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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 29,1429/ April 6, 2008, #21

FOX TV ATTEMPTS Major Incitement and Dirty Propaganda against Muslims: Prelude to McCain's Campaign

Dear producer of Fox TV

Your two hours long program of April 6, 2008 titled "Jihad, USA" was not only shoddy journalism, it was a determined attempt to smear the Muslims of America as potential terrorists. You brought shady characters like Emerson and Wafa Sultan to support your cause. You strung together every possible case of injustice done to Muslims in America and presented the cases as those of "home grown terrorists." Even people who have been acquitted were listed.

In each case of the list of "terrorists," you presented the prosecution story and ignored the defense. Even the "Beltway Sniper" was presented as an "Islamic terrorist."
You folks are desperate to incite people against Muslims and Islam. It won't work! Islam is spreading. We don't need violence or weapons.
We have the Qur'an and the example of the Prophet, pbuh.
You know you cannot stand against the truth of Islam.
Your program, in an attempt to seem to fulfill the ethics of journalism, gave snippets of response time to CAIR, a miserable lot who already support the "war on terror." They have worked hard to support your viewpoint about "terrorism." To be honest, you should have permitted a thorough Islamic response for at least 5 minutes out of two hours of your Goebellian lies!

Fox! you are losing and if you are the best McCain can put up, he doesn't have a chance.

Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English & Mass Communication.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Press Release
The Case of Momin Khawaja
Canada's Behavior towards Muslim Political Prisoner: Secret Trial after 4 Years of Jail!

We urge Muslims in Canada, the U.S. and around the world to pay attention to the oppression of Islamic political prisoners in Canada. One of the most poignant cases to come to light is that of Momin Khawaja, son of the distinguished Pakistani scholar Dr. Mahboob Khawaja. His rights are being denied and Canada's bigoted and racist government has tried to crush Momin and his family.

Has Momin committed any crime? No! For FOUR LONG years the government in Ottawa has kept him in prison but its case is so weak that till now the trial has not even begun. Even the most corrupt and evil dictatorships do not hold a prisoner for 4 years without reason and cause. The case against Momin is being MANUFACTURED; hence the long delay.

LATEST: April 5, the Ottawa Citizen [newspaper] published information on the case of Momin which indicates that the Canadian rulers are out to violate Canada's own laws in their bid to ensure that Momin is convicted. The defense has been complaining that how can Momin be defended when the government is holding the evidence in secret. Try defending anyone against whom the regime's own tainted evidence is not being revealed! The judge, seemingly flummoxed by the complaints of the defense, has come up with a novel "solution." An attorney has been appointed who will be allowed to look at the "evidence" but can't take it with him to study it. Then on the basis of this "looking" the defense will have to conduct its business.

We consider this a shameful game to convince the Canadian people that a fair trial will be held. The thin veneer of Canadian democracy hides tremendous hatred against Islam and Muslims stoked and orchestrated by Zionists in and out of the Canadian government, media and establishment.

The date set for the trial now is June 23.

In the meantime, Momin has been placed in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT [as the Ottawa Citizen coyly admitted.] No reason given!
Dear Muslims: an innocent Canadian Muslim is being treated in this shameful manner. Canada's fascist government has taken a very antagonist stance against Islam.
The least we can do is let Harper know what we think. Write to the Justice Minister:

New Trend's War Monitor Adds: Canada's attitude towards its Islamic prisoners is a reflection of its guilt in Afghanistan. What business does Canada have sending armored columns to occupy parts of Afghanistan under the banner of White Supremacy known as NATO? Is there any rational way in which Canada's occupation of a Muslim country thousands of miles away can be justified? It is a plain and clear case of hatred of Islam. Hidden behind the facade of "democracy" is the hand of International Jewry and Zionism. No wonder Canada could not tolerate the critical analysis of the "holocaust" industry by Ernst Zundel, who was sent to be imprisoned in Germany. Muslims should remember that the forces antagonistic to Islam work globally. Nothing happens in isolation. When will Muslims realize this?

