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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 29,1427/May 27, 2006 #33

Please scroll down to Masaud Khan's 90 yrs sentence: the inside story. Also, check the new "qadianiat": ISNA and Pentagon at war together against Muslims, in ISNA's own words.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Bush and Blair admit "Mistakes": Claim "Democracy" in Place in Iraq!
by New Trend Media Monitor

On May 25, Bush, whose support has dropped below 34%, and Blair, whose support has dropped below 26%, had a press conference in Washington, DC. It was quite a funny performance. Out of the two, Blair is more of a smooth talker, the well-oiled liar, while Bush is the bumbler who tries to use his high school level stumblings as matters of popular humor.

Bush claimed that 'mistakes' had been made in Iraq, including the search for WMD's and the "bring it on" braggadocio. He also sounded downcast about the "dead or alive" statement about Osama.

In any real democracy, people with only 34% or 26% support would have resigned, but Bush and Blair are pledging that they will stick to their policies of war and aggression. Blair is quite blatant in his claims that "democracy" is in place in Iraq. If he had even a nodding acquaintance with international law, he would know that ELECTIONS HELD UNDER MILITARY OCCUPATION have no validity. The military occupation itself is illegal: hence every action carried out under its umbrella is illegal.

The occupation forces found some Shias, some Kurds and some Sunnis to form a "government" under the protection of 131,000 U.S. and 9,000 British troops. When ONE BILLION DOLLARS a week are being spent by the occupiers, any number of collaborators can be bought to form a "government."
These collaborators, Blair calls the "government" of Iraq which is telling him not to withdraw the occupation forces!
The majority of the people who are resisting the occupation, either with weapons or peacefully, are considered "insurgents" and terrorists by Bush and Blair.

WAR NEWS: [Based on Urdu language Media.]
Taliban Offensive Continues Despite Heavy U.S. Bombardment

May 25-26. More than 3,000 Afghan villagers fled the Panjwai district south west of Kandahar following the heaviest bombardment of the war carried out by the U.S. air force. The refugees say that the bombing has wiped out their homes, their agriculture and all their assets.

Meanwhile, Karzai, the U.S. installed ruler of Kabul, rushed to Kandahar to mobilize his renegade forces against the Taliban. His troops include Shias from Hazarajat, Communist Uzbeks from the north and Sunni mercenaries bought with U.S. currency. He advised Afghans not to give shelter to Taliban to avoid U.S. bombing.

Observers say that the U.S. is using the "sledgehammer to kill a fly" approach which does not work with nimble guerrilla forces like the Taliban who know the country well. Almost all the 100 Afghans massacred by the U.S. in the village of Azizi were civilians but the U.s. is still insisting that "only" 16 civilians were killed.

The U.S. is seemingly being misinformed by its Afghan mercenaries. Last week, it was announced that the U.S. had captured Mullah Dadullah, the legendary field commander of the Taliban's Islamic elite forces. Three days later, the story turned out to be incorrect. Karzai's people are also following the propaganda line that they are killing 10 Taliban for every soldier they lose. Till now there is no evidence of any such Taliban losses and the propaganda play could backfire.

One sign of the Taliban's successes is that on May 24 CNN finally sent one of its leading reporters to Kabul and she conceded [May 25 CNN] that the Taliban are probably in control of large swathes of southern Afghanistan.
[NEW TREND was way ahead of CNN. We reported 6 months back that the Taliban rule most Helmand, Zabul, Ghazni, Paktia, Paktika, Nangarhar, Kunar, Kandahar and Logar provinces and would rule openly if the U.S. air force were not available to the Karzai clique. Guerrilla forces cannot go on the offensive without secure local support and bases.]
Now May 22, the French government has declared that the Taliban seem to be mobilizing even in the north of Afghanistan.

The Taliban offensive began on May 5 when the Taliban shot down a U.S. helicopter in Kunar province killing 10 U.S. troops. Canadian, French and British troops have reported Taliban attacks.

The fighting in Panjwai district of Kandahar [where the U.S. air force is carrying out area bombing] began on May 17 when the Taliban attacked "coalition" forces. A Canadian soldier and 9 Afghan mercenary troops were killed. Karzai's media declared that 25 Taliban had also been killed In Herat province, on May 18, a martyrdom operator blew up a U.S. tank, killing a U.S. soldier.

