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Commentary by Buut Shikan, Idol Breaker

A few minutes after 9 pm eastern time on November 14, Mir Aimal Kasi was executed by lethal injection at Greensville Correctional Center in the little town of Jarret, Virginia. [Inna lillahe wa inna alaehe rajeoon. We come from Allah and unto Him we return.] He passed away at 9.07 pm.

Kasi was the first Pakistani to be executed in the United States. The Governor of Virginia refused to accept clemency pleas coming from all over the world following appeals posted on the internet by New Trend Magazine.

Observers say that the United States missed a major opportunity to heal the wounds inflicted on the Muslim world by its pro-Israeli policies. Without forgiveness, the chances for peace go down. The protests in Pakistan were all peaceful but the U.S. war machine tried to create the impression that there was danger of terrorist strikes.

KASI WENT TO HIS CREATOR AS A TRUE MUSLIM: Early reports on the media indicate that Kasi refused to back down from his clearly stated motive for the attack on the CIA Headquarters, that he was responding to U.S. support for Israel and for the crimes of the CIA against Muslim and oppressed peoples worldwide. It's quite an achievement of Islamic faith that after 13 years in an American prison where he was treated more like a number than a person, he refused to lose contact with his anti-Zionist militancy and the purpose of his sacrifice.

He remembered Allah to the end and did not waver in his faith. He passed away like a true Muslim, reciting : La Illaha ill Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah.

It should be noted that this cold blooded execution indicates that the U.S. administration, drunk with the arrogance of power, is not willing to make any gesture of decency or forgiveness.

By contrast, the CIA, which has committed crimes around the world has not been brought to trial in any Muslim country. The Muslim ummah, prostrate under the boot of a Zionist White House, has no one to hear its cries, with each government, except Iraq, controlled by the U.S.

Kasi came over and committed the ultimate: an attack on the CIA headquarters. For the power structure, this was the unthinkable crime, the slave turning against the slave master, Bilal (r.a.) slaying Ummaya.

Our condolences go to the Kasi family in particular and the Muslim ummah in general. Islam teaches that there should be no crying over a martyr. The martyr goes straight to paradise where his felicity is assured.

Most troubling for most Pakistanis is the atrocious behavior of the Pakistani government which violated international law and the sovereignty of Pakistan and Pakistan's independence. The FBI was permitted to enter Pakistan, hunt down and capture Kasi, kidnap him from Pakistan, bring him to the U.S. and sentence him to death.
The faces in Pakistani regimes keep changing, but one factor remains constant: the secularized, "lick-America's-boots" mentality which is willing to sell Pakistan for dollars.
The secularists permitted Kasi to be kidnapped just as more recently the secularists handed over an Islamic ambassador, Mullah Abdus Salam Zaeef, to the tender mercies of the U.S.
Pakistanis must regain their independence so that this process of humiliation may be put to end.
[Only minutes after the execution, a secularist puppet featherhead named Haqqani came on MSNBC and started claiming that the demonstrations supporting the martyr Kasi do not represent the people of Pakistan. These secularist idiots live in a world of their own in which the Islamic aspirations of the people are irrelevant.]

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