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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 20,1429/ October 20, 2008, #54

W.D. Muhammad: Very saddening. How W.D. brainwashed his own people. Scroll down to eyewitness account.

FATWA on Pakistan army's Genocidal Actions in the Frontier areas of Pakistan
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release
A prominent American Imam, Badi Ali [from North Carolina], leader of National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen , has issued a Fatwa [Islamic ruling] on Pakistan army's assault on Muslim populations of Bajaur, Swat and Darra Adam Khel. He was asked this question by New Trend:

Question: Dear Imam Badi Ali, asalamu alaikum

A massive new tragedy has enveloped the Frontier areas of Pakistan near Afghanistan. The Pakistani army has been carrying out an ongoing assault on the populations of Swat, Bajaur, Mohmand, Darra Adam Khel and others. The army claims that it is targeting Pakistani Taliban and is calling them "miscreants," "militants," and "terrorists." The army killed scores of Taliban fighters but it could not win. So it started using heavy artillery, tanks, helicopter gunships and even jet fighters. As a result hundreds of civilians have been killed and the entire population has been displaced. In Swat, nearly 500,000 people have been driven from their homes. In Bajaur, the number is more than 400,000, and tens of thousands of others in other areas. As the winter approaches nearly a million people are out there under the open sky with only a few thousand of them under tents. All this has been done after the U.S. military complained to the Pakistani military that Islamic fighters were coming into Afghanistan to attack NATO forces and then going back into Pakistan. No inquiry has been held to investigate this claim. The Afghan Taliban are battle hardened and well armed while the Pakistani Taliban are poorly armed and cannot fight a modern army like that of Pakistan.
In addition, Pakistan claims that it now has a democratic government and this government is supporting the military invasion of the frontier areas. The democratic government is in fact a government of feudal lords, large landowners, ex-military bosses and capitalists. It has little to do with the Islamic aspirations of the Pakistani people and is getting its orders from Washington.
What is the Islamic ruling [FATWA] on this situation in the Frontier areas of Pakistan?

FATWA by Imam Badi Ali:

I Call on the Pakistani Soldiers to stop Working for Zionist-U.S. Money and Become the Army of Islam, otherwise the Fire of Hell Awaits You

1. The Qur'an says that those who do not follow the commands of Allah in their decision making are unbelievers and oppressors although they might claim to be Muslims.
2. The Pakistani army is in clear violation of the teachings of Islam and is indulging in FITNA and FASAAD.
3. The Pakistani army's attacks on Muslim populations and Muslim fighters are HARAM acts, completely and entirely forbidden by Allah Almighty Himself. Killing a person who stands for Islam is the ultimate crime.
4. Any Pakistani soldier who dies fighting against the Muslims of Bajaur, Swat, Darra Adam Khel and other Frontier areas dies as a dog whose janaza should not be performed by Muslims.
5. The Pakistani army is fulfilling the agenda of the enemies of Islam. So those resisting it are mujahideen fi sabil Allah and those who give their lives fighting it are shaheed deserving al-jannah, insha Allah.
6. The Islamic resistance is the right of every Muslim whose home or village is invaded by the forces of the oppressors. All those who are forced to leave their homes and become refugees should be taken care of by the entire Muslim ummah. If they die while doing the hijrah away from the FITNAH of the Pakistan army, they are also shaheed insha Allah.
7. The entire Muslim world should support the Islamic people of the Frontier areas but first and foremost, this is the duty of the Pakistani people themselves.
8. An army which attacks populations standing up against NATO and American imperialism is definitely behaving like an army which has lost its way and forgotten the Hereafter although the soldiers came from a Muslim nation.
9. I urge the soldiers and officers of the Pakistani military to obey Allah and stop serving the agents of U.S.-Zionist money. Fear Allah and disobey your generals.
10. It is a sign for the Pakistani army that those who funded it in America are themselves facing bankruptcy. So why are you earning the Fire of Hell for the pleasures of Dunya which may suddenly end leaving you as failures in this world too?

