He has declared victory (once again). My friends tell me that he is probably a Zionist agent (notice his connection with RAWA) and wants to make me waste my time on his scatterbrained allegations and accusations. Dear friends, try to understand why I waste my time on him. He is a wealthy Pakistani immigrant, well-established in the Baltimore area of the United States. He has collected a large number of Pakistani addresses and started a discussion group called 'Pakistan Forum." On this forum he repeatedly and abusively makes these points:
1. Hadith and Sunnah are unacceptable. (Here he repeats the stories written by missionaries, Jews and Perwaizis.)
2. All scholars who accept and teach Hadith are to be condemned.
2a. Hence ALL religious leaders of Pakistan are to be condemned because they all accept Hadith. (That's why I call his forum "Na-Pakistan Forum.")
3. Imam Bukhari was a "Criminal." (Here he distributes a bunch of fabrications from his friend Dr. Shabbir in Florida.)
4. He abuses Maulana Maudoodi and Jamaate Islami in particular. [RAWA, a communist group, is acceptable to him but not Jamaate Islami.]
5. He claimed that Kerbala never happened and debunked Tabari's history in which Kerbala is detailed. (S.M. probably stole this allegation from a well-known Sunni sectarian's book published in Pakistan and probably reproduced by Perwaizi types in America.)
6. Masjid al-Aqsa is not in Jerusalem. [This especially pleased the Zionists.]
In the meantime, he notices that my organization Jamaat al-Muslimeen and my publication New Trend (which he once supported) are making headway across America. So he decided to do a smear job on me. First he claimed that I am a Sunni and have insulted hazrat 'Umar (r.a.) and that I worship Bukhari. This didn't get him far because of the inherent incoherence of his claim. Then he brought up a quote from New Trend of two years back, torn out of context, to claim that I do not respect hazrat 'Umar (r.a.). The page number he gave was page 2. He forgot to tell readers that his own name appeared on page 4 of the same issue as member of the editorial committee. (He was not like this at that time. He has undergone some psychological setbacks which turned him against Islam.) The article I wrote was in answer to a Christian missionary's attack on the Qur'an on the issue of "Variants" in the Qur'an. I doubt if he even knows the meaning of "Variants in the Qur'an" but he still went ahead and made his allegations. This attack BROUGHT OUT ANOTHER SNAKE IN THE GRASS: YAHYA OF ININ. Yahya of ININ is not a scholar of Hadith or of Islam by any stretch of the imagination. He simply distributes articles written and published by others. AT ONE TIME I CRITICIZED MUSLIMS WHO SUPPORTED THE BUSH CAMPAIGN. These persons happened to be Yahya's friends/paymasters. He immediately started sending me abusive emails defending the Muslims supporting Bush. EVENTS PROVED THAT I WAS CORRECT IN MY ANALYSIS AND BUSH TURNED OUT TO BE THE WORST ENEMY OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD. Instead of openly accepting his error, Yahya went into a clever retreat and started distributing Islamic info as if he had never supported the pro-Bush Muslims. Now, his accusations were a godesend for him. YAHYA HAS NOT EVEN SEEN THE ARTICLE HE IS REFERRING TO but as soon as YAHYA of ININ saw his abuse, he started distributing it. Like him, he has collected many addresses for his ININ and can be quite effective in spreading lies and accusations.
He then went on to talk about hazrat 'Ayesha's (r.a.) age. He is not willing to admit that whatever he knows of the issue is from a book I reviewed and which is on my web site: under Hadith. [He refers to this book in his "last rites" statement.] Dishonest as he is in his intellectual pursuits, he is not willing to accept the fact that the only article in English on the subject is in my words on my web site. I PLAYED A LITTLE WITH HIM TO BRING OUT THE FACT THAT ISLAMIC ISSUES CANNOT BE DISCUSSED WITHOUT ACCEPTANCE OF HADITH. He cannot move even an inch because the ONLY source for hazrat 'Ayesha's name is Hadith, not the Qur'an. [Early Islamic history also comes from Hadith and hadith about history is WEAKER in its credentials than Hadith on FARAID, AHKAM, etc.] Notice his parting shot. This I think is the sign of the MUNAFIQ. He writes: "With his current mindset, my friends, it is quite possible that Mr. Kaukab may travel to Pakistan and find an old man willing to unload his burden to give Mr. Kaukab a less than 'young wife.' Perhaps he is mentally preparing himself for that." I could pay him back in kind by talking about his wife and daughters but I want readers to see the difference between one who follows the example of the Prophet (pbuh) and one who does not. He is obviously so full of hate for Islam and Muslims that he could not help making a personal remark about my family. He has done the same for many other people: in fact this was his way of removing dissenters from his Na-Pakistan Forum. He would launch such an abusive personal insult that decent people would leave. Finally, serious readers should understand that the PROPHET (pbuh) is an example for all people for all times. He married women who were older than him as well as those nearer his age. In some circumstances, to help the helpless, child marriage is a blessing. The hadith permit child marriage but give the girl the right to end the marriage when she is mature. Such marriages do not involve sex. The "husband" is more of a guardian than a sexual partner. In the perfect, wealth-protected world of his, such a marriage is an abomination but ask the people who want such marriages to be accepted for the sake of the children. In the Qur'an polygamy, for instance, is permitted. That does not mean that it is unrestricted. Nor does that mean that every Muslim man will have four wives (though such charges are made by missionaries). Similarly in some circumstances, child marriage is permitted. The Qur'an gave hazrat 'Ayesha (r.a.) and other wives of the Prophet (pbuh) A CHOICE to stay with the Prophet (pbuh) or leave him with full honor and worldly recompense. This is very clear in the Qur'an but I don't want to make it easy for him HE STILL NEEDS A TEACHER, desperately.

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