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CIA Agent Musharraf Gets $3 Billion To Continue Anti-Islam Work in Pakistan
Bush Hails Musharraf as "A Courageous Leader"

Report by Buut Shikan [Idol Breaker]

June 24, 2003: President Bush hosted his favorite Pakistani, coup leader Pervez Musharraf, at Camp David. Addressing journalists, Bush declared that Musharraf is "a courageous leader." An aid package of $3 billion was awarded by Bush to Musharref for his great work in helping America to fight "terrorism."

Musharref looked flustered, somewhat like a servant who has been pushed around by his master. He announced that he has no idea about the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden and said that Osama could be anywhere on either side of the frontier. [Only a year back, Musharref had declared that Osama was probably dead.]

Bush brusquely announced that the F-16s Pakistan paid for years back would not be given to Pakistan.


The U.S. government has tried to hide One and a Half Billion dollars, out of the $3 billion announced, under the label of "educational development." One would think that Bush wants Pakistanis to be better educated. However, CNN commentary coming out of the White House stated the real purpose of this money. It is AIMED AT CONTROL and TRANSFORMATION of the Islamic schools known as Medressas. For years, the Zionists who control America have been complaining that the Medressas are run by "wahhabis" and are producing young men focused on Jihad against India, Israel and the U.S.

["Wahhabi" in Zionist terminology means a Muslim who strictly adheres to the Qur'an and the Hadith. It simply means a real Muslim untainted by western mythologies.]
Clash on Afghan-Pakistan Border as Musharraf's Troops Try to Seal Border in Mohmand Agency

In coordination with Musharraf's visit to his boss in Washington, 2,000 troops of Pakistan's Frontier Corp invaded the Mohmand Agency and set up eight check posts on the Afghan border to stop the movement of Islamic resistance forces fighting America.

On June 21 and 22 there were clashes between Musharraf's troops and an Islamically inclined tribe named Khuga Khel which lives on both sides of the border. The section of this tribe living on the Afghan side challenged the Pakistani advance at Anargi Kandow. Musharref's forces attacked with artillery, mortars and helicopter gunships. The Islamic tribesmen replied with machine guns and mortars (probably supplied by the Taliban?). One Pakistani mercenary trooper was killed and two injured. Two Islamists of the Khuga Khel are also reported martyred. Fighting continues as we go to press.

COMMENT: The Pakistan army exists to defend Pakistan against its powerful adversary, India. However, NOT ONE PAKISTANI SOLDIER has sacrificed his life on the Pakistan-India-Kashmir borders since 2001. Instead the army, fattened by the sacrifices of Pakistan's masses, is busy serving America on the Afghan frontier.

Also on June 23, Afghan mercenaries armed by the U.S., along with Italian troops, manning a check post at Mashe Kandow just inside the Afghan-Pakistan border [on the Afghan side] were attacked by the Taliban with rocket fire.

The check post was set ablaze and 5 Afghan mercenaries armed by the U.S. were killed. Losses suffered by the Italians were not revealed. Five U.S. helicopters arrived and searched the area for the Taliban but could not find them
Source for both news items: Daily Nawai Waqt of Lahore

According to wire services (June 24), the legendary Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, has announced a Jihad Council of ten persons which will coordinate resistance to drive out the U.S. and other crusaders who are propping up the corrupt regime of Hamid Karzai. Taliban pin pricks against the occupation forces are now a daily occurrence in Afghanistan. It appears that the green banners of Islam are emerging as the Pashtun and other fighters once again take on a world power, but this time with great care to avoid deadly attacks by the heroic U.S. air force.
Musharraf and his Generals Obtained Land at Throwaway Prices: Corruption Exposed

Following a report in the daily Nawa-e-Waqt, M.D. Tahir, a Pakistani attorney, filed a writ in the High Court that the Board of Revenue be ordered to reveal acquisitions of land by General Musharraf and other Pakistani generals. Finally, under court order, the Board of Revenue has revealed that the Pakistani coup leader Pervez Musharraf has indeed obtained land in District Bahawapur and other parts of Punjab at prices as LOW AS Rs. 380 to Rs. 1000 PER ACRE. [Rs.58 equal one dollar.]

Others who have received land at these throwaway prices are:
General Aziz Khan
General Moinuddin Haider
General Iqbal
General Javed
General Zulfiqar
General Irshad Moeen
These are among a total of 62 senior and 50 junior Pakistani military officers who have taken advantage of military rule to obtain land.

The Board of Revenue, however, made it very clear that it could not be blamed for the allotments of land because the DECISIONS WERE MADE SECRETLY IN THE GHQ (General Headquarters of the Pakistani army).
[Source: Daily Nawa-e-Waqt, Lahore, June 24.]

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