In Qala Musa [Helmand province], 13 Afghan mercenary [probably Shias] troops were killed in a ferocious Taliban attack. The Karzai forces then counterattacked and claimed to have killed "dozens" of Taliban.

May 26: In the LATEST fighting, Taliban raiders killed a Karzai military GENERAL, Saadalla, in Helmand province. In Nangarhar province, Taliban blew up two U.S. military trucks but no losses were reported. The same day, the raiders blew up three trucks carrying food supplies to U.S. troops in Paktika province killing their drivers.

The Emergence of "terrorist" Islamic Leaders' Tapes and Conspiracy Theories
New Trend Analysis

The latest tape is from Osama bin Laden, the leader of the global armed Islamic forces. In it he says that Zacariah Moussaoui, a French Muslim, whom a U.S. court has sentenced to life in prison, was not involved in the 9.11 attacks and the attacks would have been aborted if the Islamic leadership had known that he knew anything about them. Thus Osama brands him as unreliable. Also, in the tape Osama says that he handpicked the 19 who struck the U.S. on 9.11. Also he says that none of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are members of Al-Qaida.

The series of tapes in the last few months started with a surprise tape from Osama, followed by one from Al-Zawahiri calling for the overthrow of General Musharraf. An important tape was from Al-Zarqawi which was quite detailed and showed his very considerable successes against U.S. forces in Iraq.

Probably the most important tape is from Hikmatyar, the controversial Afghan mujahid leader, who expressed his outright support for Osama and his determination to participate in the Jihad being carried out by the Taliban. An important point he made is that not only Pakistan's General Musharraf but IRAN is COOPERATING with the U.S. occupation forces against the people of Afghanistan.

New Trend analysts say that if the U.S. and Musharraf cannot capture Hikmatyar, who has many Afghan enemies and is easily identifiable, there is no question of their catching Mullah Omar who is seen as a man devoted to Allah, something of a saint, of whom hardly any photographs exist.

There must be some territorial depth in the Islamic struggle in Iraq for al-Zarqawi to come out with such a detailed video tape of his activities. Similarly in Afghanistan, there have to be wide swathes of territory controlled by the Taliban in which Osama and al-Zawahiri, Egypt's Islamic hero, can live without being spotted or betrayed in spite of $50 million reward money being offered by the U.S.

The tapes coming from Islamic leaders who are outside the pale of humanity for Americans create serious dissonance both in the U.S. power structure and in the conspiracy theory circles of opponents of the U.S. government. For the U.S., it is a sign of the failure of its military power that none of the top leaders of the Islamic fighting forces have been captured or killed.

For the conspiracy people, there is a serious mental problem. Some of them believe that perhaps Osama does not even exist and has been invented by Bush for the sake of waging war. Others believe that 9.11 was an inside job: perhaps Bush did it himself, or the Israelis did it, or the CIA did it. They believe explosions inside 9.11 meant explosives had been placed in the Twin Towers to implode them from within! Why was the U.S. air force, with its best bases on the east coast, unable to shoot down the planes?
[They do not know that a direct order was required from the President for this to be done to planes carrying Americans.]
They believe a missile, not a plane, hit the Pentagon.

Another interesting theory is that the planes were "remote controlled!"

Some of the C. theorists even believe that some of the alleged hijackers are alive and living in their homes in Saudi Arabia! The conspiracy people were taken aback to hear Muhammad Atta's voice recording: "we have planes..." etc. and the 6 Takbirs by the hijackers who crashed a plane in Pennsylvania. Invented sounds?
[One hijacker was known for his unIslamic behavior and had a girl friend in Germany. He should have been in the mosque, not in Las Vegas, before he sacrificed his life, the theorists say.]
Al-Zarqawi did not exist for these theorists for quite some time.

The bottom line is that for the theorists Muslims can't fly planes and the U.S. and Israel are so powerful that whatever happens in the world comes from them.

By contrast, the U.S. government thinks that any Muslim who took flight training might be tempted to repeat 9.11. More than a year back, a Sudanese cab driver was arrested in North Carolina because his record showed he had taken some flight training in his native Sudan!

