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[Letter from Illinois]

For 'opening' of Japan by US occupiers and the eroticization of the defeated see, John W Dower's book: Embracing Defeat , 1999 Norton/New Press, New York

Also on the culture of prostitution around US bases in Asia see:
Sandra P Sturdevant and Brenda Stoltzfus book titled Let the Good Times Roll (Prostituion and the US Military in Asia (Phillipines, Korea and Okinawa), 1992, The New press, New York.

The occupier wishes to intimately savour the defeated, its food, its homes and its women. Victory is only complete with the control of the reproductive and sexual aspects of the lives of the defeated.

I remember reading in the local paper that when the US attacked Afghanistan in October 2001, the local Afghan restaurant was running house full. The owner was pleased and thought how generous were his American clients. The clients were driven by needs of this kind of domination, but probably did not consciouly know why they were there. If the war had been equally matched nobody would have showed up; in fact they may have burnt down the premises because of fear. This was the intimate tasting of the defeated prey as occurs when predators play with their food before killing and eating them.

In the feline world the prospective male cat will kill any kittens to bring the mother into estrus and ready for reproduction.

The so-called fashions in architecture, the tourism, the food and clothes fashions of defeated nations are intimately related to sexual occupation of the defeated nation's women and domestic culture.

There are prostitutes servicing the US troops in Iraq (I read in some news report), but the dominant West has not been able to fully get its hands on the Muslim women, and the Burqa may be the obstacle.

Dear Professor Siddique,
Thank you for the exposť on RAWA. They are in my Address Book. I thought erroneously that they were on our side. Guess not.

I am compelled to ask folks to pay for The Journal of History now primarily because my books have not sold in any degree, but because my hard drive crashed necessitating an over $500.00 expense to save my data and install a new hard drive. I was going to continue to give my unique magazine to RAWA, but because of that which you said, will not.

I don't know if RAWA is observing my boycott or not by sending the Demand page to the Speaker, but I feel certain you are.

Thank you again for this valuable information. What's interesting about Afghanistan is the fact that the Illuminati had decided that it was time for communism to end leaving the US as the only super power to police the world. Jimmy Carter told the USSR to invade Afghanistan according to my dear Iranian friend Ali.

The USSR has always wanted a warm water port he taught me. This is why that government fell for Carter's plot. Ali thought that that war was instigated to pay back the Soviet Union for defeating the US in Vietnam, but that wasn't the reason at all. It all comes down to what those evils, the Illuminati, want.

Peace, love, and hugs,

Arlene [New Brunswick, Canada]
(from Dr. Edward Miller, San Rafael, California)

Kaukab: What you have described in Germany and Vietnam regarding women's response to an occupying army has been written in the history of all great empires.. When I was a battalion surgeon in Japan waiting to be sent to Korea...our Division camp on the side of Mount Fugi was surrounded almost overnight by clusters of small bars with "mamma-sans" and their young prostitutes awaiting the marines as they came and went. The marked rise in veneral disease and its treatment occupied much of my well as the time of the very-cooperative Japanese physicians...

On Another topic...President Bush in exhalting the political, murder of the two Hussein sons ( and they could very easily have been taken alive) tells us something about Bush and his god, with whom he says he converses. The Christian god, as described by the Prophet Jesus, taught forgiveness...unlike Yaweh, the old Testament Hebrew God of revenge (An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth)...Bush, surrrounded by the so-called "Christian Right",..who are neither Christian nor right...has simply adopted their Hebrew God of revenge...

Political assassination, and that's what happened to the Hussein sons, was effectively banned as a tool of the United States by President Gerald Ford in 1976 in response to the detailed report from a congresssional committee assigned to study the history and results of such actiions.

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