Notice: New Book on the Internet by Bangladeshi Scholar:

A new book of Shah Abdul Hannan has been published on the Internet. It is available at the following location for free download:

Best regards.
Dalia Satter

Our America: From New Trend's Media Monitor

Well organized "Miracle" of Deception

The October 15 debate between Obama and McCain was well orchestrated. The entire issue of the Middle East was left out! Not a word! The foreign policy discussion was about Columbia, South America. The candidates no longer consider it necessary to refer to Israel and Palestine. The technique is called "telling lies by omission." The Iraq war has been missing from American TV screens for most of the election campaign. Afghanistan is marginally there.
But this was a biggie! There is no Middle East problem if you look at the final O-M debate!

Powell Endorses Obama: Honors "Muslim" Soldier killed in Iraq

October 19, 2008: The icing on the cake for Obama is the endorsement by Colin Powell. The media have painted him as a real gentleman and the Republican version of President Carter. Most people have forgotten that: Powell took a high moral tone and had some kind words for America's Muslims. The unfortunate example he gave was that of a Muslim soldier in the U.S. army who was killed in Iraq. Powell does not realize that the occupation is illegal and an occupier should not be praised. If Powell were honest, he could have praised Min. Farrakhan, Ramsey Clark and tens of thousands of Americans, including Muslims, who have opposed the war.

Did the Republican Party Sacrifice McCain?

One acute observer tells New Trend: The Republicans put McCain out to fry. They knew the country is tired of 8 years of Bush and Republicans didn't have a chance. The real nasty men in the GOP, Romney, Giuliani, Huckabee etc were saved from political suicide and McCain was sent out to get wiped out.

To ensure against any possible upset victory for McCain, "Israel firster" Lieberman was sent to guide him.

The only setback for the planners was the emergence of Sarah Palin. She made a McCain victory possible if not probable, so the Zionists went all out to destroy her.

Working hard for Obama in the Major Corporate Media

Notice how hard the Zionists in the corporate media are working for Obama? On MSNBC, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow dish out hard core and extensive propaganda in support of Obama. These are Jewish Americans but carefully hide their identity.

On CNN there is Larry King, Zionist and Jewish

CNN is having a problem finding non-Jews for its programs. It uses Joshua Levs for its reporting. Another Jew, Allan Chertoff, is described as a "senior correspondent' of CNN.

CNN heavily publicized Springstein's fest for Obama [October 4.] Free advertising?

Incestuous media relations have developed among the "Chosen People." We have Larry King interviewing the featherhead Bill Maher as the philosopher of our times [who might even replace Tom Friedman of the New York Times.]

On the comedy shows, Jewish Americans supporting Obama have amazing extent of control. The leaders are Jon Stewart of the Daily Show [who concealed his Jewish identity for a whole year] and David Letterman who made a complete fool of McCain [who seems to be blundering from one day to the other.]

In case you didn't know, the man behind Saturday Night Live is Seth Meyers.

Zionist style Propaganda in Movie "Body of Lies"

[From a Christian friend.]
Dr. Siddique,

I don't know if you have heard about this film or not, but it is pure propaganda put out by the Zionist media. Maybe you should include something about this in "New Trend".

Body of Lies (R)

Running Time: 2:18

Rated R for strong violence including some torture, and for language throughout.

Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Carice van Houten, Vince Colosimo

Dramatic Thriller. Based on David Ignatius' critically acclaimed 2007 novel of the same name, 'Body of Lies' follows the frantic search for a Middle Eastern terrorist before he can strike on American shores. DiCaprio plays Roger Ferris, one of the CIA's soldiers in the war on terrorism. After an injury ends a tour of duty in Iraq, Ferris is assigned an intense espionage mission in Jordanto infiltrate the cell of a master terrorist known only as 'al-Saleen'. In order to get inside al-Saleen's network, Ferris hatches a dangerous and elaborate scheme: he creates an imaginary Jihadist in the guise of an innocent Arab architect with no known terrorist ties, who appears to be the leader of a rival cell. By sowing these seeds of deception, Ferris hopes to flush out al-Saleen, drawing him to the bogus organization and right into the arms of the CIA. Before setting his manipulative plan in motion, Ferris must win the backing of a cynical CIA veteran, Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe), and a wily, urbane but suspect Jordanian intelligence office, Hani Salaam. But can Ferris trust either of these men who appear to be his allies in the war on terrorism?

