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Veteran columnist Ed Miller writes that Osama bin Laden did warn America.
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Musharref Affirms Loyalty to America: Will Stop Fighters Trying to Help Kashmiris
Exclusive Interview with CNN brings out the Reality Behind Indo-Pak War Games
[Musharref's Racist Language: "White" for him means good: Black is trouble]

Husein Ibish Makes a Fool of Himself: Tries to Claim that Jihad is not Armed Struggle

On June 1, 2002 self-styled Pakisani President Pervez Musharraf gave an exclusive interview to CNN. Here are the main points:

1. He desperately wants peace with India and is willing to sign a "no-war" pact.
2. He has stopped "cross-border" movement of Pakistanis who want to join the Kashmiri struggle against India.
3. He supports America's war on "terrorism" 100% and has not wavered in his resolve to help America in this war.
3a. Very few Pakistani troops have been moved from the Afghan border. Pakistan is working hard to help America's war by keeping that border sealed.
4. Islamic "militancy" within Pakistan is his main target and he has worked tirelessly to put an end to the activities of the Islamists. Many Islamists have been arrested.
4a. Some Islamic militants might still be infiltrating into Kashmir but these are inspite of Musharref's efforts. He will not tolerate such activity.
5. If India attacks, Pakistan will fight back. We have the ability to fight back.
6. He has made numerous peace overtures to India repeatedly and is waiting for an Indian response.
7. Kashmir is important to Pakistan and Pakistan will continue to give MORAL support to Kashmiri people.

[The funniest part of this interview is number 7. For years, Pakistani rulers have talked about Kashmir. Talk is cheap. When it comes to Jihad, Pakistani rulers are chicken.]

[During the interview, Musharref lapsed into language which might have come from a White racist. Answering the Indian complaint that Pakistan has been releasing "militants" whom it arrested, Musharref said that suspected militants are arrested in numbers and then sorted out. Those who turn out to be "WHITE" (he meant clean or politically unblemished) are released. Those who are Black are imprisoned and those who are "gray" are investigated.]
[Musharref's racist language indicates the mindset of the Pakistani ruling class. They think "White" means good. Observers say that the Pakistani rulers are Muslims in name in only. They are deeply tinged by Hindu Brahminism about some people being inherently superior to others. The idea of "white" as clean or good slipped out of Musharref's lips: It is an important window into his mind.]
[Musharref's explanation also shows the arbitrary methodology he is following to please America. HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE ARE ARRESTED just because they have a beard or "look militant." And then they are "sorted out" by Pakistan's police, a police force notorious for its criminality and human rights violations.]

New Trend's understanding is that Musharref is honest in expressing his loyalty to America. He has done everything to help destroy the Islamic government in Afghanistan. MUSHARREF has now found a way of making sure the Pakistani people as individuals are labelled as terrorists if they join the fighting in Kashmir!
India is very titillated by the the possibility that Musharref might provide the Indian army an opportunity to attack Pakistan and destroy its fighting ability. The fat and fattened Pakistani army needs to prove now that it can fight. Observers say, the army, which is living off the fat of the land, should move forward and do some fighting. Countless millions in Pakistan live in grinding poverty owing to the extremely fat military establishment.

Dear Chris Mathews

I suggest that people like Husein Ibish who know nothing about Islam should not be invited to speak on Islam on important TV programs like yours.

I watched your show on May 30 when you invited a Jewish young lady from Harvard and Husein Ibish of Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. You questioned them about reports that a Muslim student (Yasin) was asked to address the Harvard graduation ceremony and he decided to speak about "jihad" as a spiritual struggle.

I thought you were very good at questioning the Jewish young lady who thought Yasin should speak about Jihad only if he condemns the Palestinian jihadist attacks on Israel. You correctly pointed out that college is the place where unusual and even controversial views can be expressed and should be listened to.

When it came to Husein Ibish, he made a number of claims which showed that he has negligible knowledge of Islam. [He admitted that he is NOT a practicing Muslim and yet continued to speak like an authority on Islam.] [At a loss for words, Ibish insulted you by accusing you of MacCarthism when he was himself involved in re-writing Islam!]

1. Ibish said that "violent" jihad is a twisted form of Islam being brought in ostensibly by the enemies of America.
2. He wants to "reclaim" the REAL ISLAM by making jihad mean an inner, spiritual effort.

The fact is that Islam teaches Jihad as ARMED STRUGGLE against oppressors.
The verses of the Qur'an and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), make it absolutely clear that JIHAD MEANS ARMED STRUGGLE AGAINST OPPRESSORS, OCCUPIERS, TYRANTS. Many in the Muslim world consider America and Israel, along with India and Russia, as oppressors and exploiters who should be fought.

The idea that Jihad is a peaceful, inner, spiritual development is absurd and without foundation. It is based on ONE narration allegedly from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) but this ONE narration has been studied and rejected by all the major scholars of Islam as a fabrication.

Islam does teach inner, spiritual development but the term for it is not JIHAD but TAZKIYYA or purification.

Of course Husein Ibish, as well as Yasin, the student he was defending, are afraid of inciting America's wrath against Muslims by admitting the true meaning of Jihad. America has still not forbidden freedom of expression and it's a shame that people like Ibish do not have the courage to speak the truth even when they have the opportunity to do so.


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
[Author of six books on Islam.]


Another approach to the ongoing political blame-game between Republicans and the Democratic camp regarding "why Americans weren't warned about potential terrorist attacks when the FBI and Washington knew." ..Is to remind our ignorant population that Osama Bin Laden as early as Feb 1998 in a long interview by John Miller (no relation) in Afghanistan..warned the US that his Muslim world would no longer tolerate the genocidal embargo and aerial assaults on the Iraqi people nor the U.S-funded Israeli robbery-demolitions and massacres of the Palestinian people. ... AND WOULD RESPOND IN KIND....The response began with the bombing of two US embassies in Africa..and when the US ignored the warnings with the explosive assault on the US Cole......Our administration, with more than adequate warning was completely unwilling to even consider an alteration in its policies towards these two Mideast targets, and instead was openly willing to risk the lives of American citizens here on this continent....knowing full well that such an attack was imminent....Thus it has been Washington, our corrupt Congress, President and State Department that consciously set the stage for the destruction of the TWIN TOWERS and the loss of some 3000 American lives......This needs to be said again and again until the meaning permeates the consciencce of the American public..

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