Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulqi'dah 1, 1425/December 13, 2004 #121
Fatima Zahra (r.a.), the beloved daughter of Muhammad (pbuh), the woman of Paradise, was on the battlefield of Uhud, working as a physician and tending to his wound when the Prophet (pbuh) was injured.
[See Hadith in Sahih Bukhari, kitab al-Maghazi and Sahih Muslim, kitab al-Jihad.]
Today many Muslim men think women should not participate in militant activities even in the mosque!
NEWS FLASH: December 13.


Both NPR and Al-Jazeerah report that the U.S. had to drop 10 bombs 500 pounds each on Islamic resistance in Fallujah. The mujahideen attacked AMERICA'S BEST, the marines, and killed 7 of them. The marines retreated and called in air support. The U.S. TV cable channels admitted, but only in passing, that the marine deaths were in Fallujah. Earlier FOX TV admitted that Red Crescent supply column had to leave Fallujah as street fighting broke out on December 11.
[Br. Rafe of California was right; This is the ISLAMIC STALINGRAD!]


Assalaamu alaykum!

I wish to include a halal restaurant guide in the site I am building, International Muslim Bazaar (http://spencer-majeed.com). At this point, just a listing; no ratings; no cost. A convenience for Muslims traveling in places like the US where halal food is not pervasive. Please supply: NAME, STATE, CITY, PHONE NUMBER, URL, EMAIL. Please do not recommend a place you think questionable for any reason. JAZA'KULLAH KHAIR.

Na'im AbdurRafi
http://naimabdurrafi.org--Na'im AbdurRafi is the CLEAR CHOICE!

Calabar Imports

Calabar Imports is a specialty gift shop retailing imported home furnishings, unique jewelry, distinct fashion items and brand cosmetics in Brooklyn. We offer African, Asian and South American items this Christmas.
Calabar Imports is an idea that evolved and was tested at Black Expo, Street Fairs and various locations across New York and Connecticut at the beginning of summer 2004 into the fall 2004...Now it's a reality.

We are located at:
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Shop Telephone: 718-638-4288 
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Thanks, Atim Oton and Heloise Oton
MEDIA MONITOR [slightly tongue in cheek]. [Quite a collection of eyeopening news.] [Remember, we love our semitic cousins, the Jews [as much as they love us]. So any criticism of Jews is aimed at their behavior, rather than their race.]

Behind the Facade of Law:

Bernard Kerik, hero of 9.11, former New York's Police Commissioner, was supposed to take over as Homeland Security chief. President Bush was enthusiastic about the appointment. Suddenly Kerik resigned. He says he had a nanny for his children whose immigration papers were not in order and taxes for her were not paid.
[In polite language, he had hired an "illegal immigrant.".]
Thus this defender of the Law was violating his country's law. Muslims have been deported for less. He should at least have been arrested. The FIRST CNN report on Kerik said that he went to Iraq after the invasion and made MILLIONS of dollars. However, the report was not repeated and the focus remains on the nanny story. Why would a 9.11 hero go to Iraq when Iraq was not involved in 9.11? One answer seems to be that he wanted to take revenge from any and all Muslims.

TWIN TOWERS MONEY: You Can't keep a Jew down!

A JEWISH MAN will get BILLIONS of dollars as insurance compensation for Twin Towers.
Weinstein, the owner of the Towers, fought in court to make sure that the attack on the Towers should be seen as two attacks, not one. He won! He will get billions for one and billions for the other. Such good businessmen, these Jews. They make money while other people get killed. Would you call it blood money?


The U.S., under U.N. cover, clamped an embargo and sanctions on Iraq. When Iraqi children started dying by the tens of thousands, the U.S., under U.N. cover, brought in a "food for oil" program. Iraq's oil would be sold and the proceeds would go to:
  1. Fund the American enclave in Kurdistan.
  2. Pay damages to Kuwait.
  3. Give a little to Iraqis too so that criticism of the sanctions may be defelected.
Now there is a scandal going on. Looks like Saddam connived with the UN men on the ground to skim money from "food for oil" program. All kinds of accusations are being made to blame Saddam. Was he taking the money for himself? Yes, the Zionist media say, he made palaces for himself.
False, our observers say. The palaces were made before the "oil for food" program.
Look at the list of accusations and one has to admit what a great fighter Saddam was. He used the money to help the families of Palestinian martyrs. Secondly he used the money to prepare for the guerrilla warfare which is making life difficult for the U.S. forces in Iraq.
HAIL SADDAM! He never betrayed his people and his country. The Jews know that and hence hate him beyond measure.
[Guess who is in charge of investigating the "oil for food" scam? It is Mr. Volker [spelling?] who also carried out the "investigation" which netted International Jewry millions of dollars from Swiss bank accounts.]
The "oil for food" investigation was also used by the U.S. to pressure Kofi Annan. Annan was attacked by Judith Miller of the New York Times
[Jewish reporter, Jewish paper: surprise ?].
Annan's son was targeted without evidence. Annan succumbed, the U.S. relented and now it is said that he will be more amenable to U.S. moves in Iraq. He had become too critical in his remarks.
On the first anniversary of his capture, Dec. 13, CNN reported, SADDAM SPENDS HIS TIME IN PRISON READING THE QUR'AN. The mujahid President made it possible for his people to resist. Perhaps from his prison he can hear the sounds of the martyrdom operations against the U.S. occupation forces.