Letter of the Month: From an Old Friend: Re: New Trend's "Idiots of the Year Awards"

MY DEAREST BROTHER usual you and the brothers with you are doing an excellent job. MAY THE BLESSINGS OF ALLAH ALWAYS BE WITH YOU AND MAY MAY ALLAH INSPIRE YOU TO ACHIEVE EVEN GREATER HEIGHTS. I was especially moved and inspired by your December 15 issue in which you gave coverage to the idiots that rule our countries. I WAS SO INSPIRED THAT I DECIDED TO SEND YOU THIS MESSAGE OF APPRECIATION.
...because of my accident i type with my left hand and this is the best i can do, but ALHAMDULILLAH i am perfectly content

[Dr.] Shaukat Khan

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News] [4 items only]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Important Call from Imam Jamil's Representative: The Imam's Struggle for Truth and Justice Continues

On April 5, 2008 we received a call from Imam Khalil Abdur Rahman, international representative of Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin. He updated us on the struggle of the Imam who was transferred to a maximum security special prison in Colorado [probably in an attempt to cut off the Imam from his support base].
Imam Jamil is known as the most important Islamic leader in America. It is our analysis that the U.S. government has worked hard to keep his words and himself out of the public eye.
As we noticed last year, another person, himself in a U.S. prison, confessed to the shooting of the policeman the government accuses the Imam of killing. However, the government refuses to accept the confession.

Br. Khalil is well placed to contact Imam Jamil directly and we hope to receive an inside report of the Imam's latest situation in the forthcoming month.

Dr. Sami al-Arian: Norwegian Film maker Visits North Carolina: Documentary USA vs Al-Arian Draws Support

April 6, 2008: Imam Badi Ali is involved in organizing programs for the visit of Ms. Line Halvorsen, Norwegian activist who is showing her documentary about the injustices done to Prof. Al-Arian. On April 5 she met the youth committee of the Islamic Center of the Triad [ITC]

The following poem was presented by Muslim youth at the program:

The Struggle of Dr. Sami al-Arian

From a world of books and students
Al-Arian was thrust into chains and insults.

A man of reason and logic trapped
by Men with no reason

A scholar and a teacher
by agents of hate and fear

Does Al-Arian hate America?
Does he hate Jews?

So why is he in prison?
Any evidence, any commission?

So why is he in prison?
Did he hurt anyone?
Did he defraud anyone?

So why is he in prison?
Because he is a Palestinian!
Because he is a Muslim!
Because he is an honest man!
Because he won't betray anyone!
Because he won't sellout!

See the tears of Nahla!
See the sorrow of Laila!
See the hope in Abdullah's eyes!

How long this anguish of Al-Arian
How long this struggle, this courage
Under duress!

Ya Allah! Give success to our brother
Ya Allah! we pray for his freedom!
Ya Allah! we pray for the freedom of all oppressed people!

Al-Mumtahinah's Successful Fund Raiser for Homeless Women: Sis. Nadia's Efforts Receive Support

Baltimore: On April 4, a Jamaat representative again met Sis. Nadia, her husband Br. Abdul Haqq and her two daughters. Once again a gossip on the Internet is spreading slander against Sis. Nadia and trying to defend Makkah Learning Center [MLC]. The gossip admits that she has never met Sis. Nadia and she does not represent MLC. We have tried to check whether any such person exists with a name as the one used by the gossip exists, and it appears that it is a made up name.

On March 29, 2008 al-Mumtahinah, a Baltimore city effort to help homeless Muslim, carried out a successful fundraiser. The guest speaker was Shaykh Khalid Yasin from Newark, New Jersey. Sis. Nadia's efforts paid off as the small but highly motivated crowd donated generously. The fact that women who embrace Islam are often left homeless is receiving a workable solution from Sis. Nadia.

In addition to the fundraiser, she is receiving calls from area Muslims who are donating goods for needy Muslim women and children.

Bootlickers have infiltrated Muslim Communities
Makkah Learning Center [MLC] Supported Zionist Annapolis Summit: MLC Ignored Rally to Protest Rushdie's Visit: Slandered Sis. Nadia

Readers might remember that Israel, Bush and Mahmoud Abbas held a "Summit conference" In Annapolis, Maryland. Its main purpose was to ignore Islamic representatives of Gaza and the West Bank. It was a move to fulfill the Zionist agenda.

