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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 17,1430/ March 15, 2009, # 14

March 15: It looks like the Pakistani opposition is winning. There is a report that the regime has agreed to re-instate the Chief Justice after Nawaz Sharif [Muslim League leader] broke out of house arrest in Lahore followed by 10,000 supporters. Scroll down for Hillary Clinton's role.

For breaking news about fresh fighting in Afghanistan, please scroll down.

We have three important Ads: Muslim Spain Visit+Shaykh Shamim's book on Al-Fatiha+Smith's Question for the Holocaust Museum. Please scroll way down.

Latest from Palestine: March 15: Two Israeli police officers were killed by gunmen in the occupied West Bank. The Gaza bloodbath by the Jews has certainly not defeated the Palestinians.

Jamaat al-Muslmeen [News]
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"Islamic Potential of U.S. Muslims is needed by America and the World: How can it be Attained?" [ Theme of April 11 Shoora]

The National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen will meet on April 11, 2009 to discuss the theme [given above] and to plan for its realization.

The program will begin with a philosophical statement on : "The need to re-Shape Education in America" by Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz .
Dr. Shabazz is Professor/The Endowed Chair in Mathematics from Grambling State University, Louisiana.

Br. Sulayman Solano, who has gifted the Qur'an in Spanish to 500 people, will speak on : "The Impact of Immigration from Mexico and Central America on Islamic presence in the U.S."

Sis. Karen English, Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, will "Update the Campaign to Boycott Businesses which support Israel."

Imam Jamil Says: "Shut it Down." Super Max in Colorado is as Bad as Guantanamo Bay.
[March 14 Interview with Sis. Karima al-Amin, Exclusive to New Trend.] [Facilitated by Imam Khalil Abdur-Rahman, North Carolina.]

Two famous photos of Imam Jamil [known as H. Rap Brown to non-Muslims.] Muslims call him the Imam of America. His son, Khairi, in the second photo, 7 at the time the photo was taken, is now 21. The Imam's writings [third photo] titled Revolution by the Book show his intense dedication to the Sunnah of Muhammad [peace be on him].

Sis. Karima al-Amin, Imam Jamil's learned wife, and his son, Khairi, have just returned from a visit with the Imam in Florence, Colorado's Supermax prison. Sis. Karima is herself an attorney and a great activist supporter of the Imam. She wears full hijab and is a superb example of Islamic womanhood, modest, tough, highly educated and uncompromising on the Qur'an and the Sunnah

On March 14, in an interview with Dr. Siddique, Sis. Karima made the following points:

Compare this with what racist war hawk O'Reilly [of Fox TV] has to say. According to his speech on C-Span, March 14, O'Reilly said Gtmo is wonderful for prisoners. Torture, says O'Reilly, is very helpful and Bush is a good man with a sense of humor!

Activists Gather at Sudan Embassy to Condemn ICC Move Against President Omar Bashir

March 11, 2009: It was both impressive and unexpected. Br. Hodari-Abdul Ali has the knack of bringing together people from diverse backgrounds. Br. Hodari, as he is popularly known, pulled off this demonstration in support of Sudan at 1 PM on Wednesday. Br. Hodari, distinguished peace activist from GPAC [Give Peace a Chance] once again proved that he can both inspire and encourage.

From 1 PM to almost 3 PM, speaker after speaker denounced the International Criminal Court [ICC's] shameful warrant of arrest for the President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir.

The prominent speakers , ably introduced by Br. Hodari, were:

Akbar Muhammad of the Youth4Africa Foundation
Dr. Kaukab Siddique of Jamaat Al-Muslimeen;
Lawrence Freeman of the Executive Intelligence Review magazine, Africa desk
Bob Brown, All-African Peoples' Revolutionary Party
Brian Becker, the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition

Becker's appearance was a surprise. It could mean that this segment of the "moderate" left is finally ready to reject a major Zionist-Jewish program like that of Darfur.

