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Muslim Woman Protests Honors for Canadian Military : She Says:
Canadian Soldiers were Involved in Crimes against Somalis
Now Canada's Military is Supporting Aggression against Afghanistan

{This letter was addressed recently to the Imam of the mosque in London, Ontario, Canada, after Muslim "leaders" participated in Remembrance Ceremonies for Canadian military. A note on the Remembrance is attached.}

Dear imam Munir:


After reading the following news item at CIC bulletin, I was left with many questions and anger. I phoned the London Mosque three times, but kept on getting the answering machine. My father does not like me leaving my phone number to call back, so I did not leave a message. I asked many people if they knew who these characters are, who went to lay wreath on our behalf - and no one gave me a good answer. One sister told me the ALM was started by a few people,to support federal election of Salim Mansoor, who is despised by the London Moslem community for his attacks on Moslems, and my own home country
Pakistan. The same sister gave me your email address and asked me to write you since you are the imam of Islamic Centre and have influence on these people. I have prayed Taraweeh a few times and I liked your short speeches. I know you are a good person and you will give good advice.

There are many peace loving Canadians known to me who refused to wear the poppy flower on their lapels, because, they said, this time our Canadian forces are engaged in an unjust war against innocent people of Afghanistan. This being so, I was shocked to hear these characters whom we don't know, going to lay wreaths on behalf of Muslims, without the slightest regard for the wrong message they were sending to the Canadian public and also for disregarding the sentiments of Moslems in general. Did they get the permission of the community to do this? How? By what process? Who elected them? I didn't! My father and brother usually go to the mosque and they said they also never heard of this ALM!

Since you are an imam, what is the Islamic fatwa (yours and the imam of London Mosque) on laying such wreaths on non-Moslem soldiers who went to kill Moslems in Iraq, Somalia and now in Afghanistan? Major McKenzie was alleged of raping Moslem women in Bosnia. Have these people forgotten the fact that Moslem women were also raped in Somalia and some Moslems were roasted over fire (like they roast pigs) and the Canadian soldiers took pictures of their bestial act and recorded it for posterity and their sadistic pleasure?

Did these characters at least make a short speech to tell the people that the war on Afghanistan was unjust and our peace loving nation has become war mongering nation by the unholy alliance with the USA? Is their allegiance for Allah or some other power?

Please warn them of the desire for leadership without understanding the serious responsibility involved. This is what the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) warned us against when he said, "You will be very keen to be leaders, but you will regret it on the Day of Resurrection, for although it seems easy in the beginning, it becomes a hardship later on [literally: the breastfeeding is a luxury but weaning is miserable]." (Reported by al-Bukhari).

Mrs.. Mona Hussain
Sunday Nov. 11, 2001

For the first time ever in the history of London, Ontario, the city's
Muslims have participated in civic Remembrance Day cermonies. Mohammad
Osman Yassine, chair of the Association of London Muslims, accompanied
by representatives from ALM's board of directors, laid a wreath in
fron tof London's City Hall on Sunday Nov 11, 2001. The wreath was
distinguished by a prominent message which read:

"In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Blessed be those
Who lost their lives in pursuit of liberty for mankind."

The gathering was attended by about 5,000 people, with local MPs,
MPPs, the Mayor, and many distinguished civic and religious leaders
taking part.

Among the lineup of people viewing the ALM's wreath and taking photos
of the Remembrance Day display of memorials, several were observed
with tears on their cheeks as they read the message of fellow Muslim
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