A bootlicker group of Muslims known as the "Islamic Society of Annapolis" speaking through its "Makkah Learning Center" [MLC] actually prayed for the success of this "Summit." Unbelievable but true how any Muslim can be so low down. However, here it is in the MLC's own words from their email. These fools were actually praying for the success of the Zionist summit.:
"Islamic Society of Annapolis is very pleased that the Peace Conference is being held in Annapolis. We wish to take this opportunity to publicly state that we are praying for all of the participants of the conference."
That means they were praying for the success of Olmert, Bush and Abbas.

On top of that, these Muslims prayed for the success of the conference jointly with Jews and Christians who supported this silly event. Here again are the words of MLC:

"On Sun Nov 25, Islamic Society of Annapolis along with Temple Beth Shalom and First Presbyterian Church participated in the Interfaith Prayer to pray for peace in Middle-East and for the success of the Middle-East Peace Conference.... The event was initiated by Rabbi Ari Goldstein of Temple Beth Shalom, and then addressed by Imam Mohammed Arafa of the Islamic Society of Annapolis and Rev. William L. Hathaway, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church. They spoke about peace in Midlle-East." [sic!]

Thus they were following the lead of a notorious Rabbi.
However, the Zionists did not accept the bootlicking by these Muslims and some "reporters" subjected the group to a barrage of one-sided anti-Muslim questions. These Muslims then claimed that they are very upset that their services were not accepted and wrote a "hurt" letter to Goldstein.

Step two: MLC was invited to join the rallies against Medeleine Albright on January 29, 2008 and Rushdie on February 26, 2008 organized by Jamaat al-Muslimeen. No response from MLC. No surprise there.

Step three: MLC launched a slanderous and shameful attack on Sis. Nadia. No Muslim group has fallen so low as to attack an African-American Muslimah on the Internet. This smacks of racism and extreme arrogance. Here is a quote from MLC's slanderous attack on Sis. Nadia:
"It came to our attention that Nadia Auxila Mcintosh, a lady from Baltimore has set up a fake organization called Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home Inc. and defrauding the people by seeking donations for this fake Women's Shelter and using the donations for herself."

Islamic Society of Annapolis and MLC are doing serious damage to the Islamic cause. Their wealth has blinded them to the Truth. They should apologize to Sis. Nadia. Silence will not work.

Ex-Terror Detainee Says US Tortured Him
CBS News

At the age of 19, Murat Kurnaz vanished into America's shadow prison system in the war on terror. He was from Germany, traveling in Pakistan, and was picked up three months after 9/11. But there seemed to be ample evidence that Kurnaz was an innocent man with no connection to terrorism ... But once he was picked up, Kurnaz found himself in a prison system that required no evidence and answered to no one ... The government's own secret files reveal that an innocent man lost his liberty, his dignity, his identity, and ultimately five years of his life.

Pakistani Perspectives [2 items]
New Pakistani Government's Sugar Coated Pill: Delaying Tactics for Consolidation
by New Trend's Pakistan Observer

The new Pakistani government led by Gilani is building a liberal image for itself. It has shown that it wants to undo the damage done by General Musharraf. Student unions and labor unions will be legal again. [What! They were not? No one mentioned that in USA!] Land will be given to the poor. Military officers "running" big businesses are being withdrawn. NAB and other contraptions meant to nab political opponents are being withdrawn.

More good news: The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was released from prison in his own house and allowed to go to prayers. [The government hedged the weightier question of re-instatement.] Media, especially private TV, will not be censored.

Instead of military action in the tribal areas, well-financed "development" projects will be carried out. [U.S. Aid.]

Even Jamia Hafsa's women's demonstration at the National Assembly was noticed with the assurance that the release of Maulana Abdul Aziz may be underway.
Most people did not notice what Gilani places as his TOP PRIORITY: The war against "terrorism." That's the old American ploy aimed at attacking Islam and Muslims. [Remember New Trend's analysis: The real issue is the war against Islam. The rest is the re-organization of the political picture to keep the middle classes calm and happy.]