Numerous placards at the rally said: "Hands off Sudan" and "Down with the ICC." Jamaat al-Muslimeen's placard said: "Arrest Olmert, Mubarak & Bush for Crimes against Humanity."

After the rally, the Sudanese ambassador came out to thank the American people [as represented by the protestors]. The biggest surprise was that the ambassador is a Christian named Akec Khc from southern Sudan. He is the living proof that Sudan can solve its own problems. The South and the North of Sudan are now united and are trying to solve the issues in Darfur. This peaceful solution is what the israelis do not want.

March 12: More Good News: The speeches at the Sudanese Embassy in DC were broadcast on Sudan's National Television in Khartoum. Now we are known in this extremely important African country.

Thought Crime
Canada's Blatant Injustice against Momin Khawaja: 10 1/2 Years to a Muslim who Never Attacked Canada
New Trend report

On March 12, 2009 a Canadian judge sentenced Momin Khawaja, an innocent Muslim from a prominent Pakistani family to 126 months in prison on absurd charges of "terrorism." The Judge took on the burden of all of European humanity by claiming that if anyone has anything to do with Islamic resistance anywhere, Canada will punish him. He failed to relent when the defense attorney told him that Momin has already spent FIVE YEARS in prison and has never committed a crime.

Canada's racism is very evident because the Judge ignored the fact that Canadian military forces are part of the NATO occupation army in Afghanistan. Recently [as reported earlier by New Trend] ammunition from a Canadian military exercise killed 3 DISABLED AFGHAN CHILDREN in western Afghanistan.

It appears that Canada is indulging in THOUGHT CONTROL. If Momin THOUGHT about helping "terrorists," then according to Canada he is a terrorist! Under law, even Canada's medieval laws, ACTIONS are punished. Thoughts and conversations were punished only by Stalin. Even Hitler couldn't do it !

Momin has suffered because he sympathizes with the suffering of the Muslim world. "Khawaja was born in Ottawa and moved with his family to Libya, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia before returning to Canada. In correspondence, he would later recall U.S. bombing raids in Tripoli, screaming sirens and his mother hiding the children under the dining room table." [Canada Press.]

Momin knew technology which could turn off all the cell phones in a mosque so that prayers were not disturbed. The prosecution claimed that he would have used this to carry out explosions. [ Thus "possibility" becomes motivation for Canadians who are determined to serve Zionist programs againat Muslims.

This trial was a drama, a fraud, a disgrace and a serious setback for civilization in Canada. Thus Canada is claiming that it can send heavily armed military forces arond the world to occupy a Muslim country, but a Canadian Muslim should not feel sympathy for Muslims who want to fight the crusader nations. A Muslim should not be angry at the occupation of Muslim lands and definitely not TALK to any Muslim who wants to fight the crusaders otherwise Canada will punish him.

The Canadian judge must be totally Zionist and filled with the arrogance of power to think that any person capable of rational thought will accept his argument for thought control.

Meanwhile, Canada's thought police has been holding 18 Muslims in prison for the last THREE years without trial. Even their wives phone conversations were taped and passed on to the Zionist media to judge the prisoners before they are brought to trial. The fraudulent Canadian legal system will start rolling once a case has been fabricated against the 18. Three years of planning to make sure the Muslims are convicted! O Canada! you are a disgrace to the Rule of Law!

