Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 27, 1425/ May 18, 2004 #59

King Abdullah of Jordan talking about President Bush:
"I honestly do believe he wants Iraq for Iraqis."
The King added that he wants an Israel "well integrated" into the entire Middle East, from Morocco to Iran, if only the Israelis would let a Palestinian entity also emerge. [ABC TV "This Week", May 16, 2004]

Comment: It's the tragedy of the Muslim world that CIA agents like Abdullah are ruling entire Muslim countries with the help of well-armed military forces coordinated and funded by the U.S. The Israeli frontier with Jordan is actually defended by Abdullah's troops so that Islamic fighters cannot get across (he calls Muslims "terrorists.")

WAR NEWS: (analysis from our media monitor)

IRAQ: U.S. Plans in tatters
May 17: The President of the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council was killed, along with 8 of his entourage, when a martyrdom attacker blew up his car right in front of the U.S. check point at the Green Zone in Baghdad. Two U.S. troops were wounded.

Comment: Analysts say that the U.S. options are narrowing daily. The most powerful military machine in the world cannot subdue the Iraqi people, imbued as they are with the spirit of Jihad. Very few even in the Bush administration still believe that the U.S. is "liberating" Iraq. WOLFOWITZ is one of the few inveterate liars who are hanging on to the myth of the U.S. in Iraq for a good cause. The U.S. has three options now: IZZET SALIM, the President of the Council killed by the martyrdom operator, was a Shi'ite supporter of the U.S. The invasion of Iraq was carried out on the basis of impressions created by Chalabi, another Shi'ite, that the Shias of Iraq were tired of Saddam and would support the U.S. This idea was further based on the notion that Shias constitute 60% of Iraq's population. Hence when Wolfowitz and other Jews claimed that the invasion meant democracy for Iraq, they were probably thinking of this 60% alleged majority. THERE ARE DEADLY FLAWS IN THIS THINKING:
  1. There is no evidence that Shias are 60% of the population. It's a magic figure used for propaganda.
  2. Iraqi Shias are largely nationalists. When Iran entered Iraq and tried to take Basra, numerous Iranian appeals to the Shias to rise up against Saddam failed. The Iranians were killed in their thousands in front of Basra.
  3. Among the Islamic Shias, Sistani is pro-U.S. and allied to Iran. He has been eclipsed by a much more charismatic figure, Moqtada al-Sadr. Not only is al-Sadr fighting U.S. troops in spite of heavy losses, he has shown unity with the Sunnis in Falluga. The Al-Sadr uprising has given Islamic content to the Shias of Iraq and changed the situation in Iraq.


May 17. As New Trend goes to the "press," the forces of International Jewry, armed and funded by the U.S., are on the rampage in Gaza (particularly in the Rafah refugee camp near the Egyptian border). Israeli tanks are clattering around, shooting at all and sundry, not unlike the U.S. tanks in Kerbala, Iraq. Apache helicopters are firing missiles at the Palestinians, while bulldozers are at work demolishing the homes of the poor and the oppressed.

Why have the Jews gone berserk? Here is our analysis.

The Israeli Jews are the scum of the earth. Heavily armed, like most criminals, they believe they can terrorize the Palestinians into submission. They assassinated the quadripalegic leader of Hamas, Shaikh Yassin, incinerating him in his wheel chair. After that they murdered Shaikh Rantisi. The Palestinians should have then submitted, according to the criminal Jewish minds which run Israel. They kept up the killing of Palestinians, day after day. [During the Intifada, THE JEWS HAVE KILLED NEARLY 1,000 PALESTINIAN children and MORE THAN 2,000 UNARMED TEENAGERS. More than 130 MOSQUES have been DESTROYED]

Instead of being cowed, the Palestinians UNITED under the Islamic banner and defied the Israeli thugs. Finally, the Palestinians, drawing a lesson from Iraq, struck at the Israeli military, killing 6 Jewish troops in the first attack, killing 5 and wounding five in the second and killing 2 and wounding 2 in the third.

Thus the Israelis now see that they will not only have to withdraw from a GAZA UNITED against them as never before, but have to retreat under military blows. Hence they want to demolish entire Palestnian neighborhood before leaving. [Do readers remember that even when the Israelis "peacefully" withdrew from SINAI after being recognized by their good friend Sadat, they destroyed everything they could not take with them)

NEWS of the BOYCOTT MOVEMENT Against Businesses which support Israel

The new phase of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's movement to boycott businesses which support Israel began with the distribution of the new boycott brochure to 300 people at Masjid Rahma in Baltimore.

Here is news of the boycott brochure's MASS distribution at a few more more mosques:
  1. New Orleans, Louisiana.
  2. Albany, New York
  3. 96th street, Manhattan, New York
  4. Brooklyn, New York. [two small masjids]
  5. MCC, Silver Spring, Maryland
  6. Laurel, Maryland
  7. Richmond, Virginia
  8. Atlanta, Georgia [Ongoing]
[Report on MASS distributions to be continued.]

The brochure has also been sent to the Imams of 25 mosques in the Maryland-Washington, DC area.

Join the peaceful movement to BOYCOTT BUSINESSES WHICH SUPPORT ISRAEL. Contact:
Jamaat's Director of Boycott, Sis. Karen English. Email: Pradia2@aol.com

Send donations to: Jamaat al-Muslimeen, POB 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234


by Nadrat Siddique, Maryland

The incidents of prisoner abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison in their own perverse way, are a history lesson for those whose knowlege of U.S. history is limited. The treatment meted out to these prisoners is the type of treatment that Black people have customerily received in this country, down to the letter--from lynchings, to attacks by police dogs, to the de-humanization of the prison industrial complex.