Corporate Support for Jewish Agenda on Darfur
Oprah Winfrey Brings Elie Wiesel to Vent Hatred Against Sudan: "Holocaust" Drama on TV
by New Trend's Media Monitor

It was show time on May 25, 2006. The richest woman in America, Oprah Winfrey, with a huge viewing audience, threw the full weight of her show behind the forces calling for war against Sudan.

Oprah was advertising Elie Wiesel's book Night on her show, thus providing free publicity to a totally one-sided view of the Second World War. Wiesel was sitting in Oprah's studio looking very wise and highly moral in his attitude. He declared, "it's an outrage," about the situation in Darfur and claimed that the Sudanese are carrying out gang rape of Darfurian women. it was not clear how he found out and what was his source.

Oprah hung on to every word the wily Jew said as if he was speaking the absolute truth. He claimed without batting an eyelid that the "holocaust" is the "most documented tragedy in history." In fact the "holocaust" is the weakest story which has come out of the Second World War, so much so that leading critics of the "holocaust" myth, such as David Irving, Ernest Zundel and Germar Rudolf are in prison. There is no way the Jewish lobby could stand up to a critical appraisal of the "holocaust;" hence discussion and inquiry is forbidden by the corporate media.

Oprah had gone to the extent of carrying out an "essay contest" on Weisel's book, Night , in which there were 50 winners. Oprah gave each one $5,000 which was matched by AT & T. Thus each winner got $10,000! Imagine the effect this will have had on the innocent, young people who were tricked into this drama. Probably forever, they will think that Elie Wiesel wrote the story for the sake of truth.

In war time, there are always two sides to a story. Wiesel and Oprah NEVER told their audience that Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin reduced EVERY German city to rubble, incinerating hundreds of thousands of German CIVILIANS alive. After Hitler fell, millions of German CIVILIANS were killed by the allies or allowed to die of starvation and cold. As for RAPE, which Wiesel is alleging in Darfur, pro-allied historians admit that EVERY German woman from the age of 8 to 80 was raped by the allies when they conquered Germany.

The Jewish lobby plays with the minds of young people. Small school children are regular visitors at the "holocaust" museum in Washington, DC. They are given the impression that the Jews were innocent lambs and the Germans were devils incarnate.

Oprah and Wiesel connected the Darfur tragedy with the "genocide" in Rwanda. Oprah had two young women in the studio who had seen the horrors of Rwanda. One thought her parents had been killed in the bloodshed. Sudenly, Oprah announced that the parents were not only alive but had been flown from Rwanda to Oprah's studio. Lo and behold, the doors opened and the parents, dressed in the latest finery, walked in to a tearful re-union with the daughter!

It was done very well indeed!

Oprah did not tell her audience that:
1. The Tutsis, supposed victims of the Rwanda "genocide" [800,000 killed is the manufactured figure] were only 9% of the population of Rwanda but were the elites owing to favors provided by their Belgian masters.
2. The Tutsis started the civil war when they shot down the plane carrying the elected leader of the Hutus, the 91% majority of the country.
3. In the ensuing conflict, thousands of Hutus and Tutsis were killed but certainly nowhere near even 100,000.
4. A Tutsi army, armed reportedly by Israel and the U.S., swept in from Uganda and established a Tutsi minority regime based on terror in Rwanda.
5. Almost the entire majority Hutu population was made homeless, with hundreds of thousands of Hutus driven into neigboring countries as refugees. Many of them are still refugees.
6. The prisons are full of the Hutu majority while the tiny Tutsi minority, supposedly the victim of "genocide," is ruling the country.

Is it a surprise that Elie Wiesel is silent about the suffering of the Palestinian people and that Oprah cannot see the worldwide cataclysm being imposed on the Muslim world by the Bush administration?

Join the Academic Boycott of Israel

Please, if anyone wants to take a minute or so to send a message of support, please write to Professor Seaford at the following email address: May 18, 2006
British professor refuses request to write article for Israeli journal

By Tamara Traubmann, Haaretz Correspondent
[Brief excerpt with thanks to New Trend reader Ms. Carolyn from Florida.]