[Editor's note: Terminology in this blurb is all from the movie's publicity. Americans don't know that Jordan's regime is a terror regime closely linked to Israel.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
Peaceful but Uncompromising
P.O.Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

What Should Muslims do at Election Time? Masjids in America are becoming like Churches. What Does Islam say about Cooperation with Kafir Power Structure? [Khutba by Dr. Kaukab Siddique, October 17, 2008 at a small mosque in central Baltimore.]

The main points of the Khutba are given below to help Khateebs shape their own khutbas. Dr. Siddique is the author of more than 1,000 articles on Islam as well as seven books on the rights of Muslim women, the transformation of social structures by Islam and what Islam says about the future.

Texts for the Khutba:

1. "This is the Book in which there is no doubt, Guidance for those who fear Allah, who believe in the Unseen, who establish prayer and who spend out of the resources We have given them....." [The Qur'an 2:2]

2. "The Messenger of Allah, peace be on him, said: Speak the truth because the truth guides to goodness and goodness leads to Paradise. One who always tries to speak the truth is written down with Allah as siddiq [one who supports the truth]. Beware of telling lies, because lies open the way to corruption and corruption takes one towards the Fire. One who lies and tries to tell lies is written down with Allah as kazzab [one who affirms lies]. [Hadith, Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim.] Let's not make fools of ourselves by voting for the people being brought up to create illusions for America's people. If you must vote, go vote for the Qur'an, go vote for Muhammad, pbuh, and the Sahaba, r.a.

Shocking Eyewitness Account

W.D. Muhammad's Mosques: Pledging Allegiance to the Flag right in the Prayer Area where there Should be Allegiance to Allah

by Sis. 'Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, New York City]

As-Salaamu-'Alaikum Bro. Siddique,

I understand that my last editorial on Imam Warith Deen Muhammad was not well received by a few people. I only based my opinion on my experience as a student at his Sis. Clara Muhammad Schools. They are located all over the U.S.A. I remember all of us students used to pledge allegiance to the flag in the musallah. When I mention that to Muslims not affiliated with Imam W.D. Muhammad they give me a crossed look because it is shirk to pledge allegiance to anything else but Allah, especially in His place of worship! I realized that later on.

As a child attending this school, it was great being surrounded by Muslims like myself. I loved Fridays because all of the parents came for Jummah and school ended early. Afterwards, we'd all line up downstairs to buy bean pies or fried fish. Those were great times but, there were also things that raised eyebrows like pledging allegiance to the flag in the mosque, having special dinners praising zionist leaders, retaliating against Muslims who questioned such activities, which is what happened to a Sudanese brother when his store's lease was not renewed.

As Muslims, we cannot be like those that Allah describes in the Qur'an as having a shield over their heart rendering them dumb, deaf, and blind. Intentions are very important in Islam. It is amazing reading the responses of those who claimed to have benefited in some way personally from their association with Imam W.D. Muhammad and their knee-jerk reaction when a list of his un-Islamic activities is presented to them. They are incapable of seeing the overall picture.

How does the saying go?: You can tell a lot about someone by the company he keeps. If Imam W.D. associated with people known to not only have hatred for Islam but who have carried out and aided in the assassinations and wrongful imprisonment of Muslim leaders and other plans of destruction against entire Muslim societies here and abroad and all the while he had kept quiet about their subversive activities, what does that really say about Imam W.D. Muhammad?

Ed. note: Last time when Sis. 'Aisha wrote, a W.D. supporter told us that probably Sis. 'Aisha does not even exist and we made up that letter (!) although New Trend has NEVER published a fake letter. Note, here is Sis. 'Aisha again, and she does not refrain from writing the truth!


Muslim Professionals detained as "terrorists" after "encounter" faked by the Government. Systematic Vilification of Muslim Students
by k. Hamza from India. [Exclusive to New Trend]

The leaders of some prominent Muslim organizations have expressed their anguish and unease over the September 19 encounter at Jamia Nagar in the national capital New Delhi that killed two Muslim students and injured a third, Saif Ahmmed, one of their accomplices who was arrested. They have met the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and demanded a judicial inquiry and stringent action against those who staged a conspired fake encounter and killing Muslim students under the label of terrorists. In the aftermath of the encounter some Jamia students have been picked for questioning by the Police. The boys who were killed in the encounter were students appearing for an entrance examination for professional courses in a management school the morning of the killings.
The intelligent sources said some youths had accompanied Atif alias Mohammad Bashir-killed in the shootout at Jamia Nagar and one of them was Habib who is said to be a key functionary of Indian Mujahideen. Atif alias Bashir was a B.Tech student of Jamia Millia Islamia University, and Sajed, the other Indian, suspected terrorist killed in the encounter is the son of a medical practitioner. Equally puzzling is the death of Mohan Chand Sharma, the veteran of "encounter" operations at the Batla House cross firing. He was shot at by accidental firing from one of the police personnel.