Pakistani middle classes, mostly secular and uninterested in the fate of the great majority of Pakistanis devoted to Islam, are easily misled by such sugar coating of the poison pill. Many have already forgotten that the "elections" were boycotted by the major force in the country: Jamaate Islami supported by almost the entire Islamic movement and the new generation of westernized people accepting Islamic Guidance led by Imran Khan. The voting pattern was very poor.

Criticism of People's Party has become muted owing to the sorrow caused by the murder of its leader Benazir Bhutto. However, this PPP is a feudal force based on medieval concepts and leadership cults. Similarly Nawaz Shari's party is also a conglomeration of landlords, feudalists, industrialists and military types. It has cult support in Lahore but it has no support in the masses. In Karachi, there is a vicious network of thugs and killers known as MQM which with the help of rulers [particularly General Musharraf] runs key aspects of life in that megalapolis.

In Frontier Province, ANP, a very old opponent of Pakistan's Islamic ideology, now led by Asfandyar Wali Khan, has the blessings of Washington. If the Pakistani army can wipe out the Islamic fighters in the troubled areas of the north, ANP will have another opportunity to fulfill its founder's dream: A region to be called Pustunistan based on ethnic biases and deadly opposed to the universalism of Islam.

The situation in Pakistan comes straight out of Washington's strategic work book and play book. America denies the Islamic aspirations of the people and is rooted in the idea that Islamic resistance and "terrorism" are the same thing.

Caricatures and insults part of ‘Ninth Crusade' - Hafiz Saeed

by Abdullah Muntazir in Lahore
04-Apr-2008, 26th Rabi-ul-Awwal, 1429

Ameer, Jama't-ud-Da'wah Pakistan, Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, has said the current blasphemous activities taking place in Europe are a part of the Ninth Crusade. He said this war, which has been imposed upon Muslims, is being fought in every Muslim household. He said the army chief should take a briefing from the Quraan, before he gives a briefing to politicians about the ‘war on terror'. He said the West does not care about ordinary Muslims because it has Muslim rulers in its grip. He said Pakistan's culture is now being destroyed like those of Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria had been destroyed in the past.

In his khutbah (sermon) during Salat al-Jumuah (Friday Prayers) at Jamia Masjid al-Qadsia, in Chowburji, Lahore, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said eight encounters of the wars, which Pope Urban II had convinced Europe to initiate after insulting the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, and dumping false accusations on him, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, have as yet taken place. Israel was created during the eighth confrontation, whereas the Ninth Crusade was begun after 9/11, and this time around too, insult and disrespect of the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, is a key ingredient of the conflict. He said the current Pope is also involved in this conflict., and his first remarks against the Quraan and Islam were uttered in Germany more than a year ago, while a few days ago, on Easter, he baptized an Egyptian murtad (apostate) journalist.

Hafiz Saeed said the war against terror, the Western cultural invasion, and the imposition of their economic and political systems upon Muslims, are all part of this crusade. Muslims have had to fight this war everywhere, even in their own homes. The moral and social values of Muslims are under threat, he said, and we must fight this war at all costs. He urged every Muslim to play his, or her, role in this regard; to wipe out Western culture from their home; to dress in a manner which would visibly identify them as Muslim, and to have their children learn at schools where the system of education is in harmony with Islamic values. Hafiz Saeed said the Quraan warns us about the conspiracies of the Jews and Christians, time and again. At this point Hafiz Saeed recited a number of aayahs (sentences) from the Quraan according to which the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) want to make Muslims like themselves, and thereby become negligent about the defense of their countries and lands.

Hafiz Saeed said the army chief has briefed the prime minister and politicians regarding the progress in the war against terror. He said the army chief should, himself, first take a briefing about the conspiracies of the enemies of Islam and Muslims from the Quraan. He said the West has imposed its own systems upon Muslim nations; they neither care about Muslims, nor are afraid of them, because they firmly hold Muslim rulers in their grip through these systems. Yet, he said, they should know that the current crusade will end with the destruction of Western economic and political systems, in'shaa'Allah. He said after the westernization of Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian, and Turkish societies, the process of westernizing Pakistani society is now under way at a rapid pace. Pakistani girls have begun wearing clothing which does not reflect the values of our society. This invasion and storm needs to be stopped, he said.

