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Sha'ban 13, 1426/September 17, 2005 #71
SHAME of our TIME:

September 14: On the eve of the anniversary of the Sabra Shatilla massacre, General Musharraf shook hands with the Israeli terrorist Sharon in the United Nations building in New York. Pakistan has been humiliated by this agent of George Bush.

President Bush made a weird speech from New Orleans on September 15. There were NO PEOPLE in the place from where he was allegedly speaking. If he considers himself an elected representative of the people, shouldn't he have met and spoken to the PEOPLE uprooted from New Orleans?

Why is he so scared of the people of America? Does anyone remember the last time he spoke to the people of America while standing among them or near them? What kind of democracy is this, that the man preaching democracy to the whole world dare not go among the American people?
WILL SOMEONE TELL MR. BUSH?: Latest polls indicate that 80% of Black Americans consider the New Orleans disaster the result of racism while 60% of White Americans also consider it a result of racism and/or incompetence. Mr. Bush wants to set up a Commission to find this out!

RAMSEY CLARK sees no Justification for Planned Trial of Saddam Hussain

On September 15, the editor of New Trend spoke to Ramsey Clark, the leader of the anti-war movement in America and asked him about his legal support for President Saddam Hussain.

Mr. Clark said that he wants to ensure that the President gets a fair trial. The justification for putting him on trial is problematic, he said, considering that Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and numerous gross war crimes have been committed in Iraq and Afghanistan after the fall of Saddam.

He added that the persons installed in Iraq as the new rulers have spent their lives outside Iraq, lived in comfort and did not undergo the turmoil of the Saddam years about which they complain.
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Female Islamic Educator Wins Case Against Male Dominated Islamic Society of Orange County [California]

On September 9, 2005 Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad won her case against the upper class Indo-Pakistanis ruling over the Republican area stronghold Islamic Society of Orange County [ISOC].

Dr. Zakiyyah is among the top Islamic educators in America. A very spiritual African-American sister, she embraced Islam as her choice, got her Ph.D from Columbia University and spent her life serving the cause of Islamic education.

She was hired as Principal of the Islamic School run by ISOC and won the admiration of her students and colleagues during the five years she worked there. In 2003 she was fired by Dr. Fazal Mirza, the new President of the School Board.

The way the firing was done was humiliating, unIslamic and disgraceful. Dr. Mirza behaved as if Dr. Zakiyyah was his personal servant and he could get rid of her upon the spot when he felt like it. The entire well-entrenched Indo-Pakistani "leadership" group supported Dr. Mirza against Dr. Zakiyyah.

At that time, Dr. Kaukab Siddique urged Dr. Muzammil Siddiqui, ISNA's head honcho who has worked as imam of ISOC for decades, to stand against the abuse aimed at Dr. Zakiyyah. Dr. Kaukab also brought the issue, in person, to Dr. Talat Sultan, ICNA's top man with ties to Dr. Muzzammil. The point was made that such FEUDAL behavior, unIslamic and racist in its connotations, would do serious harm to the unity of Muslims in America putting African-Americans against South Asians.. Both Muzammil and Talat ignored the warning and are reported to have accused of Dr. Zakiyyah of playing the race card.
[WE URGE DR. MUZAMMIL SIDDIQUI to speak out. Let his constituency know publicly what happened. He knows Dr. Zakiyyah was greatly wronged and he showed concern. Please speak out Dr. Muzammil openly so that rumor mongering in your community should stop.]

ISNA and ICNA publications censored the news of Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad's firing. ISNA's publication Islamic Horizons tried to give the impression that ISNA is supporting "Islamic education" in America while the paper censored the fate of the top educator, Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad. This is typical of ISNA and ICNA publications: an ostrich like attitude that those who don't agree with them don't exist.

On September 9 a Superior Court jury awarded Dr. Zakiyyah $788,000 including punitive damages of $130,000. Dr. Zakiyyah's attormey took care to point out that the behavior of Dr. Fazal Mirza and others should not be attributed to Islam but to cultural practices in South Asia.