Quite recently, Muslim students are the target of a systematic campaign of vilifications in the country. The Police claim that they are terrorists who "masterminded" bomb blasts in Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahammedabad and Bangalore. The Indian constitution requires the presumption that a person is innocent until proved guilty One thing that is particularly striking about the encounter is lack of transparency. The senior police officers remained silent. Strangely enough, there was no cross-firing and only the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) fired all the rounds.

The National Human Rights Commission has insisted that every case of death by police firing and death in police custody should be registered as a case of culpable homicide and investigated by a magistrate. Muslim leaders representing a wide spectrum of Islamic bodies are also of the opinion that the youth should be publicly hung if it is proved that they are terrorists. There is unanimity among Muslims that there should be an inquiry into the encounter. There is an apprehension building up among Indian Muslims over the frequent bomb blasts in different States, and Muslim youth, especially B.Tech students and professionals of different discipline are being detained under police custody as suspects and allegedly involved in the terrorist acts. There was also disquiet over the excessive police action and exaggeration of the blasts by the print and electronic media targeting Muslim youths and tarnishing the entire Muslim community.

Indian Military Cooperation with the U.S. at Top Level in Occupied Kashmir

Srinagar, Oct 17- US Army Chief of Staff General George W. Casey Friday visited the highest battle field in the world, Siachen glacier, in Kashmir even as Pakistan said it was concerned over the visit.

"Any such visit to an area which is disputed and which is under discussion between Pakistan and India will certainly cast a shadow on the ongoing composite dialogue between the two neighbors," a Foreign Office spokesman was quoted by The News as saying.

Gen Casey, who is on a three day visit to India that began Thursday, visited Siachen Friday along with Indian Army chief General Deepak Kapoor.

According to army officials, Casey was first flown over the 70 km glacier to have an aerial view and then landed there to acquaint himself about the ground realities.

"This visit of the US army chief is for developing concept and medical aspect of fighting in severe cold conditions and high altitudes," an army official said.

The official said: "Siachen is best for such concept developing as it is a unique battle field."

The US army has to deal with rugged and high altitude terrain in Afghanistan and "they want to learn from the Indian army to fight on such inhospitable, rough and rugged terrain".
Casey was scheduled to return to Delhi later in the day.

Pakistani News: U.S. Special Forces in Pakistan:

October 17: The Pakistani Frontier Corp, armed with the latest weapons by the U.S. last year, has now received 30 U.S. Special Forces officers to prepare them to fight the Pakistani Taliban. [Source: Christian Science Monitor.]

Heavy Civilian Casualties in Latest Pakistani Air Strikes

October 20, 2008: Pakistani jet fighters struck a village in the Matta area of Swat killing 35 civilians, mostly women and children. The Pakistanis had received a report that Pakistani Taliban were praying in a house in the area. There is one report the those killed included a local Taliban commander and the rest might have been his family and relatives. [Sources: Various Pakistani Urdu language media.]

Civilians terrorized by the Pak air attacks are leaving the area in large numbers.

October 16: Pakistani air force claimed a direct hit on a Taliban "training camp" in the Peo Char area of Swat killing 60 Pakistani Taliban. Later investigation revealed that 10 homes belonging to the Taliban were destroyed but they were empty. All the 60 killed were civilians in the surrounding here.

The same day Pakistani forces used heavy artillery in the Loe Sam area of Bajaur killing 12 Taliban fighters. Pakistan ground attacks in the area have been repeatedly repulsed.

Stepping out of US war will end "suicide" attacks, lawlessness: Munawar Hasan

LAHORE, Oct 15: Jamaat-e-Islami secretary general Syed Munawar Hasan has asked the government to disown US war as soon as possible to solve all the problems faced by country including the "suicide" attacks and lawlessness.