Obama: Day 45. Another Step Back

Obama administration backs immunity for author of Bush torture memos: The Jose Padilla Case

By Patrick Martin [Courtesy Bangla Vision list] [Excerpted]

In legal arguments before a federal court in San Francisco Friday, the Obama administration stepped in to defend one of most notorious figures in the Bush administration, John Yoo, author of legal memoranda used to justify torture and indefinite detention without trial as part of the "war on terror."
The intervention makes clear that the Obama administration opposes any serious effort to shed light on the attacks against democratic rights carried out by its predecessor or to hold any officials of the previous administration accountable for their actions. Moreover, its court interventions amount to a defense of the Bush administration' s assertions of quasi-dictatorial presidential powers.
Friday's court hearing before US District Judge Jeffrey White concerned a civil suit brought by Jose Padilla, the US citizen who was imprisoned without charges for more than three years in a US Navy brig after Bush designated him an "enemy combatant."
Padilla is now in federal prison, serving a 20-year sentence after being convicted on trumped-up conspiracy charges that had nothing to do with the sensationalized claims of the Bush administration that he was the leader of a plot to detonate a radioactive "dirty bomb" in an American city.
He has filed suit against numerous Bush administration officials, charging that his detention at the Navy brig, during which he was held in isolation and tortured, violated his constitutional rights. Yoo is being sued as the author of the legal opinion that upheld the arbitrary presidential authority under which Padilla was being held.

WAR NEWS: Afghanistan. Winter time fighting Continues

BREAKING NEWS: March 15: Four elite U.S. troops were killed in an audacious Taliban attack in the Bari Kot district of Nangarhar province.

March 14: Three Nato soldiers were killed in three separate pin prick Taliban attacks. One was French, one British and one U.S.

March 11, 2009: Seven Afghan troops working for Karzai were killed and three wounded in Taliban attacks in Khost province.

March 10: In Kandahar city, Javed Yazamy, a well known Afghan cameraman working as media fixer for Canadian military missions was assassinated.

March 4, 2009: Three elite Canadian troops were killed in Taliban attacks in Kandahar province.

The same day, the Taliban set off explosions in the parking lot of Bagram Air Base near Kabul. Though losses were light, the attack showed that the Taliban can penetrate even the most heavily defended U.S. center such as Bagram.

Obama: Day 54:
March 15: Peshawar city: Early at dawn, Islamic militants attacked a NATO supply center. At least 20 container trucks packed with weapon and munitions for NATO were destroyed. Also set on fire were several humvees meant for the U.S. army

Obama: Day 51
WAR NEWS: Pakistan: U.S. Launches Successul Drone Attack [probably with Shi'ite help]

March 12: In Kurram Agency, 80 km east of Parachinar, U.S. drones launched missiles killing 25 Islamic men, mostly Afghans. U.S. sources say that the dead included some "foreigners" [a label used for Islamic fighters in al-Qaida from Arab countries who are said to be in the border areas.]

The target area is Pakistani territory which juts into Afghanistan and gives popular support to the Taliban. Not too far are Shi'ite groups which are said to be working as spies for the U.S.

This is the second attack in Kurram. Observers say the U.S. is softening up Pakistan for a land invasion by marines. This time public sentiment was aroused by the attack. Pak media report:

March 13: elders of six major tribes met at a jirga in Dogar area on Friday and condemned missile attacks in the area. Haji Saleem Khan, Haji Saifullah and Mahmood Bangash addressing the jirga said that innocent people had been killed in the strike.

These drones [Reuters photo] are used for assassinations of Muslims suspected of opposing the U.S. The U.S. does not consider these attacks terrorism.

Obama: Day 46
U.S. Drone Shot Down by Pak Taliban in South Waziristan

March 7, 2009: Near a village in South Waziristan, Pakistani Islamic fighters known as the Taliban shot down an American drone [such as shown in the file photo above]. Ground fire was heard by villagers and then the drone crashed in the forest near a Pakistani border post. The shoot down was reported first by AFP and was picked up by Yahoo News [which serves MSN etc].

Strangely enough the shoot down was not reported by any of the U.S. major media.

[Looks like it was a major embarrassment because the media have been touting the drone attacks as important achievements of U.S. technology. Shootdown of this tech wonder by small arms fire hit the American ego].
[South Waziristan is the stronghold of Pak Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud.]

