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Rajab 6, 1426/August 12, 2005 #62

Salman Rushdie surfaced following the crackdown on Muslims in Britain. In an article published in the Times of London, August 11, 2005, he advised Muslims to "combat jihadi ideologues" and declared that "even the sacred has to adapt to realities."
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Jewish Hand Behind Sudan Hate Propaganda: AntiSemitism or Fact?

After the death of Col. Garang and 4 days of rioting in Khartoum, Sudan is holding on to the peace process. However, those who want to destroy Sudan are not ready to give up. On August 12, 2005 the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC held a one-sided anti-Sudan, anti-Islam program to vilify the Sudanese people. The participants were largely Jews and they listened to speakers known for their slanted views on the conflict in Darfur. The program was chaired by a Jewish student named Sarah Weisman and the speakers were John Prendergast, Ken Bacon, Gayle Faith and Julie Flint, well-known for their hatred of Sudan and Islam.

As the program went on, it was not difficult to see why the views of these people are so slanted. Julie Flint, a well travelled journalist, revealed that she "travelled for five weeks with the SLA," the armed group of rebels which has been on the rampage in Darfur. She saw five armed clashes between SLA and another rebel group known as JEM. It never occurred to her that the situation in Darfur is connected to the armed rebellion and the conflict within the rebel groups. Instead she blames Khartoum for quelling the rebellion.

It's quite clear that these people are not humanitarians but instigators of rebellion. Prandergast insisted on the need to bring about "unity among rebel groups" in Darfur to make them effective against the Islamic government. He went to the extent of claiming that the induction of troops from African countries into Darfur by the African Union [OAU] "has undermined human rights." He tried to denigrate the African troops, thus indirectly calling for direct U.S. intervention. Ken Bacon, supposedly from a refugee organization is so antagonistic to Sudan that he was fuming at the respect shown to the Sudanese foreign minister during recent talks.

Earlier a fashionable young African woman was introduced as a "survivor of the Rwanda genocide" who is very concerned about the "genocide" in Darfur. She talked English with a perfect British university accent and could not possibly have been in Africa for a very long time. Evidently, she has nothing to do with Rwanda or Darfur.

The purpose of these "genocide" stories was revealed inadvertently by journalist Julie Flint. She said that she was trying to "get Arabs involved" in the Darfur situation, because she has friends in Lebanon and Syria, so that Arabs will "shut up about Iraq" and Afghanistan. Thus the Rwanda and Sudan stories are meant to be countervailing propaganda against the U.S. atrocities in the countries it has occupied. These are White people claiming to be in love with Darfur: Prendergast, Bacon, Flint and Faith!

Muslim Will Debate Islam Hater

I am inviting everyone to listen to me debate Robert Spencer August 15 from 5:06-5:45 PM Central Time (6:06 Eastern) on the Dave Glover show on 97.1 FM http://www.971talk.com

I encourage everyone to call in. Spencer is the author of " A Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades" and operates the website http://jihadwatch.org

Spencer is a well know Muslim-hater and is featured regularly on right-wing hate radio. This debate will be on a Fox affiliate show the Dave Glover Show.
Please listen and call in Insh'Allah.

Umar Lee


Dr. Kaukab Siddique was invited by the O'Reilly Show [Fox TV] to discuss the London bombings. The invitation was rejected because O'Reilly refuses to publish Siddique's critiques of his show. The O'Reilly show is a forum for the host's extreme right wing Islam-hating diatribes and does not provide scope for understanding of the Islamic viewpoint.

Cindy Sheehan vs Bush: Jews Should be questioned.

The mother of a U.S. soldier who was killed in Iraq is camped out in front of President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. Nearly fifty peace activists have joined her there. She wants to know directly from the President why he went to war in Iraq. The President is hedging.

With all due respect, we Muslims in America urge Ms. Sheehan to question the Jewish lobby which handles Bush. The Iraq war was organized by Paul Wolfowitz and other U.S. Jews in cahoots with Israeli Likud warmomger Benjamin Netanyahu. Their plans predated 9.11.
Sign of our Times:

Israeli Retreat from Gaza : Does it Signal the Coming Defeat of Zionism?

by New Trend's Mid-East Monitor

"Israel will never leave Jerusalem and we will connect it irreversibly to the rest of Israel."
[Sharon, quoted by the BBC, August 11, 2005.]