Talking to various delegations at Mansoorah on Wednesday, in connection with the forthcoming JI congregation in Lahore, JI secretary general said America was itself crushed under a serious financial crisis, and it was high time to divorce US war.

Munawar Hasan said the need of the hour was to devise an independent policy on foreign and internal issues since the country had witnessed worst crises of its history just because of Gen Musharraf's policy of joining US war on terror.

Munawar reminded that after facing defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq, America was searching face saving exit by negotiating with Taliban, while on the same time it was pressing Pakistan to wage war against its own citizens instead of seeking negotiated settlements in tribal areas.

He expressed sorrow that a few top officials were fighting a US war against innocent Pakistanis for a few dollars and deceiving people by declaring it Pakistan's own war. He demanded immediate withdrawal of logistic support to US forces in Afghanistan and withdrawing army from tribal and settled areas of NWFP to solve the issue through jirgas.

Afghanistan :
USA Tried to Destroy an Entire Country, while claiming to go after Osama and 200 Fighters with him. October is the Anniversary of the U.S. Attack

According to Marc W. Herold's extensive database, Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States' Aerial Bombing, between 3,100 and 3,600 civilians were directly killed by U.S. Operation Enduring Freedom bombing and Special Forces attacks between October 7, 2001 and June 3, 2003. This estimate counts only "impact deaths" - deaths that occurred in the immediate aftermath of an explosion or shooting - and does not count deaths that occurred later as a result of injuries sustained, or deaths that occurred as an indirect consequence of the U.S. air strikes and invasion.

Karzai Troops Hiding Among Civilians Killed

October 18, 2008: Taliban fighters caught a bus on the Kandahar-Herat highway. Going through the papers of each passenger, they found that 27 were soldiers of the Karzai regime traveling in civilian clothes on a civilian bus to resist detection. All of the 27 were reportedly executed. Travel by troops of the Karzai regime is becoming hazardous as Taliban units roam the country with the support of the population

U.S. Commanders Demand 4 More Brigades to be able to Hold on in Afghanistan

October 18: In addition to the three combat brigades already under study by the U.S. to send to Afghanistan, commanders on the ground have demanded of the Pentagon that they will need a 4th brigade. [Courtesy Frontier Post, Peshawar.]

Ex-Province Mayor Turns Taliban Leader

RTTNews) - In what could be disturbing news for the government of President Hamid Karzai, the former mayor of Afghanistan's Herat province is now the most powerful local Taliban commander, media reports said.

Speaking from one of his 20 mountain bases hidden deep inside rugged terrain that were was also used to fight the Soviets in the 1980s, Ghullam Yahya Akbari said he will not negotiate with the Afghan government as long as foreign troops are on the country's soil.
The former mayor -- leading more than 60 well-armed Taliban fighters -- said he is not interested in peace talks, and said he would even turn his guns on Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader, if he negotiated with the present Afghan government.
"People may wonder why we live up in the mountains. That's because we want to avoid civilian casualties and fight with guerrilla tactics," he said.
Akbari's steely resolve to fight foreign forces came amid reports of many soldiers defecting to the Taliban, unhappy with the "un-Islamic" ways of the foreign troops.

October 16, 2008: Amid disturbing news that Afghan troops working for the U.S. and Karzai are deserting to join the Taliban comes the report that in Helmand province, the Taliban have "captured' 180 Afghan troops of Karzai.

The same day, Canadian troops fell into an ambush in Helmand and retreated after losing one killed and 3 wounded.

U.S. and German air strikes followed in the Nad Ali area of Helmand killing 17 civilians, mostly women and children. The villagers brought their bodies to the provincial capital Lashkargah to prove they were not Taliban.

