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FAMILY UNITY DURING WAR TIME: Islam Forbids Domestic Violence
"Qur'an only" Concept Hurting Rights of Women
by Kaukab Siddique

The violence which our power structure carries out all over the world often starts at home. More than 4,000,000 women are battered every year in the U.S. As an overflow of this culture of violence, numbers Muslim men too indulge in physical and psychological mistreatment of their wives. Some of these Muslims use a verse of the Qur'an to justify their behavior. This misunderstanding of the Qur'an is difficult to deal with owing to an important reason:
1. Attempts to interpret the Qur'an without the help of the Hadith.
2. Without the Hadith, one cannot know that the Qur'an's revelation was progressive, not static. It is a mistake to interpret the Qur'an without the concept of "abrogation" which the Hadith provides.
3. In all matters, the Prophet's (pbuh) interpretation of the Qur'an is FINAL. The Qur'an itself does not permit interpretation which ignores what the Prophet (pbuh) said about it.
4. THE PROPHET (pbuh) HAS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN ALL VIOLENCE AGAINST women in general and wives in particular. As hazrat 'Ayesha (r.a.) reports: The messenger of Allah (pbuh) never raised his hand against a woman.
5. Even rough behavior, without intent to do violence or to hurt, directed towards women, was forbidden by the Prophet (pbuh). As he told a reckless camel driver who was transporting women:"Be careful, Anjasha, these are vessels of glass which might break easily."

Domestic violence is widespread. Fortunately, an Islamic program has been successfully initiated to help the victims of such violence in Atlanta. Great work is being done by BAITUL SALAAM. To send your help, by way of donations, gifts etc., contact:
[by Br. Eric Mueller in Texas]

Dear Brother Kaukab,

as-Salam `alaykum wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuh!

I have enjoyed the two parts of your editorial tremendously.

As regards the war on Iraq, I would like to observe that we must not be discouraged if the Imperialists seem to make spectacular troop advances in the first days of fighting. Much of Iraq is open country and with US air superiority, it would be stupid for the Iraqis to try to hold on to that territory.

German General Erwin Rommel in World War II said that desert fighting was like fighting at sea -- you take one point and then cross lots of open country before the next place of resistance and the next battle. If you look at the campaigns in North Africa during the Second World War, you see that the German Afrika Korps penetrated into Egypt twice and were driven back by the British across most of Libya twice. That is how fluid the fighting on such a battlefield is. And of course Rommel and the British were fighting a conventional war and were technologically about equal.

Iraq will be fighting very much an unconventional war.

So let no one be discouraged if we quickly hear that the Americans have penetrated deep into the country. The real battle will still be in store for them.

Similarly just as the Americans had no hesitation in 1990 about trotting out the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to invent stories of "Iraqi atrocities" that she "witnessed" even though she hadn't even been in Kuwait recently, So today the Americans are certain to bring up all sorts of people, probably many of them already trained and rehearsed, to complain about torture and abuse at the hands of the Iraqi regime.
The regime in Iraq has been the object of an unceasing campaign for its overthrow for more than 12 years by the richest, most powerful states on earth. The only way that any government could stay in power in the face of that intense pressure is with extremely tight security. The Americans even admit to having tried to get Saddam Husayn assassinated 12 times. So his need to take strict security measures cannot be questioned by any reasonable person.

And while we're on the subject of torture, how about the treatment that the US troops give to those whom they captured in Afghanistan? Stripping all their clothes off, often in the presence of women, taping them to boards, and leaving them naked for days, lying in their own waste, with no medical care for injuries.
That was the fate of the American Muslim known as John Walker Lindh. What of the Muslims who didn't carry a US passport? Can we imagine that they were given better treatment? Many of those who have been arrested in the US speak of beatings as well -- and most of the detainees in the US have NOT been released.

Rest assured that CBS, FOX, WB, NBC, ABC, CNN and the rest of them are not going to report how the Americans treat the Iraqi prisoners, unless it is some sort of sanitized report. So when they bring up "torture," think of the brothers in Guantanamo!

Today, 18 March 2003, President Saddam Husayn told his cabinet: "This battle will be Iraq's last battle with every dirty, arrogant power (kull mutajabbir la'eem) for some period of time, and it will be the last aggressive battle that America undertakes against the world for some time too. Victory is assured for you, in sha' Allah, and the collapse of falsehood (al-Baatil). Your enemy is going to collapse, by the help of God because he is in falshood (`ala baatil)."

It may appear to the imperialists that they can win a win a quick victory, occupying land and even stationing troops in cities. Even a half victory will be hailed by the imperialists as some great triumph, and they will crow about how powerful their weaponsare. But this will be deception -- an attempt to deceive us and at the same time a real deception of themselves.

In the 1920s the Iraqis met the British invaders with an armed revolt every year on average, even though they carried muskets against machine guns and even though the British dropped poisoned gas from airplanes. But all their technology in the end couldn't preserve the British empire, and the same fate is in store for the evil empire with its headquarters in Washington!

Allahu Akbar! wa-l-yakhsa' al-khasi'oun!

God is Greatest, and may the despicable be driven off!


Eric Mueller

2003-03-19 Wed 07:04ct