CONCLUSION: These men did not realize that they were up against an ISLAMIC woman who has CHOSEN Islam as her way. How dare they deny her professional ablity, abuse her as if she is inferior and fire her without due process! First she broke down and cried that Muslims could do this to her, when she had given her life to Islam. Then she dried her tears and took the oppressors to court.

We note that many such doctors and imams are controlling Islamic centers across America. They do not respect Muslim women as their equals before Allah. The only reason they are in power is owing to their wealth.

We congratulate Dr. Zakiyyah. She has done successfully what many other victims of ISNA and related organizations have not been able to do.


In an extensive interview with a North Carolina newspaper, Imam Badi Ali lambasted the activities of Muslim men who have been using Islamic marriage to violate and ignore the rights of Muslim women.

Imam Ali, Palestinian by origin, says that Muslim women should get marriages registered with local marriage offices in the U.S. He notes instances where a marriage took place overseas, for instance in Turkey, the couple came to America and the husband abandoned the woman. The marriage was not documented here; hence the woman had no recourse to get her rights legally.

Imam Badi Ali urges Muslim communities, especially those with numbers of women from overseas, to ensure that the women know their rights and get their marriages properly registered.

[New Trend readers might remember Badi Ali's report on a rich Arab man who made an Islamic marriage with a good Egyptian woman, impregnated her and then abandoned her. Later it turned out that he was totally corrupt and was indulging in pork and alcohol.]


On September 14, West Chester, Pennsylvania's main newspaper, known as the Daily Local, published Dr. Kaukab Siddique's rebuttal in full. The paper had frontpaged a report on Dr. Siddique in its August 28 issue. In his rebuttal, Dr. Siddique has challenged the entire Jewish power structure in America to produce any order from Hitler authorizing the alleged gassing of 4 million [or 1 million] Jews in Auschwitz.

The sequence of events has been as follows:

During the summer of 2005, Cybercast, a right wing, pro-Zionist information front, investigated Dr. Siddique and took its "findings" to the top Jewish organizations in America.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center [SWC] then approached Dr. Siddique's university administration and pressured it to reprimand [if not remove] Dr. Siddique. The SWC, top Jewish thought control organization, heavily funded, was supported by the American Jewish Committee [AJC], the ADL and "Muslim Zionists" like Stephen Schwartz.

Muslim propaganda groups like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA pretended that they had never heard of Dr. Siddique. CAIR actually told a newspaper reporter that Siddique is a fringe person and we don't want to honor him with our comments.

The attack backfired on the Jews. Lincoln University told the Cybercast people and SWC etc., that Siddique is fully qualified for the job he is doing and his writings are not within our legal purview and scrutiny.

After that, apparently, the SWC reached out through the local synagogue in Chester County, Pennsylvania and had an outragious TOP FRONT PAGE attack published in the Daily Local to brand Dr. Siddique as a Muslim anti-semitic fanatic. The paper is read in the small White towns surrounding Lincoln University and the report could have lead to a physical attack on Dr. Siddique.

The campaign has backfired on the Jews. Dr. Siddique has received numerous compliments and words of support on his ability to withstand intimidation. Some people were pleasantly surprised to known that the Jewish version of World War II is not entirely correct.
WAR NEWS: Analysis by New Trend

What Happened in Tal Afar?
It appears that the U.S. destroyed a mini Islamic Republic.

How does one get to know what the American military forces in Iraq are doing? On September 14 and 15 U.S. viewers were shown TV coverage of Al-Qaidah attacks in Baghdad which wrought havoc in the ranks of Shi'ites, civilians as well as police, supporting the U.S. These attacks were reported as "retaliation" for the U.S. assault in Tal Afar, south east of the Syrian border. Unfortunately Americans are not shown what happened in Tal Afar but are simply told that the U.S. crushed the "insurgents" there, killing 200 and capturing 200 who were wounded.

