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Illinois Governor Admits: Justice System broken, Police Torture Endemic: Racism Flourishes

New Trend and Jamaat al-Muslimeen have consistently opposed the death penalty. During the last week, the outgoing Governor of Illinois, George Ryan, a Republican, came out as a witness for the truth and exposed the bogus nature of the American justice system.


The Governor first pardoned four death row inmates when he found evidence that they had been tortured by the police into confession. [Surprise! Surprise! U.S. police practices torture! Earlier in the case of the Central Park jogger (New York), five young Black men had been sentenced and the case was publicized on racist basis from coast-to-coast. It turned out that the real assailant was quite different and the accused youths had been tortured into confession.]

The Governor then came out to pardon ALL 167 death row inmates in Illinois. In a wide ranging speech, the Governor indicated the reasons for the mass pardon. He noticed that Black men are much more likely to be sentenced to death than White men for similar crimes. Poverty of an accused person can also work against him. The element of DOUBT remains in the cases of the Black and the poor but they are sentenced anyway while the White and the Rich are exonerated if the case is not proven BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.

[We oppose the death penalty because the U.S. is a secular state in which public policy is not connected to a concept of life in the Hereafter. The death penalty here is much too final, while in an Islamic system the death penalty cleanses and purifies a person of his crime and through God's forgiveness, he/she still has a chance of a better life in the Hereafter. A secular state has no justification in any ultimate writ.]

In the U.S., a good attorney can play games with the system and save the most corrupt criminal while a poor person who cannot afford a good attorney can get 15 years for robbery.

On February 10, 2003, the New York Times and the ADL (the Anti Defamation League of the Bna'i Brith) will hold a conference in the Times' office to discuss "Extremism targeting the Campus Press." What's happening here is that ADL is teaming up with the Times to stop the only outlet left to critics of the Jewish version of the Second World War.

Specifically, the ADL is concerned about the writings of a man named Bradley Smith who lives in San Diego, California and publishes a newsletter titled "Smith's Report" in which he carries out a very balanced discussion of the Jewish reporting on the "Holocaust." It's quite a problem for the ADL that Smith is not a Nazi or an extremist. He has tried to break the ADL's hold on the U.S. media by publishing advertisements in CAMPUS NEWSPAPERS calling for an open DEBATE on the Holocaust.

The ADL wants to plug this little break in its monopoly of the media by holding a conference at which campus paper editors will get a free ticket to attend.

[The New York Times has developed the methodology of "LYING BY OMISSION." It publishes almost daily against Islamic causes but pretends that it gets NO LETTERS AT ALL from Islamic writers. The Times relationship with the ADL signifies the Jewish nature of this media corporation which influences most news in America. At the time of the MILLION MAN MARCH, the ADL took out a full page in the Times urging people not to attend the march because it was led by Minister Farrakhan, an anti-semite according to the ADL.]

Bradley Smith's email address is:
HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: Jewish version of human rights

On January 14, 2003 the lengthy speech of Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch (New York) was televised on C-Span. It was an arrogant performance, with Roth pontificating about human rights in just about every country of the world. It looks like the Jews have successfully infiltrated the human rights community thus clouding the fact that international Jewry today is backing war, murder and torture wherever it is aimed at the Islamic world. Just about every "Muslim" dictator is backed by Israel (with Saddam's exception.).

Some people might have been taken in by Roth's performance but when it came to the crunch, he revealed himself:
1. He declared that THERE WAS NO MASSACRE PERPETRATED BY ISRAEL in JENIN. He claimed that his own team had investigated Jenin and found that "only" 52 Palestinians were killed and "only" 11 of them were civilians. Readers might remember that the Israelis did not permit the United Nations to investigate the Jenin massacre. If Human Rights carried out such an investigation, it must have been under the patronage of Israel.
1a. For Human Rights Watch, 52 Palestinians killed is NOT a massacre. Imagine the hue and cry if 52 Jews had been killed. One wonders how many Palestinians would have to be killed for Roth (an obvious Jews) to consider it a massacre.
2. Roth tried to justify and sanitize the American assassination of SIX Yemenis by missile attack. He said because the six were killed in an area where law enforcement is difficult, hence it could not be criticized. [One of the six murdered was a u.S. citizen but Roth left that out.]
3. Roth tried to justify American war plans against Iraq by repeatedly making wild allegations of "Saddam's genocide of the Kurds." In fact has Saddam has never moved against the Kurds till they rose up in arms with (first) Iranian and (then) American instigation and help. Zionists like Roth have become habituated to telling atrocity stories about Kurds and Shi'ites while ignoring the one million children who have died from U.S. sanctions on Iraq.
4. An independent African leader, Mugabe of Zimbabwe, has become a serious impediment in the way of Zionist aspirations in Africa. He has shown his independence by returning land usurped by White landowners to the people of Zimbabwe. National Public Radio (NPR) carried out a long-drawn-out propaganda campaign against Mugabe in 2002. On Jan. 14 Roth dutifully sniped at Mugabe and tried to discredit the Zimbabwean government.
5. When it came to human rights abuses in USA, Roth limited himself to the registration of non-permanent Muslim immigrants while ignoring the key cases of Shaikh Omar ĎAbdel Rahman and Imam Jamil al-Amin.

Human Rights Watch has developed the methodology of reporting in such a way that it seems to be concerned about human rights but then can use its name to white wash its friends and smear the independents.

Two American pilots are being tried for a "friendly fire" incident in Afghanistan in which four Canadian soldiers were killed. Similar "friendly fire" incidents have killed large number of Afghans. Readers might remember the bombing raid in which the U.S. air heroes wiped out an Afghan wedding party which made news because some of those killed were friends of Karzai, the American puppet ruling Kabul.

Even the New York Times and NPR admitted that the number of Afghan CIVILIANS killed in U.S. air raids number in the THOUSANDS. According to Islamic observers, the U.S. may have killed an estimated 60,000 Afghans in its bombing of that defenseless nation.

No American pilot has been brought to trial for wanton bombing of Afghan villages. Instead, the U.S. is taking the trouble to show Canada that it is really sorry for the death of the four Canadians.

Who said that racism went out with the resignation of Trent Lott?

2003-01-16 Thu 08:50ct