Obama: Day 53 [OSAMA is alive!]
[Editor's Note: Owing to conspiracy theorists and Iran-leaning sectarians, Shaykh Osama has become something of a mythological figure. The pro-Iran groups have been claiming that he is either dead or was "invented" in the first place by Bush. (Take your pick!). On March 14, a brief summary of Shaykh Osama bin Laden's latest message appeared on al-Jazeerah TV [which had picked up the 33 minute message from al-Sahab, an al-Qaida web site]. Osama has worldwide popularity in the Muslim world from Nigeria to Indonesia and his messages are seen by most Muslims as symbolic of Islamic resistance to American imperialism, Israeli terrorism and NATO crusader activities. Shaykh Osama's writings reveal a deep love for Palestine. He is calling for well-thought-out and coordinated push-back against Israel. In America and Europe, he is the most hated Muslim not only because he defies Anglo-Amercan-Zionist power but also because he is said to have blessed the attacks of 9.11 on America's most high value targets. A proper investigation into the 9.11 attacks has not been carried out probably because it would reveal the ability and cunning of 19 Arab fighters to elude America's intelligence and security system. Why was America hit on 9.11 is a question which requires more research. Was it because the forces of Jihad held the U.S. responsible for the slow death of one million Iraqis including many children during the sanctions regime ?]

Al-Jazeerah March 14:
Bin Laden accuses Arab leaders

Bin Laden called for the formation of an Islamic advisory body of devoted scholars [File]
"Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, has said in an audio tape obtained by Al Jazeera that some Arab leaders were "complicit" with Israel during its offensive in Gaza.
Bin Laden said in the tape aired on Saturday that Arab leaders were "hypocrites", and that "liberating Jerusalem needed honest Arab leadership" to fight and liberate the Arab people.
"It has become clear that some Arab leaders were complicit with the crusade zionist alliance against our people. These are the leaders that America calls moderate," bin Laden said.
He said that "Gaza's holocaust" was a "historic event and a tragedy" adding that the Arab world needed a "devoted committee of scholars from the Islamic world to establish an advisory body" on the future of the region, "not leadership that is formed by hypocrites".
Al-Qaeda's leader also called for support for the mujahidin in Iraq and said that his network of fighters would "go to Jordan from the sea to the river to liberate Palestine".
The tape, whose authenticity could not be verified, was the second by the al-Qaeda leader in two months in which he has focused on the Gaza offensive.
In an audio tape posted on an internet site on January 14, he called on Muslims across the world to take revenge against Israel for the war on the coastal territory.
He said that the onslaught had been timed to take advantage of the dying days of the presidency of George Bush, the former US president.
The 22-day Israeli offensive on Gaza over the new year, killed more than 1,300 Palestinians."

Iran leader working Closely with CIA assets Karzai and Zardari against "Terrorism"

[New Trend Editor's Note: Iran supported the UN/US sanctions against Iraq, 1990-2003. During the first war on Iraq, the Iraqi air force sought refuge in Iran but was seized by the Iranians. During the second war on Iraq, Iran supported Shi'ite groups working with the U.S. During the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, Iran helped the U.S. through groups in the "Northern Alliance. It is said that Iran is holding Shaykh Osama's son hostage. Iranian leaders work closely with Al-Maliki, the CIA agent who has been installed by the U.S. as the Prime Minister of Iraq. Iranian leaders frequently visit occupied Iraq to shore up the al-Maliki regime. Israel's rivalry with Iran often confuses Muslims about Iran's cooperation with the U.S. Iran does sophisticated propaganda in support of Palestine but has not fired a shot in defense of Palestine. The recent Israeli invasion of Gaza showed that Iran has not given even basic anti-tank or anti-air weapons to Hamas. Earlier in the Israeli assault on Lebanon, it became apparent that Hizbullah did not have weaponry which could do serious damage to Israel. It's rockets were fired without radar targetting and seldom hit their targets. Apparently Iran's help for Muslim fighters is little more than talk.]

