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General Musharraf: "I am not a Traitor." I am only trying to help America Fight "Terrorism"
by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

In a far ranging interview with the BBC on September 11, Pakistan's General Musharraf presented himself as an expert in Islam. He claimed that Islam is a "peaceful" and "moderate" religion and has nothing to do with the "extremists" who are fighting against America.

At one time General Musharraf used to claim that all the people of Pakistan are with him and only "5%" who are "extremists" are against him. Now he has stopped making such claims as he is not welcome anywhere among the Pakistani masses.

General Musharref has come out with his real power base. He warned his opponents during the BBC interview: "All the generals are with me. No one should make a mistake about that." That sounds like a cornered rat hiding in the military cantonment.

In his capacity as "expert on Islam," Musharref declared that the Islamic governmental system of Khilafa "cannot be implemented in Pakistan."

In response to a taped message from Ayman al-Zawahiri, a leader of Al-Qaida, who had called Musharref a traitor, the General claimed: "I am not a traitor." He explained that he was only helping America to fight "terrorism." He ADMITTED FOR THE FIRST TIME, that he permitted USA to use two Pakistani air bases and Pakistani air space to bomb Afghanistan, in addition to cooperation in the areas of LOGISTICS, INFORMATION and INTELLIGENCE.

General Musharraf had claimed at one time that Osama bin Laden is dead. In the BBC interview, however, he said that Osama is hiding in the mountain ranges between Pakistan and Afghanistan. He added that Pakistani forces are trying to capture him.

He gave the old colonial explanation for the Islamic resistance: There is poverty and lack of education. He advised Muslims to avoid confrontation with the West and to focus on their beliefs. [The idea that resistance emerges from poverty and lack of education is a British idea which they used to justify their "civilizing mission" in Africa and India. None of the Islamic fighters today seem to be uneducated and poverty stricken, although many like Osama deliberately choose poverty to help the masses, based on the Prophet's Hadith: Poverty is my pride.]

Note: Poverty and lack of education (especially lack of religious education) actually helps America to recruit agents to track down Muslims. People who study religion and have faith do not usually help America.

[Br. Eric Meuller has translated for us the taped message of Ayman al-Zawahiri which was on Al-Jazeerah TV. Here is the segment of it aimed at Pakistanis.}
[Published for information only. Not for endorsement -Editor]

To our brother Muslims in Pakistan we say:

How long will you be patient with Musharraf, the traitor who sold out the blood of the Muslims in Afghanistan and handed over the Arab emigrant mujahideen, the descendants of the Companions of the Prophet, to crusader America? If it had not been for his treason, the lackey government in Kabul would not have been set up the government that has brought the Indians to the western borders of Pakistan.

He did not stop there but subjugated Pakistan's nuclear facilities to American inspection. He strangled the jihad in Kashmir and is striving to sell it out and then to recognize Israel, and all this for a handful of dollars that America stuffs in his pocket.

A person who sells out his religion will never sacrifice for anybody else. Therefore, let Pakistani officers and their men know that Musharraf will hand them over to the Indians as prisoners just as Yahya Khan handed Dakka to them and then fled abroad to enjoy his secret accounts.

The Muslims in Pakistan today must stand together in one rank to protect Pakistan from the crusader campaign that is forging an alliance with the Hindus against the Muslims.

Let those who have weak souls know that America does not return good to anyone and recognizes only its own interests. Let them know that America is forging an alliance with India against the Muslims in the Subcontinent. Move, Muslims in Pakistan, before you awaken from slumber to find Hindu soldiers bursting into your homes with the connivance of America.

2003-09-15 Mon 18:57ct