini passed away. The leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran changed the course of history in the Muslim world by bringing about the overthrow of the bastion of American power.

Some of his greatest achievements: Unfortunately, Iran today is far away from the concepts articulated by Imam Khomeini. Most of the leadership cadres of the Islamic revolution were decimated by U.S.-backed groups of terrorists such as the MKO. The younger leadership which emerged was more sectarian than Islamic. People like Rafsanjani silenced revolutionaries like Montazeri and reversed some of the steps forward in social change.

After Iraq was forced to retreat, the Iranians continued the war and pushed into Iraq, losing thousands of lives in front of Basra. The sectarian Iranian leadership refused to stop after the Iraqi invaders had been pushed back. They called for the Shias of Iraq to rise up, but the Shias were more nationalist than Islamic and refused to budge.

The bitterness of the Iran-Iraq war has led to a narrowminded Iranian foreign policy which coincides in some points with that of the U.S. The Imam wanted Iranians to focus their opposition on America. That focus has been lost.

The Iranian support for "elections" in Iraq [held under the shadow of American tanks and helicopter gunships] and the recent visit by the Iranian foreign minister to meet America's puppet rulers in Baghdad show that hatred of Saddam has blinded Iran to the realities of the world as it is today.

The Imam's support for Islam international was replaced by support for the "northern alliance" in Afghanistan, for Russia in Chechnia and for India in Kashmir. Thus Iran no longer has an Islamic foreign policy. The Imam was constantly plagued by U.S. attempts to infiltrate Iranian leadership groups. Looks like it finally happened and Iranian nationalism supplanted Islam.

However the masses of ordinary Iranians still love Imam Khomeini. Hence there is potential for the re-emergence of Islamic power.

Operation Blue Star: When India's Army Desecrated the Golden Temple of the Sikhs in Amritsar

June 4 to 6, 1984 is the anniversary of the desecration of the holiest temple of the Sikhs located in Amritsar, eastern Punjab. The Sikhs wanted to secede from India and form their own independent country called Khalistan. Led by a heroic leader of legendary charisma, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwalle, the Sikhs almost did it.

The Indian army squashed the Khalistan movement by going into the holiest temple of the Sikhs. Thousands of men, women and children were killed by the Indian army. The holy book of the Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib, was desecrated.

Thereafter, till today, India has maintained a reign of terror in Punjab. As in their treatment of Muslims in Kashmir, Indian forces killed several thousand Sikh activists and claimed they had been killed in "armed encounters" with the Indian army. Tens of thousands of Sikhs were arrested and tortured.

According to Sikh leaders in America, more than 52,000 Sikhs are in Indian prisons even now.

[Following the desecration of the temple, Hindu India also moved against Muslims and destroyed the historic Babari mosque which was part of India's Muslim heritage. Thus the process developed which New Trend calls the DESTRUCTION of the SACRED in our times. Israel destroyed 135 mosques in occupied Palestine. The Serbs destroyed dozens of beautiful historic mosques in Bosnia. The U.S. has destroyed almost all the mosques in Fallujah. The mosque of Imam Abu Hanifa as well as the mausoleum of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, both in Baghdad, were hit by U.S. artillery.]

[Finally, now we have the desecration of the Qur'an itself.]

Something fishy in the Rwanda "genocide" story when the tiny Tutsi minority, supposedly the victims, are in power.

Thank you for highlighting the truth about genocide in neighboring Rwanda. Please let me add the following outstanding observations: -
  1. The difference between Tutsi and Hutu is a class and ethnic one.

  2. Tutsi can simply be identified by the nose.

  3. Tutsi are superior to Hutu.

  4. Hutu are peasants and pastoralists

  5. Tutsi are non-Bantu and originated from Ethiopia.

  6. Hutu originated from West Africa.

  7. Tutsi are tall because of the protein-rich food they eat.

  8. Hutu are short because they eat less rich protein food.

  9. They have the same culture, speak the same language and live on the same hills (prefectures).
These are two main tribes, which have different and conflicting interests. Early European explorers and administrators came up with the "Hamitic hypothesis": that the Batutsi were a superior non-Bantu race who came from Ethiopia and conquered indigenous agriculturalists (Bahutu) and forest dwellers (Batwa). They were classified by the colonialists as separate races, one "Hamitic" and superior and the other "Bantu" and inferior.

Belgian rule was harsh by any standards. Force was integral to the process of exploitation: forced labour, forced cultivation and forced afferestation.

Mahmoud Sserunjogi
Kampala, Uganda

Playing with Words about the desecration of the Qur'an. It was not "flushed down." It was thrown into the Toilet.

by New Trend's media monitor

The Bush admnistration is categorically denying that the Qur'an was "flushed down the toilet" in Guantanamo Bay. Most analysts have not noticed the steady repetition of these exact words: it was "not flushed down the toilet."

The fact is that the original reports which came out from a British Muslim prisoner and other prisoners did NOT say that the Qur'an was "flushed down the toilet." As New Trend's report indicated at that time, the charge was that it was THROWN INTO the toilet.

Have you ever tried to flush a book down a toilet, let alone [God forbid] a book as thick as the Qur'an? It can't be done: it's a physical impossibility.

These games with words are simply going to hurt the Bush administration's cause in the Muslim world [whatever is left of it] even more than the actual item in Newsweek.


from our Media Monitor

On June 3, the Bush administration came up with new admissions with the claim that the situation is now well under control, so let's get on with life.

A guard, we are told, urinated through an air hole on to a Muslim inmate who was reading the Qur'an. The guard was later removed from duty. Also, another guard stood on the Qur'an [by mistake?] while others mishandled the Qur'an and still others made the Book of Allah wet by throwing "water balloons" on it or into the cells.

The icing on the cake is the claim that the Muslim inmates themselves desecrated the Qur'an, tore out its pages and even flushed it down the toilet! It's difficult to understand what the Bush administration hopes to gain by manufacturing these stories.

These latest claims seem to be aimed at sedating the American public into thinking that nothing serious happened and in fact the Muslim prisoners were worse than the Americans in desecrating the Qur'an.

MSNBC complained that the government had deliberately put out the new story AFTER 7 PM on Friday so that it would not get on the prime time evening news which have the largest American audience. MSNBC, which is a cable show, was able to pick it up because it airs news at 8 PM. The rest got it on Saturday, June 4, thus percolating it down slowly to the American people.

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