An Effective Way of Holding Elections! [LOL!]

All of USA's 19,000 occupation troops launched a military operation [December 11] in southern Afghanistan. The purpose is to destroy the Taliban in preparation for "parliamentary elections" in Afghanistan in the spring.
[President Bush should have tried this in Ohio instead of cheating in Black majority counties.
With tanks rolling and guns blazing, there would have been no need to lock polling booths in Black majority counties.]
With Thanks to Br. Sa'ad, Arizona

IMAGINE the News if a MUSLIM Mother and SON had Done This! {You Probably didn't Hear of these Multi-Million Dollar Jewish Criminals}
She Stole from her Own Synagogue Big Time!

Following in Mom's Footsteps, All the Way to Jail?
Dec 10, Reuters

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - U.S. federal prosecutors charged a man on Thursday with embezzling more than $10 million from a company where he was chief financial officer, one year after his bookkeeper mother was convicted of stealing $1.3 million from a synagogue.

Denis Schusterman was accused of siphoning money from Kimber Manufacturing, a firearms company in Yonkers, New York, to his own bank account, according to U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan of the eastern district of Pennsylvania.

His mother Betty Schusterman is serving a 51-month federal prison sentence in Danbury, Connecticut, after being convicted last year of participating in the theft from Temple Sinai in Dresher, Pennsylvania, between 1991 and 2000.

Denis Schusterman, formerly of Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, used the money to produce three movies, start a financial services firm, and purchase a $2.2 million home in California, the prosecutor said.

PALESTINE Violence : A MISTAKE ['ours'] vs TERRORISM ['theirs'] [School vs Tunnel under Jews.]

On December 11, the Israelis fired a tank shell into a Palestinian school in Gaza injuring dozens of Palestinian children. First the Israelis denied the attack
[perhaps the little children did it themselves]
and then said that they would 'investigate.'
On December 12, the Palestinian Islamic resistance blew up an Israeli military post on the Egyptian border, killing 5 Israeli troops, wounding 10.
[Allahu Akbar, wa lillahil hamd!].
The Israelis and the U.S. media immediately claimed that it was an "act of terror!" They simply ignored the trouble the Islamists must have taken to dig under the Jewish occupation unit and then blowing it up with such accuracy. Come on, Jewish boys, give credit where its due. Don't call everything 'terrorism.' You are losing credibility even in America.
[Under international law, a people under occupation have the right to hit back in whatever way they can.]
From our Pakistan Observer

MQM & Musharraf Regime Try to Counter Jamaate Islami [MMA] in Karachi

On November 28, 2004 tens of thousands of people gathered in Karachi's Nishtar Park to listen to speeches by Islamic coalition leaders [MMA] led by Jamaate Islami. The speakers denounced General Musharraf's grab for power and his determination to retain his military position. It was a hopeful day for Karachi because Urdu-speaking Islamic leadership was challenging the Urdu-speaking pro-Musharraf pro-U.S. government imposed on Karachi.

