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Jamada al-Awwal 18, 1426/June 25, 2005 #49
New Trend Analysis

Iraqi Collaborator Ibrahim al-Jaafari's Visit with President Bush

June 23 and 24, 2005 was our first opportunity to look at Ibrahim al-Jafaari who is being presented as Iraq's Prime Minister. Here is new Trend's analysis of him: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Racism in America

Why was Nothing done for 41 Years? Why this timing?
Will Killen's Sentencing Fool the African American Community?

by Kaukab siddique

Suddenly the U.S. government dragged an 80 year old man out of his bed, convicted him for "manslaughter" in the murder of three African Americans 41 years back and sentenced him to 60 years in prison.
[He was brought to court in a wheel chair with an oxygen tube in his nose.]

Is the government trying to say that it wants justice for the oppressed people of America? If so, then the government officials who did not try a murderer for 41 years should be brought to trial. Who does not know that "justice delayed is justice denied."

If the man was a cold blooded murderer, it is not right to convict him only of "manslaughter." Then the 60 year sentence is an absurdity too when one realises that killen is 80 years old.

The question arises: what was the political motivation behind this show of justice? If the government is interested in justice, here are a few essentials: This constant harping on the events of the civil rights movement are a deception and a digression from the issues at hand.

Italy Uncovers Torture Link Between CIA & Egypt's Mubarak Regime

From New Trend's Media Monitor

CBS Evening News reported on June 2, 2005 that Italy has arrested 13 CIA agents. It appears that the CIA kidnaped an Islamic activist from Egypt, Abu Omar, in broad daylight, in Italy, and flew him to Germany and then to Cairo, Egypt. ABU OMAR WAS TORTURED in EGYPT for TWO YEARS. The euphemism "rendition" is used by the U.S. government for such activities which are a violation of international law and a crime against humanity owing to the torture involved.

This is the reality of the links between the corrupt Mubarak regime and the Bush administration. Now Mubarak is claiming that he is going to hold "free elections" in Egypt and has been endorsed by Ms. Condileeza Rice

Elements of the secularist "opposition" and the "Muslim Brotherhood" which sold out long ago are cooperating with Mubarak in this game of deception. The Islamic movement, led by Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, the blind scholar in a U.S. prison, is not part of this farce.

Egyptian-American Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar's Family Calls for Letters to Judge Asking for Leniency

[Dear Muslims: asalamu alaikum. Please read this letter from Br. Ahmed's attorney carefully and then write your letter. The letters should be sent to the attorney, not to the Judge, before August 1. Sentencing will be carried out in September - Editor's note.]
Kenneth Paul, attorney
666 third avenue new york, new york IOOI7
TEL. (212) 697-4090 FAX (2121 972-4654
June 8, 2005 
To the Friends of Ahmed Abdel Sattar
This firm represents Ahmed Abdel Sattar. As you may know by now, Ahmed has been found guilty of terrorism-related counts in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Mr. Sattar will appear in court again in September 27, 2005 to be sentenced by United States District Judge John G. Koeltl who has significant discretion in terms of the length and conditions of Ahmed's punishment. Of course, Judge Koeltl will impose a sentence that he believes to be fair and just, based on all the circumstances. With your assistance, however, we hope to convince the Court to impose a sentence at the lowest end of Ahmed's guideline range.
We are asking Ahmed's friends and acquaintances -- those who know him and his background best -- to address letters to Judge Koeltl, informing him of the high regard in which Ahmed is held in the community as well as by those who have come to know him well.

While you should certainly feel free to write whatever you honestly believe to be true about Ahmed, the following considerations might be helpful for you to keep in mind as you write your letter.

Your letter should be addressed to:
Hon. John G. Koeltl, U.S.D.J. United States Courthouse
500 Pearl Street, New York, New York 10007

We would appreciate your sending your letter to us, not directly to the Court, because we intend to collect and assemble all of the letters and to submit them all at the same time. The Court will undoubtedly find letters like yours easier to assimilate, as well as more meaningful and impressive, if they arrive at the same time, rather than piecemeal.

We also believe that there is a greater chance that a single letter sent directly to the Court can be overlooked or misplaced. We should receive your letter no later than August 1, 2005, as letters received after that date might be too late to help Ahmed.
Your letter should indicate at the outset that you are writing in connection with Ahmed Abdel Sattar's sentencing, and that you are aware that Ahmed has been found guilty. There is no point to be served by telling the Court that you believe that Ahmed is innocent, since he has already been found guilty. Instead, it is very important that Judge Koeltl appreciate that, despite your knowledge that Ahmed has been found guilty, you continue to hold him in high esteem.
Your letter should identify who you are and your position in the community; how and where you are employed, if you are, how long you have known Ahmed Abdel Sattar, and the circumstances of how you have come to know him. For example, you may be a relative, neighbor or business associate of Ahmed, or you may know him from religious activities, or because your children and his are or were playmates. It makes no difference so long as your identity and the nature of your relationship with Ahmed are clearly explained.
It would be most helpful to the Court, and therefore to Ahmed Abdel Sattar, if your letter reveals in detail specifically why you and others hold Ahmed in high esteem. If you can recall any particular incident or event that reveals Ahmed's good character, do not hesitate to describe it no matter how insignificant it might seem to you now. Often, it is just such seemingly minor incidents (e.g. helping you or your child when you needed it; assisting at work; participating in community or family events or in religious affairs) that capture the true character of a person. You should avoid, however, merely writing your unsupported conclusion that Ahmed is a good person, without giving the reasons why you think so.
Your letter does not have to be long, nor should you worry that your letter is too long. It need not be typewritten, so long as you write clearly, and only on one side of a page, however many pages you choose to write.
What is most important is that you write sincerely and truthfully.
Finally, a letter like the one we are asking you to write inevitably takes longer than you think, particularly if they are going to be meaningful.
We would therefore appreciate it if you would start drafting your letter immediately so that we will be sure to receive it by August 1, 2005. We must stress again that letters received after that date might be too late to help Ahmed.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please feel free to call me and I shall try to answer them. With your assistance, we are hopeful that Judge Koeltl will have sufficient knowledge about Ahmed's fine qualities and exemplary prior conduct, so that he will impose the fairest and most appropriate sentence in his case. In our view, Ahmed Abdel Sattar has earned and deserves lenient treatment from the Court.
Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.
Very truly yours,
Kenneth Paul, attorney
Taliban Resurgent

Media Reporting on the Return of the Taliban
U2s Do Not Crash by accident: It was returning from Afghanistan

by New Trend's Media monitor

U.S. media started reporting on the new fighting in Afghanistan in May 2005. Most of these reports are brief and indicate two aspects of the fighting: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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