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Isn't it sick the way the media mentions in a "dismissing" manner the murder of Qusay's "14-year-old" son? The way the media writes about the murders as some sort of glorious victory? Unashamed that it took 200 men, missiles, helicopters, etc. to murder 4 human beings? Do you think that they even realized that the men they murdered did not attack the 200 men but were only defending themselves against horrific odds after being attacked? Are those involved in the murder of Qusay and his brother, his son and bodyguard the people mentioned in the Holy Qur'an as being those who will "always hate?" I have no knowledge of what Saddam's sons did - Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, will judge them, but those who attacked them in such a manner, did so without courage or honor.
Fi Sabilillah,
Hamdiyah Fatimah
[South Carolina]

[A defender of Imam Siraj Wahhaj wrote:
"Brother Kaukab Siddique, you should have spoken to our Imam Siraj Wahhaj before sending out this mass e-mail, you attacked his motive and his charter without even speaking to him. I stand to correct you, we're not holding our program in Disney or in Universal studios. We (organizers) cannot help that Disney and Universal studios is located in Orlando, Florida."

Imam Badi Ali's response [From North Carolina]
Brother Kaukab Siddique, you should expose Siraj Wahhaj and his motives and his character. This is a responsibility. Not every one can be brave enough to point out the truth nowadays.
From a writer in Puerto Rico
Qusay & Uday lived like a growing number of wealthy and powerful Americans do. Hypocrisy of the American Dream? Or Lies, Damn Lies and more Lies?

[By special permission of the author.]

You know I felt nationally embarrassed as I watched the exploitation by the National Press of Saddam's two son's luxury life styles. I mean it could have just as easily been portrayed as an all too common episode of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" only you don't hear the President telling the American people we need to gun down all who live in such a luxury and fashion here in America itself.

So why did they exploit their lifestyles which would shock very few Wealthy AMERICANS (if any)?

It could not be for the benefit of the average American of normal intelligence since Qusay & Uday lifestyles are the corrupt goal for the majority of the growing rich in America's newest upper class. Perhaps many would have envied those two if it were not for the fact America's 3 percent of the super rich far exceed Qusay & Uday's life style and prey on America's poor as a slave class to make them richer and feed their lusty hungers for more material wealth.

Think of this argument once told in Africa that compared slaves to having a wife 24 hours a day or just paying a prostitute: To have a wife the slave owner argument goes; its economically very expensive when you have to pay to feed, clothe, shelter and many other none essential marital expenses for having a wife. However with a prostitute, you pay for nothing but the service needed at the time so your overall economic benefit for the same service is obvious. The same can be said for a slave, it is far cheaper to pay a wage then it is to maintain a slave 24 hours a day as a wife.

Well today America's super rich have applied this same principle as minimum wage and immigrant labor (Mexican) which is even less rewarding in pay. There is no doubt the poverty class of a growing number of Americans (many are a Hispanic minority) can never truly succeed on such a low wages, encouraged borrowing and debt by banks, mortgaged homes rampant inflation (our money becoming worthless under the federal reserve's unchecked corruption) as the growing number of Super Rich Americans still need all classes of service to upkeep their unrelenting hungers at an intrinsically lower cost. $20- 25 dollars a day in Puerto Rico for example for an agricultural worker is still being paid today as it was 15-20 years ago. Only that same federal reserve note can not buy as many loafs of bread to feed his family. The rich land owner grows richer as his over labor cost drop each year with the value of the American dollar's purchasing power he actually is paying his workers less and less for the same work being done by the descendants of slaves!!!

All this is accomplished by their modern equivalent of slavery, America's minimum wage earners and forgotten nations like Puerto Rico under American unrelenting dictatorship of over 100 years. No for those of you who may confuse this with bringing back slavery. NO! All I am saying is this obvious growing disparity between the rich and the poor should be exposed to the World so America's Qusay & Uday (supper rich Americans), will finally have to relinquish their own strangle hold on America's work poor and start to do their own dirty work or begin to share their exploited growing wealth with the America's growing poverty class. How? Look around. hunger, medical cost, children being exploited for sex, rampant government corruption, unjust wars for profit you name it perhaps you may personally know even more good that could come from a more balanced society than where America is headed today in to a two class system of repression by veiled slavery and exploitation.

In there is also growing and unstoppably spreading poverty class of American Citizens who only seem wealthy as long as their credit holds out. However all good things will come to an end and when it does their will only be two classes of Americans. one super rich the other extremely poor.

Here in Puerto Rico we already know how this feels but back in California where the state is nearly bankrupt folks are just starting to realize this bleak future of being homeless (and its not just in California anymore).

Qusay & Uday would have been just normal super rich Americans in direct contrast to how they were portrayed by the National Press. I mean who is more evil? Corrupt American profiteers who prey on America's poor? Or those two highly privileged and spoiled boys whop are now very dead? I see no difference that can be legitimately argued, as a little evil or a lot evil makes no difference in the end to God for greedy, corrupt and selfish men.

I wonder if Michael Jackson (and many other Americans' just like him) could have identified with Qusay & Uday's luxury life style? Now Michael Jackson is a rich white(?) guy(?) who can publicly admit sleeping with little boys and no US President seems to give a damn (I think he has private Zoo too, shame, shame Mr. Jackson). Should we not use our self righteous laws, politically incorrect World power and dominance over weaker nations to clean up our own immoral acts first, committed on this continent by the superrich and corrupt before we go preaching Christian values and attacking other nations, their religions and it's leaders for following our own immoral American Dream as an example for anyone who dreams of absolute uncontrolled material greed in this mortal life?

Hypocrisy of the American Dream? Or Lies, Damn Lies and more Lies?

You decide.

Randy L. Dixon Rivera

2003-07-25 Fri 19:59ct