On December 5, MQM held its own meeting in Nishtar Park . It was publicized as a "historic gathering" and had the full backing of the Musharraf regime. MQM spent its entire force to whip up the Urdu-speaking population's emotions. The transportation system of various government departments was put at the disposal of MQM to bus in government workers and laborers to fill the grounds of Nishtar Park. Police trucks were bringing in paid "participants." The efforts failed to match the Islamic rally of November 28. The meeting started very late owing to attempts to bring people in to make a large crowd.
The MQM gathering was addressed by its leader Altaf Hussain on telephonic-video link from London, England. He openly attacked the ideology of Pakistan. Some of the claims he made were:
  1. The creation of Pakistan was a mistake.
  2. Mohomed Ali Jinnah [Quaide Azam] himself nullified Pakistan by telling India's Muslims to be loyal to India. They should all have been allowed to come to Pakistan.
  3. Iqbal never dreamed of Pakistan.
    [Altaf Hussain ridiculed Iqbal in a crude way.]
  4. The Control Line in Kashmir should be declared the international frontier to end the Kashmir issue.
COMMENT: Altaf Hussain is General Musharraf's main ally in Pakistan and has a few thousand hard core followers in some areas of the strategic and key city. Karachi is a vast city with a population of more than 14 million. However, with Altaf's fanning of linguistic and ethnic hatred, the population is divided, with most people absorbed in the struggle for economic survival. It appears that Musharraf and USA have a ready made "northern alliance" and a Karzai waiting for the conflict to break out openly in Pakistan.
Musharraf has handed over the Karachi government to MQM gangsters well versed in the art of murder and terror.


On December 7 at 4 AM, the sector gang leader of MQM for the "Lines area" of Karachi, with 12 armed terrorists attacked the local offices of Jamaate Islami. The assailants first carried out prolonged firing in the area to terrify the local population. Then they broke the locks of Jamaate Islami offices and ransacked the three story building which houses a free medical dispensary and a library of Islamic books. The police arrived but did nothing to stop the assailants as the area is the constituency of MQM's provincial minister Rauoof Siddiqui.
After ransacking the offices, the assailants set the books on fire, turning some of the Qur'ans and Hadith and other books to ashes. Jamaate Islami workers arrived the next morning to see Islamic books lying all over the place. Dr. Mairaj-ul-Huda Siddiqui, Ameer of Karachi's Jamaate islami, urged his supporters not to be provoked and demanded that the government arrest the attackers.
New Trend's Pakistan observer says, peaceful response only emboldens MQM. Jamaate Islami will be seen as weak by Karachiites if MQM gets away with its criminal activities. MQM is openly working for India and needs to be curbed.
Other observers, however, say that the attack by MQM is a sign of its frustration that it could not match Jamaate Islami's public meeting in Nishtar Park and is losing support in its Urdu speaking constituency.


On December 5, Islamic leaders addressed a very large gathering in the city of Multan. They demanded that Musharraf take off his military uniform otherwise the people would take it off him. The President of the Islamic Coalition, Qazi Hussain Ahmed of Jamaate Islami condemned Musharraf's support for the "two state" solution [Israel and Palestine] proposed by Bush. He said, to huge cheers, Israel is a bogus state. PALESTINE ALONE IS REAL. We will not cede an inch of Palestinian territory, he said. He added that Pakistanis reject Musharraf's plans for Kashmir too: Only the Kashmiris can decide their future.
He said that Musharraf is implementing America's agenda but the Pakistani masses will bring it to nought. Maulana Fazlur Rahman, leader of Jamiatul Ulema-e-Islam, said that America is the mass murderer of Muslims and Musharraf is standing with America. Pakistan has no foreign policy left, he said, because the General simply does what Bush orders.
He challenged Musharraf's plans to abrogate Pakistan's anti-blasphemy law which forbids any abuse of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He said, no mother's son dare insult the Prophet (pbuh) otherwise he'll get the punishment he deserves.
Qari [reciter of the Qur'an], Gul Rahman of Jamiatul Ulema-e-Islam Sami'-ul-Haq group [which is openly pro-Taliban] gave a new slogan to the huge crowd:
"Garmi ho Ya Sardi - Utare gi ub wardi."
[Be it hot or cold/the uniform will have to come off now.]

New Trend observer's comment: The Musharraf government seems to be worried that Musharraf's U.S. visit may lose its impact owing to the MMA's movement to remove him.
Government ministers have issued statements claiming that the Multan gathering was a flop, but people who were there smile at such a claim.


On December 5, at Tongi, near Dhaka, more than FIVE MILLION Muslims concluded a three day gathering of Tablighi Jamaat. The Muslims who had gathered from 67 countries met in tents covering 160 square kms on the banks of the river Tarag.
The Bangladeshi President, 'Iyajuddin, and Prime Minister Ms. Khalida Zia joined in the prayer led by Maulana Zubair al-Hasan [ameer of Tablighi Jamaat from India]. He prayed, along with the millions there, for Muslim unity, for the solution of problems facing Muslims, for commitment to follow the teachings of Muhammad, messenger of Allah, peace be on him, and for peace in the world.
Tablighi Jamaat is a peaceful movement dedicated to the implementation of basic Islamic teachings in the lives of Muslims.

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