Advising India on Population Change in Kashmir: Providing Latest Technology

by K. Hamza [writing from India]

In recent months, Israel has emerged as the biggest exporter of defence equipment to India. New Delhi has extended its collaboration with Tel Aviv in at least 18 projects of diverse fields as lightening pods for mirage and Jagur fighters to submerged launch vehicles for the Navy and micro guns for the army. Further, in a recent visit of Israel Defence Minister, Ehud Barak, a major project for joint development of medium range surface to air missiles has been reached its conclusive stage.

India's National Security Adviser, Brajesh Mishra, while addressing to the annual dinner of American Jewish Committee in Washington had said: "India, the United States and Israel have some fundamental similarities . We are all democracies, shaping a common vision of pluralism, tolerance and equal opportunity. Stronger India-US relations and India-Israel relations have a natural logic".
During the Indian National Congress Party's rule under Jawaharlal Nehru, the question of having friendly ties with Israel was not even discussed. When the hardcore Hindu Nationalist party, the Bhratiya Janata Party came to power, the Israel Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres had visited India. Muslims in India, particularly in Jammu & Kashmir, of critical of Mr. Peres reported suggestion that, a demographic change should be brought about to solve the Kashmir problem. The Zionist clearly meant increasing population of Hindus and reducing Muslim population which would necessitate evacuation of the latter from Kashmir. Further more, Israel Foreign Minister blatantly questioned the patriotism of Muslims in India.
It was after the death of the then Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, India had quickly established relations with Israel. Rajiv Gandhi's assassination was allegedly carried out by Israel in nexus with the separatist movement, the Tamil Tigers, since Rajiv Gandhi had refused refueling of American Air Force planes in Bombay when Saddam sent Scud missiles to Israel during the Gulf war. The truth, sadly, is that the Tamil Tigers in collaboration with Israel have been targeting Muslims in Sri Lanka, causing a number of Muslim casualties. The same fate is awaiting for Muslims in India due to its Jewish relation.
Since the establishment of full diplomatic relations between the two countries on January 29, 1992, there has been a remarkable increase in contacts at the official level-with the Israel President's visit to India in Janury 1997. In the summer of 2000, the then External Affairs Minister, Jaswant Singh, and the Home Minister, L.K. Advani had visited Israel. The then Israel Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres came to India twice-in August 2000 and January 2001. Many Israeli businessmen have already visited India and several firms are keen to open joint ventures in high technology sectors. L.K. Advani had sought the expertise and capability of Israel to suppress militancy in Kashmir. It was since the arrival of Israeli counter-terrorist forces under the guise of "tourists", the death toll in Kashmir was increased. According to the foreign intelligence report, Mossad agents disguised as tourists are roaming in the valley of Kashmir on the basis of clandestine understanding between New Delhi and Tel Aviv. The press alleged that as Israeli agents have succeeded in suppressing the intifida in occupied Palestine, Mossad agents ' clandestine operation in Kashmir in tandem with Indian forces have succeeded to contain the Muslim agitation to a certain extent.
Israel has provided India with the latest technological know how to battle separatism in the country's ethnic insurgency flaring in the far northeast. The trade ties between the Jewish entity and India could serve as a "gateway to Asia for Israel". The United Progressive Alliance government in India is reciprocally aiding Israel's militancy efforts and the case in point is the recent launching of its spy satellite, Tecsar, which has the capability to track activities in the highly sensitive Persian Gulf , especially Iran, in an apparent attempt to open a path for the United States' military adventurism on a Neo- con design of "Iranian nuclear threat".
Muslims in India are not critical of its diplomatic relations with any country, but they are apprehensive of the government's attitude to Palestine people who are subject to inhuman treatment. There was no a State of Israel in the map of the world until 1948. Israel is an illegitimate child born under the midwifery of the British leaders. Earlier, about half a million Arab speaking Muslims lived in Palestine where around 60,000 were Christians and 20,000 were Jews under sovereignty of Ottoman Empire. The State of Israel was deliberately created by Zionist and fascist forces. According to the Talmud, the Jewish code of conduct, Israel cannot be anyone's best friend. Since the creation of a national home for Jewish people, Jews from other parts of the world migrated to the land of Palestine, expelling Muslims from their homeland. The rest is history.

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