On September 13, Col. McMaster of the U.S. army, spoke to U.S. journalists from Iraq to describe the American "victory" in detail. He built up such a propagandistic picture of the situation that even one of the hand-picked U.S. journalists said: "you have painted quite a rosy picture..."

New Trend has "deconstructed" Col. MacMaster long winded speech and plucked the following facts from it: Colonel McMaster claimed that the "insurgents" were "terrorizing" the people and committing atrocities. However the information provided by the Colonel himself contradicts his claims of "terrorism." If the "terrorists" were using Imams, teachers, and literature and teaching the youth to advance the Islamic cause, obviously they had won the battle for the minds and souls of the people. They were running the whole city and implementing deterrent Islamic punishments.

Evidently, as in the town of Haditha, this was a mini-Islamic Republic run according the laws of the Qur'an. Only 20 of the 200 "suspects" captured by the U.S. in Tal Afar were "foreigners": 16 Syrians, 2 Afghans and 2 "Saudi" Arabians. Thus most of those fighting the U.S. are Iraqis, not "terrorists" coming in from outside.

Non-combatant Iraqi sources, including those running hospitals, have described the U.S. attack as a catastrophe for the people of Tal Afar. The Colonel let slip the information that people were "leaving" the city and the "terrorists" tried to hide among them. He claimed that the Americans have saved the city from the "terrorists." If that is correct, then why are the people leaving?
[Arab sources say that 6,000 people have fled the city after its "liberation" by the U.S.]

Colonel McMaster's report indicated that 3500 "Iraqi" forces helped the 3500 U.S. troops to pinpoint the "terrorists" and to destroy their strongholds in Tal Afar. He did not give the composition of these "Iraqis" but most sources agree that the U.S. is being helped by Shi'ites trained in Iran [the "Badr" brigades]. This explanation is supported by puppet Shi'ite Prime Minister Jaafari's claim that he had "ordered" the U.S. attack on Tal Afar.

In that context, it is apparent that the Shi'ites in Baghdad supporting and working for the U.S. are being targeted by Al-Zarqawi's counter attack by martyrdom operators.

The U.S. completely wiped out the entire Islamic city of Tal Afar, including its mosques and schools where the "terrorists" were "brainwashing" the people, according to Al-Jazeera and other Arab sources. Big quantities of Qur'ans and Hadith and Islamic literature were destroyed. Huge American tanks smashed their way into private homes.

The resistance, however, as the Colonel admitted, has survived the destruction of Tal Afar. He said that there cannot be any assurance that the "terrorists" will not return to the city or that the U.S. will have permanently "liberated" the city.

CONCLUSION: New Trend urges the following steps to ensure that gross human rights violations in Tal Afar are stopped: -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Signs of U.S. Defeat in Afghanistan: Sophisticated Plan for Withdrawal underway

New Trend report

On September 12, 2005 Mullah Zaeef was airlifted from Guantanamo Bay to Kabul, Afghanistan in an American plane. Readers might remember that Mullah Zaeef was the last Taliban ambassador in Islamabad, Pakistan. Following the U.S. assault on Afghanistan, CIA's Pakistani agent General Musharraf handed over Mullah Zaeef to the Americans.

In 2004, Karzai sent messages to Mullah Zaeef offering to get him released if he would accept the American-installed regime. The Mullah rejected the offer.

Does his release finally, after 4 years of horror in the cages of Guantanamo, mean that Mullah Zaeef has been broken under torture or does it mean that the wily Pushtun diplomat sees the chances of Taliban victory?

Gradually the U.S. has released the news, which Pakistani newspapers reported several months back, that American forces will be withdrawn and will be replaced by NATO forces. As the news broke, NATO countries reacted by saying that they would not want their forces to take over the military operations against the "insurrection." Thus the U.S. is in a humiliating situation. Its forces are trying to hit the Taliban hard but with little success.