[Courtesy Tehran Times]
"March 10, 2009: President Ahmedinejad and President Zardari held wide ranging parleys on Tuesday in Tehran with focus on establishing a comprehensive strategic and economic partnership between the two neighbors.

The leaders hold in-depth discussions that covered the entire spectrum of bilateral ties and the regional and international issues of mutual interest. The discussion also focused on the ways and means to further intensify their mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas of common interest.

The two sides agreed on the need to expand, strengthen and take their bilateral cooperation in diverse fields to the level, which match with their warm, deep rooted and historic ties.

On Monday in an interview President Zardari called for the enhancement of economic and trade ties between Pakistan and Iran to a level commensurate with their friendly political relations.

"I think we should have more trade together. Trade should be supported externally, internally and regionally," President Zardari told IRNA in Islamabad.

"I think the trade relations and our economic relations do not reflect the brotherly feelings we have with each other. They need to be improved," the Pakistani President said.

During the talks, President Zardari was assisted by Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Syed Sumsam Ali Bukhari, Advisor on Petroleum Dr. Asim Hussain, member National Assembly Farah Naz Isphahani, Pakistanís ambassador to Iran M.B. Abbasi and senior officials, the Associated Press of Pakistan reported.

Earlier, Pakistani President and Afghan President Hamid Karzai discussed bilateral and regional issues.

The two presidents arrived in Tehran on Tuesday to attend the Economic Cooperation Organization summit.

The leaders had a detailed discussion on the security situation in the region and closer cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

They also evaluated the situation that arose from the change administration in the United States.

President Zardari and the Afghan leader discussed various issues of mutual interest including the ways to jointly combat terrorism and militancy, which poses common threat to the peace and security for the region.

They also deliberated on the bilateral cooperation in diverse fields including trade, economic and commercial spheres."

Pakistan's Zardari in a joyous mood with Iran's Ahmedinejad during the ECO Summit in Tehran.

Pakistani elites in Collision: Lawyers Call for Restoration of Chief Justice.

Photo shows procession of lights in Rawalpindi as protestors gather to call for the re-installation of the Chief Justice who was ousted by General Musharraf and kept ousted by President Zardari..
For 4 days, March 12, 13, 14, 15 Pakistani lawyers and politcal activists have been mobilizing in the major cities for a LONG MARCH on Islamabad. The Zardari regime countered the Long March by arresting several hundred political activists and lawyers. Dozens were beaten up by the police. The situation was complicated by the conflict between Zardari and Muslim League leader Nawaz Sharif. Jamaate Islami joined the Long March and prepared to send in large numbers of supporters to join the March for the restoration of the Rule of Law. However, the government countered by arresting dozens of JI activists and put its leader Qazi Ahmed under house arrest. Major highways to Islamabad were blocked by the police with container trucks seized arbitrarily from transport companies. Geo, a private TV station which carried live coverage of the protests, was closed down. The standoff was getting serious when on March 14, Hillary Clinton, on behalf of Obama, called Zardari to calm him down and to tell him to accept some of the opposition demands. She also called Nawaz Sharif to calm him down. [Imran Khan was arrested before the Long March enters its final day on March 16.]


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I have asked the Director of the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Dr. Paul Shapiro, to "provide, with proof, the name of one person who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz." One! One out of a "million." Dr. Shapiro does not respond.

I have asked more than 2,000 academics the same question, including Deborah Lipstadt, Michael Berenbaum, and Noam Chomsky. None has responded.

Following WWII the gas-chamber story was the primary instrument used to morally justify the Jewish conquest of Arab land in Palestine, and following that the ruinous U.S. alliance with Israel against the Palestinians and whomever. We can all see what has come of that one.

Am I wrong to ask the USHMM this one question? I can be reached at

Bradley R. Smith, Founder
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

2009-03-16 Mon 20:29:46 cst