Will Obama or McCain help to find "disappeared" persons?
Open Letter To the Future U. S. Government : A Fervent Plea for Peace from a Pakistani woman in Islamabad

Dear Barak Obama and John McCain,
Which ever one of you wins this election , I wish you success and I hope from the depths of my heart that you will transform the image of America into what it should be . I pray that you are able to show the true face of America to the rest of the world. A face which reflects the values of your ordinary citizens , many of whom I met in a recent trip abroad and which was an eye opener for me.
I was invited by Amnesty International to visit member states of the E.U , the U.K and the U.S on a speaking tour in Aug/Sep 2008 , so as to meet politicians , Parliamentarians and ordinary citizens , and to convey to them the agony and torment that hundreds of other family members , including myself , of 'enforced disappeared' persons are going through. I was amazed that many of the people I met had no idea about this burning issue ; of the illegal abductions , the detention of these persons in so called 'safe houses' , the torture they are subjected to and the fact that they are denied the right to a fair trial . I was touched by the sympathy and promises of moral and any other support that they could offer in order to relieve us of this ongoing pain
My ordeal began on 30th July 2005 when my beloved husband, Masood Janjua , was abducted on his way to Peshawar along with his friend Faisal Faraz. . These abductions began in Musharraf's dictatorship and were one of his contributions to the war on terror. For a year I went from pillar to post, but all in vain. During this period the only clue was a message from the Presidency that Masood was alive and well and would be home soon. In Sep 2006 I launched a campaign of peaceful protests outside the Parliament in Islamabad, and was soon joined by a large number of victims like myself. In Oct 2006 I filed a large number of cases in the Supreme Court [SC] , and much to our relief and delight the Chief Justice, Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry, took notice and demanded an explanation from the authorities as to their whereabouts. As a result of this judicial intervention around 140 detainees were released.
Unfortunately our joy was short lived and on 3rd Nov 2007 Musharraf imposed emergency rule in the country. This was an outright attack on the judiciary and over 40 judges of the superior courts, including the Chief Justice of the SC, were forcibly removed from office. This came as a tremendous blow, especially for me, since in the last hearing before 3rd Nov the court had ordered Dr. Imran Muneer, who was a witness to the fact that Masood was being detained by the intelligence agencies, to record his statement in the next hearing on 13th Nov. That was the last time the matter was brought up in any court, since the 'new' judiciary had no interest whatsoever in the issue.
When a new govt was formed after the Feb 2008 elections, our hopes were raised. They apparently showed concern for our plight, and many positive statements and promises were made. But when it came to doing something concrete there was no response whatsoever. Whichever way we turn we are faced by a wall of silence and indifference.
My recent tour to Europe was a wonderful experience, mainly because of the warmth and support shown to me by the people. My tour was cut short at the last minute when I was about to board a plane in Geneva for Washington D.C on 13th Sep 2008 and was informed by the U.S Embassy in Islamabad that the visa they had issued to me on 12th Aug 2008 had been revoked. I was shocked , hurt and disappointed and wish to convey this to those responsible. What I fail to understand is that last year the same U.S Embassy had invited me to visit Washington where they wanted to give me a 'Courage Award' for my efforts towards uniting families with their loved ones. I declined the invitation then since I was not interested in any awards. All I wanted was my husband ! And yet now when I wanted to go and was a guest of Amnesty International , which had arranged for me to meet Congress members and politicians , I was being prevented. This was not only extremely upsetting for me and my children, it was also an insult to a reputable organization such as Amnesty

I want to appeal to every person who has a conscience. I am grieving for my missing husband but where is the missing conscience of the world? Why are the govts of the so-called civilized world silent? I will not rest till I find my beloved husband , and am willing to go to any corner of the globe if necessary. The present U.S govt may have stopped my entry into their country but they cannot stop me from gaining access to the hearts of the American people
I have a humble message for the new future U.S Govt to show more responsibility and maturity than their predecessors. As a super power your responsibilities are also super and the world will be watching every step you take. We too have our hopes pinned on you and desperately urge you take immediate steps to undo the horrifying damage done to world peace by the present U.S govt. Practice as you preach and show the world that not all Americans who come to power leave their conscience behind. Let Bagram , Abu Gharaib and Guantanamo Bay be razed to the ground. Let no human being ever have to endure what Dr. Afia Siddiqui and Saifullah Paracha are going through . Prevent the CIA and FBI from violating the fundamental rights of thousands of innocent victims the world over.

Let America vote for Real Justice, Peace, Rule of Law and Human Rights - for a safer and brighter future. Let us forget the wrong done by the Bush Administration and hope for Humanitarian and Positive Policies. Here is a wonderful opportunity to facilitate the release of our long lost LOVED-ONES, to make room for Love and not Hate and to make room for mutual respect and not mistrust.
Hopeful and anxious,
Amina Masood Janjua

2008-10-22 Wed 03:47:18 cdt