Israel is finally ready to withdraw from Gaza. If it does not withdraw now, its own allies, Bush and Blair, will see it as a liability in their attempts to stabilize their surrogates in Muslim countries. Analysts say that the Israelis are being defeated by two factors which undermined the entire strategy of terror used by the Jewish state.

Firstly, the Jews were unable to make the Palestinians their slaves. They tried very hard by throttling the Palestinian economy, by controlling Palestinian freedom of movement, by setting up ruthlessly enforced checkpoints and by killing Palestinian children and youths by the hundreds. The Palestinians' WILL to LIVE as a free people survived decades of state terrorism carried out by the most powerful military force in the Middle East.
[Hundreds of impoverished and alienated Palestinians became collaborators, demeaning themselves by spying for the occupiers, but the majority refused to cooperate.]

Secondly, a steady stream of young Palestinians joined Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs brigade. The Islamic resistance was targeted by Israeli hit squads which murdered scores of leaders in an attempt to leave the secular leadership in control.

The Islamic groups provided a new weapon to the unarmed and defenseless Palestinian people: the "suicide bomber" [known as the martyrdom operator in the Muslim world], the most hated element of the resistance in the American media. The Israelis tried very hard, worldwide, to discredit the martyrdom operators but to no avail. Skilful propaganda was used to focus on those targets of the 'suiciders' which would arouse outrage, such as the attack on a pizza parlor, but to leave out attacks which successfully hit Israeli miitary personnel, on and off duty.
[Americans love pizza, so the pizza parlor attack became a favorite to arouse outrage.]

The U.S. media very carefully NEVER showed the killing of Palestinian children and civilians by the Israelis. Even the murder of Shaikh Yasin was justified by the Zionist media. The Shaikh, a quadripalegic, was coming out of the Gaza mosque after Fajr prayers in his WHEEL CHAIR, when, with the help of a collaborator, the Israelis fired a missile into his wheel chair.
[According to the U.S. media, Shaikh Yasin was a terrorist and this Israeli act was justified, as were all others murders committed by the Israelis.]

However, as an avowed Zionist Hirsch Goodman admitted, the young "suicide" bombers made the life of the Israelis uncertain, and in addition kept radicalizing the Palestinian people, so that Sharon realized Israel was losing.

What's remarkarkable is the fact that in spite of concerted worldwide propaganda by the Zionist media, which often persuaded Muslims in some countries to denounce the "suicide bombers," the Palestinians themselves unflinchingly continued to honor and exalt their young martyrs.

[As the Prophet's, pbuh, Companion Khalid ibn al-Walid, r.a., said to the forces of the Roman Empire opposing Islam, you cannot defeat Muslims because they love death as much you love life.]

Analysts say that demonstrations by the Jewish settlers in Gaza and their supporters in Israeli occupied cities show that these thugs have been so pampered by the U.S. and International Jewry that they don't realize they are criminals and are seen the world over as the scum of humanity. They don't realize that they forcibly occupied a land which was not theirs and terrorized the people to whom the land belonged. They carried on their barbaric activities for decades, living comfortably in subsidized housing while the people they had dispossessed lived in extreme poverty.

Now, instead of being punished for their crimes, they are going to be "compensated" by the U.S. to the tune of FIVE BILLION DOLLARs. Even Sharon is getting tired of their stupidity.
Islamic Woman from Post Industrial Society Advises Iraqi women:

Sharia Protects Muslim Families from Predatory Western Corporations.
A Response to Zainab Salbi from Anisa Abd el Fattah.

We need to make it clear here that Islam does not present any threat whatsoever to women's rights. If there is a threat existing to women's rights in Iraq, it is coming from tribal traditions and culture, not Islam. The Sharia law, Quran and Sunnah, in no way deprives women of rights, nor does it violate women's rights. It is too bad that not enough emphasis is being placed upon the difference between cultural and tribal traditions and the actual Shariah law, and its primary sources, Quran and Sunnah. If that were to happen, what we would find is that laws that have resulted in unfair treatment deemed harmful to women and societies, do not originate in Islam. Islam does recognize the difference between men and women, and it also sets some priorities for Muslim societies. These priorties are not unique to Islamic societies or law, and are found primarily in laws, even non religious laws adopted by governments, that are aimed at preserving and protecting families, and especially women and children, since these are by far the most vulnerable and also important members of familes.


