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In a smear story seemingly aimed at the destruction of Imam ‘Umar's economic base and the denial of job opportunities to him, the Wall Street Journal published a story on February 5, 2003 which has the following headlines:
"Captive Audience
How a Chaplain
Spread Extremism
To an Inmate Flock

Radical New York Imam Chose
Clerics for State Prisons;
Praise for 9/11 'Martyrs'

Saudi Arabia's Helping Hand"

[All those are on page one, top left. Then the ENTIRE page A13 is devoted to the same story with the headline: "How a Muslim Cleric Spread Extremism in Prisons."]

If you would like to protest, call the Wall Street Journal at: 212-416-2000
It seems that the Zionist media are out to smear anyone whose viewpoint does not fit into the government version. We are waiting for Imam ‘Umar's response before we comment further.
Colin Powell's 'Show and Tell' was Full of Holes
by our Iraq monitor

First the show and then the spin! CNN displayed the front page of the Jerusalem Post which claimed that Powell's performance in the Security Council was "irrefutable." Most observers found Powell's show unconvincing and even ridiculous. It appeared as if the Secretary General had put together a patchwork of itty bitty anecdotes which were supposed to create a pattern. Let's look at some of his claims:
1. One of his main points was that Iraq has "mobile laboratories" for WMDs. Mr. Powell offered diagrammatic reconstructions of large trucks or lorries supposedly used for such labs. Obvious question: If there are such "mobiles" why does the U.S. not have an aerial photo of them? Why the dummy drawings?
2. Aerial photos of storage areas were shown with LABELS stuck on the photos telling us WHAT THOSE PLACES WERE SUPPOSED TO BE. In real life, buildings do not have labels stuck on like that! In other words, the audiences were being told what to believe about those buildings and those trucks. [So now if Iraq has any storage place and uses trucks to take things out of it, we are to believe that it's a place for WMDs because the CIA stuck a label on its photo!]
3. The CIA had prepared for Mr. Powell a collage of "phone conversations" between Iraqi officers. [These were actually quite funny the way they were dubbed in English.] Now, these conversations might have taken place anytime between 1991 and 1998. Powell insisted they were recent. One showed that an officer was going to evacuate a "modified" vehicle. It was not clear how that was supposed to be a crime. Another "conversation" had the words "nerve gas" conveniently inserted in it.
3a. Such conversations can easily be fabricated. The CIA has no lack of Arab agents who are willing to play any role against their own people. The FBI has been recruiting at "Islamic" conventions in America.
4. Most unconvincing was the attempted connection with Al-Qaida. It appears that northeastern Iraq has a group known as Ansar al-Islam which is sympathetic to Jihad. Unfortunately for Mr. Powell's argument, Saddam Hussain is not in control of that part of Iraq. If anyone is to be blamed for the development of an Islamic movement there, it is America's Kurdish puppets and agents who have not been able to defeat the Muslims.
4a. Then there is the case of al-Zarqawi. His crime: after being wounded by American bombing in Afghanistan, he dared to get medical treatment in Baghdad. So now if a Muslim opposes America and gets treated in Iraq, that makes Iraq a terrorist state connected to Al-Qaida. That must be the most preposterous argument for war in a long time. Hitler's friend Goebbels would have smiled at that, seemingly a story right out of the Jewish repository of "evidence" and "guilt by assocation" which is now commonplace on the U.S. media.
5. Again and again we hear the accusation that 'Saddam gassed his own people.' No imparial investigation has every been carried out to prove any such gassing. The attack on Halabja is available only on an Iranian wartime propaganda video. [Ironically, at that time the U.S. was on the side of Iraq.]

A Jewish organization known as Human Rights Watch, coming out of New York, and people like Hitchens throw around charges of "mass murder" of Kurds by Saddam. Nothing of the sort has ever been proven by any Islamic or world court agency. First the Shah of Iran and later (post Gulf War) the U.S. instigated segments of the Kurds to rise up with weapons. The rebellions were crushed. How can Iraq be blamed for crushing armed rebellion? The U.S. did not spare "rebels" in WACO who had weapons INSIDE their compound. Should Saddam have said to the Kurds: You have USA supporting you, so I'll let you overthrow my government.
[Many Kurds support Saddam, as the recent parade of 50,000 volunteers in Mosul showed.]

Mr. Powell glibly accuses Saddam of brutalities. By comparison, the U.S. has suffered ONLY ONE attack on its mainland and the citizens of this great country have already lost one fourth of their rights. Iraq has been under threat from the U.S., Britain, NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran. There is hardly any trick in subversion which has not been used against Iraq.
1. Forty two days of bombing by the U.S. and NATO, with tens of thousands of civilian casualties.
2. Destruction of Iraq's infrastructure by U.S. bombing.
3. U.N-U.S. embargo and sanctions which have led to more than two million civilian deaths, mainly children, according to UN statistics.
4. Steady attempts to lure away Iraq's scientists and elites.
4a. Alleged distribution of fake money by the CIA on a huge scale inside Iraq.
5. Numerous bombing and missile attacks by the U.S. after the Gulf War ended.
6. The CIA has infiltrated the length and breadth of Iraq, so much so that it even succeeded in recruiting Saddam's sons-in-law, whom he then lured back and slew.)

Is it a surprise that Saddam has struck back ruthlessly at his enemies?

Mr. Powell should have been the last person preaching war against Iraq. He has betrayed the people of America who have been demonstrating in the streets in every city denouncing the war of Bush-Rumsefeld-Wolfowitz-Perle-Lieberman.

It's a Jewish war. Mr. Powell should have stayed out of it. He is simply being used. Looks like he has not listened to what the African-American people are saying - what Belafonte and Baraka and Farrakhan have said - even what Jesse Jackson and Sharpton have said.

2003-02-08 Sat 09:03ct