A Black man, accused of eye-ing a white woman could be stripped naked in front of a laughing jeering crowd of white onlookers. Without a speck of due process, he could be hung, castrated, and his genitals stuffed in his mouth. He could, on the word of a single white accuser, be flogged in the public square, until his body literally bust open. The White racist belief, that Blacks (along with Native Americans and other people of color) were "lower animals" and had no souls, enabled such brutalization of these peoples on a mass scale.

While the systematic nature of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners is a broader issue, it is instructive to note that some of the individual guards implicated in the Abu Ghraib abuse were formerly guards at U.S. prisons. There they were notorious for strip searches, beatings, and all manner of humiliation and arbitrary punishments directed against Black inmates, many of whom are imprisonned due to lack of adequate representation, and often for very minor offenses. We must stand strong against abuse of all prisoners, whether in this country or in Iraq.


[Jamaat al-Muslimeen frequently receives letters asking how one can become a Muslim. We are publishing the answer to one such letter to help others who might have similar questions. To guard the questioner's privacy, he last name and address have been deleted.]

May 17, 2004

Ms. Pamela ......
Hagerstown, Maryland

Dear Ms. Pamela ......

This is in reply to your letter of May 5 addressed to Jamaat al-Muslimeen. Here are brief answers to the questions you asked:

To be a Muslim, you must believe the following:
  1. There is only ONE God of all peoples. In Arabic, God’s name is ALLAH. [God has no son, or mother or any other associates.
    God is not a man or a human being. God is beyond human understanding but we can know Him somewhat by studying the Qur’an
    and by studying the world we live in.]
  2. GOD [Allah] sent messengers and prophets to all nations. Among these messengers were Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. [Peace be on them all.]
  3. The last message, which is complete, final, and for all peoples, for all times, was brought by Muhammad who lived and died in Arabia.
  4. Muhammad (peace be on him) is the best and the complete example for all human beings. His life helps us to understand the Qur'an.
  5. In addition to the Qur’an and the Prophethood of Muhammad (peace be on him), one must accept the Hereafter, which means that after we die, we will be brought to account on Judgement Day for all that we did in our life in this world.
When you accept Allah as the One and Only God, Muhammad as His final messenger and that Judgement Day is Certain, you are ready to be a Muslim.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen has a masjid [mosque] in Baltimore. You are welcome to come down and learn how to pray and to take introductory classes in Islam. Best time to be there is Friday, 1.30 to 2.15 PM. You will find friendly people and a free meal. [Call 410-435-5000 for directions.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen can also mail you a Qur’an.

You should tell your family that you are going to accept Islam which simply means a religion which teaches acceptance of the Will of Allah. As a Muslim, you will CONTINUE TO HONOR JESUS and MOSES as great messengers of God. The basic difference will be that you will not accept Jesus as the son of God. The story of Jesus as given in the Qur’an is acceptable to most Christians.
After you have the Qur’an, you can show your family what it says about Jesus and Mary and Moses [peace be on them].

Jamaat al-Muslimeen can also send an Imam to perform your marriage ceremony.

Dogs in Abu Hanifa's Mosque in Baghdad
70 Imams Arrested So far: Others killed in Prayer

[sent by Sis. Hamdiyah]

Excerpted from Monday, May 17, 2004 by the Inter Press Service

Anger Rises Over Raid Now on Sunni Mosque

by Dahr Jamail

BAGHDAD - As U.S. forces fought the Shia forces of Muqtada Al- Sadr in the south, they broke into the Sunni Abu Hanifa mosque in Baghdad Saturday.

Amid moves by Shia and Sunni leaders to come together against the occupation, U.S. forces have chosen to attack both at the same time.

U.S. soldiers sealed off the Abu Hanifa mosque in the Al-Adhamiya district of Baghdad Saturday just as heavy fighting between U.S. forces and the Mehdi militia of al-Sadr raged throughout southern Iraq.

They damaged several doors and threw copies of the Koran on the floor while conducting a search.

Dogs were brought into the courtyard of the mosque, further angering people in this predominantly Sunni area of Baghdad.

"They say they are searching for a killer in the mosque," said Hassam Aziz Abdul, glaring at soldiers walking dogs into the mosque. "But they want to destroy every holy place in my country."

U.S. forces had last raided this mosque April 11. Declaring they were searching for weapons, they smashed several doors in the college attached to the mosque, and shot holes in walls and ceilings. The raid failed to produce any weapons.

This is the fourth time Abu Hanifa mosque has been raided by the occupying forces since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March last year.

Ra'ad Hussam Thamil, (58) says he was praying inside the mosque when the soldiers arrived. About 200 people were held at gunpoint in the mosque for nearly an hour, he said. "The soldiers were walking inside the mosque with their boots on."

Spokesman for the mosque Salmam Alber said that in the April raid too U.S. soldiers entered with their boots on, and ordered people to kneel at gunpoint with their faces down.

Kassem, a 54-year-old grandfather who works as a guard at the mosque said a U.S. soldier hit him on the forehead with the butt of an M-16 rifle. "When I fell to the ground they kicked me," he said. "They came to humiliate the people of Islam. Why else? We have no guns here, no mujahedeen. They want to destroy the Islamic religion."

On Saturday, U.S. forces withdrew within an hour after failing to find any weapons, or the person they had told guards they were searching for.

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