The United Nations has opposed Islamic law and traditions for this reason, and in its Draft Platform for Action, called for the elimination of all religion for this reason and purpose. The UN, working on behalf of the transnational corporatists who run the US and European governments, and through the international Feminist movement, claims that religion, and religious cultures and traditions are barriers to women's economic empowerment and women's inclusion as equal citizens in societies. What this really means is that traditional family structures, which were first identified through religious doctrine, have prevented corporations from having the desired access to women and children to exploit them as cheap labor. In societies where religious laws protect women and children with laws and traditions that are not suited to slave labor, the law is said to be oppressive and repressing women, but this is not true. Whereas Islam does not prohibit women from working outside the home, it conditions such activity on agreement between the husband and wife, father and daughter, etc. This is what the UN and transnational corporatists disagree with. Under the guise of "women's liberation" they hope to break down the family structure by destroying chains of authority in societies, respect for authority, and also social and family priorities etc. They want to do this to make money the god that dictates all reason and cause for every decision made. In other words, it is as the feminist the late Bella Abzug put it at the UN's 4th World Conference on Women, "its economics stupid." Of course since the banks, and corporations control money, once money becomes the primary dictator, its controllers become false gods. We begin to live to please them, rather than to please God. People begin to make all of their decisions based upon the desire for money. Remember that Satan is a liar. Just as he got our father Adam out of the garden with a promise of eternal life and a kingdom, the modern day Satan makes the same promise. He is promising modernization, but only in exchange for eliminationg God as your authority, and replacing Him with money and greed. This is a false choice. There can be economic development and modernization without eliminating religion, and deconstructing socities to appease the UN or the transnational corporations. Islam is not a barrier to modernization and economic development.

The author of the article to which I am responding says she has years of experience working with women in Muslim in post conflict societies. I have 50 years of experience with life, and years of experience with women in post industrial societies. The pressure being put upon the Muslim world to "liberate women" and the ideology that opposes religion and religious tradition has already visited the United States and Europe. One need only look at the devastation it has caused on our societies to understand its real aim, and potential for harm.

People in the West seriously hurt by Corporate Power.

People in the West have awakened and are now taking steps to undo the harm done to our societies by the naivete demonstrated by our governments, who fell prey to the idea that greater numbers of people working meant greater production, greater consumption, and better quality of life. We now know that it really means huge corporate executive salaries, minimum and slave wages, long hours working, no regulations to protect workers, the break up of Labor Unions, deconstruction of women, and construction of neither male nor female entities, and homosexuality and legalization of same sex marriage. It results in destruction of families and marriages, increases in divorce, increased conflict, tension and competition rather than cooperation between men and women in societies and great harm to children. Population control and forced contraception and abortion are also a part of this equation. For information on the organized US effort to return our country to pre-modernization standards of morality, and to reinstitute laws that protect women and families, Google, "The Natural Family Manifesto" and read it. It is in various languages for non-English readers.

The Muslim world doesn't have to make the mistakes that we made in the West. Modernization does not have to come at the expense of religion, families, morality, and justice. I suggest that the people of Iraq pay careful attention to what Allah says, more so than to what the UN or others say. We should be guided by a desire to please God, and not to please the UN, or the transnational corportations who are waiting to enter the enter the Muslim world under the gusie of development, and modernization, when their real aim is cheap labor, the break down of tradition and authority, and the demise of the family. Islam is not a barrier to women's rights. Islam is not a barrier to economic development and modernization.

People in the West have caught on, and are fighting back; that is why the corporatists are shopping for new societies to devastate. Please protect the Muslim world. Make the corporations deal with the Muslim world on Islamic terms and the Muslim world will prosper.
Anisa Abd el Fattah is the founder and Chairwoman of the National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW). She was the author of the ISNA/CAIR response to the UN Draft Platform for Action, and was invited to attend the UN's 4th World Conference on Women, which was held in 1995 in Beijing, China, as an observer for the International Right to Life Federation.

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