Meanwhile "elections" are being held in Afghanistan under strict U.S. surveillance. These elections are a complete fraud. The way these are going to be held is as follows, based on the procedures from last time:

Huge quantities of ballots are shipped to key points in the country under heavy air and ground security provided by the U.S. Local mercenaries and rivals of the Taliban are lined up to vote. Large quantities of ballots are marked up in a pretend "election." The results are then announced with great fanfare.

The real purpose of the "elections" seems to be to permit the Americans to say that they have fulfilled their mission.

Meanwhile the fighting goes on. The Taliban killed 4 U.S. troops in an attack in Qalat town in Zabul province. This is about 75 miles from the Pakistan frontier. The idea that Taliban attacks are being permitted by Pakistani intelligence has been exploded. Most of the Pushtun hinterland seems to be under Taliban control.

In the most recent attack 7 persons were killed by the Taliban. The Kabul regime says these were election officials but the Taliban insist that these were police including a police commander.

Even Karzai seems to be sick of American behavior. In July, two American troops who had TORTURED TWO AFGHAN PRISONERS TO DEATH were tried by an American military court and given 8 months each in prison. Karzai protested loudly for the first time. Does the traitor have some sense of Pashtun honor or a mustard seed worth of Islam in him?

Dr. Amina Wadud Protests new Trend Report on her: Says she is not linked to enemies of Islam

Ref: Quotes from New Trend:
"People on the brink, but more learned, like Dr.Amina Wadud, who were not treated well by established Muslim organizations, were material to be utilized in the attempts to break Islamic communities.
What made these women dangerous for the Muslim communities was the tremendous coverage the U.S. [and worldwide Zionist] media gave them unstintingly. They were glamorized by the enemies of Islam as "saviors of Muslim womanhood."
"As these women TALKED EQUALITY and were LINKED to the ENEMIES of ISLAM, the entire authentic movement for women's rights in Islam became suspect. Muslims now see this "pro-woman" activity as linked to the agents of America, such as Hosni Mubarak, the dictator of Egypt, and General Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan's coup leader."

It is time you stop pointing the finger at me to demonize my work in your publications. I am NOT LINKED TO anyone, let alone to your self defined, yet unsupported categories of


I have a job, attempt to pay my bills, support my five children, the last three almost single handedly for at least a decade, even when there are no "links" to support their needs.

I am dedicated to one thing: Allah.

Since Allah granted me, and all women on the planet full human dignity at birth, I struggle both to live and experience that dignity as well as to raise my sons and daughters in awareness of it. Meanwhile, through no attempts at self promotion, even to this moment, I have offered some light to millions of other women, simply by staying true to that one dedication and by continued research, experience and expression of what it means to BE A WOMAN and to attempt to sustain that dignity despite those who would try to tear down my dignity for no reason that I can see. Because taking care of my children and providing for them requires so much of my time, I live a nearly reclusive life, while still remaining in the struggle for all women to finally gain the full human dignity given to them by Allah.

For the life of me, I cannot see what your continued finger pointing at me could possibly do to either help women or to further our inner struggles for peace and dignity WHILE serving our families and communities.

Could you explain why the media attention givenóbut never asked NOR participated in has anything to do with Irshad Nanji or Asra Nomani? Can you cook my dinner tonight? When my grass grows too long does anyone from the Jamaat you speak of send able bodied men to cut it for me? No, I must either cut it with my young daughters or, as it mostly the case, cut it myself, despite arthritis and high blood pressure, meanwhile I continue to pay the bills, pray to Allah for sanity and purity, while BEING in the struggle for Muslim women, including those women, like myself who are living the life of our foremother Hajar, who was abandoned by the very person the three faiths are named after, Abraham.

Please leave me out of your own writings to gain attention for your efforts. Seek your reward from Allah and leave me out. For surely you do unnecessary harm to me and my family, from just the basic needs of daily bread, while nothing will change about you, your family, your publications, your supporters or your faith in this finger pointing.


amina wadud

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