A British professor has refused a request to write an article for an academic journal funded by Israeli universities.
Professor Richard Seaford, from the University of Exeter in England, refused to write the article, saying he was taking part in the academic boycott of Israel.

"Alas, I am unable to accept your kind invitation, for reasons that you may not like. I have, along with many other British academics, signed the academic boycott of Israel, in the face of the brutal and illegal expansionism and the slow-motion ethnic cleansing being practiced by your government," Seaford wrote to Dr. Daniella Dueck. Dueck, a lecturer at Bar Ilan University and a member of the Scripta Classica Israelica editorial board had requested that Seaford write a book review for the journal.
Scripta Classica Israelica is published by the Israeli Society for the Promotion of Classical Studies and is distributed to subscribers in Israel and abroad.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [2 items]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Virginina Jihad Network? You gotta be Kiddin'!

Masaud Khan: Sentenced to Life because he is a Muslim: Appeal Heard May 25

Read and Reflect on what a Joke American Justice has Become!

Masaud Khan, of Pakistani orgin, has always been a loyal American and has never broken the law. He was sentenced to life in prison by an American judge who had been given the framework within which to carry out the sentencing. Masaud is a middle class person who lived comfortably with his family in relatively upscale Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Like many other young Muslims in America, Masaud re-discovered Islam and started practising it in his daily life. He did not realize that after 9.11 anyone practising Islam would be seen as a potential enemy by the U.S. government . Like many other American Muslims, he did not realize that America and Islam were at war.

Masaud had never in his wildest dreams thought of America as an enemy. He and his young friends, like American youth always have, wanted to help good causes. His good cause was Kashmir. So during a business trip to Pakistan, he visited a camp of Lashkar-e-Taiba [LeT].

Remember: at that time, September 2001, LeT had not been declared a terrorist organization by the U.S. That happened in December 2001 after the attack on the Indian Parliament [allegedly by the LeT].

Masaud returned to the U.S. unaware of what was in store for him.

Thus Masaud is being punished for a "crime" which was not a crime at that time. When the U.S. government cosied up to the Indian government, it dug up the "Neutrality Act" to convict Masaud and his friends. [As the Allies did at Nuremburg, the defendants have been selected at random and a new law made operational to punish them retrospectively.]

What did Masaud do during his visit to the LeT camp? Guns had been set up there for target practice. He fired the guns three times. The judge gave him THIRTY years for each shot he fired.

Was Masaud firing at an Indian soldier or civilian? No! He was not firing at any person but at a target on a firing range.

Was LeT involved in any actions against the U.S. No!

So why was Masaud given this horrific sentence. Two factors were involved in his tragedy:

1. The then Attorney General Ashcroft wanted to prove that terrorists were hiding inside the United States and he had discovered a whole network of them [Masaud and his friends] whom he called the "Virginia Jihad Network."

2. The Prosecution was able to break several of Masaud's friends, including a Korean who claimed that he was a Muslim, named Kwon, who had been allowed to live in the basement of Masaud's home. These collaborators, intimidated by the Prosecution, became tools for the government to pin the gravest charges on those Muslims who would not plead guilty.

Here are a few notes from the day of the Appeal filed on May 25 for Masaud, Seifullah & Hammad:

An appeal court is quite different from the large courtrooms in Alexandria Courthouse. No public is there, predominantly because of the short time element for arguments to be given and because there is no room for seating.

Each attorney has already filed briefs in argument of their case. The date for a hearing is then assigned.

Each attorney is allotted 30 minutes ordinarily to speak, but since there are three defendants in this case, each defense attorney was allotted 10 minutes to speak; then the government was given 30 minutes to speak; followed by another 2 minutes by defense attorneys, and then 2 minutes for the government.

Not a lot can be said in that period of time, when the judges are also asking questions.

Masaud's attorney asked for reduction of the 3 gun counts to be combined and reduced as one charge, not three. There was also discussion that Masaud was not given the choice of jury trial because his case was combined with the other two defendants (Chapman and Hammad) and the ongoing trial would pre-bias the jury. The government shows the Pentagon burning, Russian videos of former fighting; 9/11, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban – none of which had anything to do with Masaud's case. In fact, the Judge of the District Court had previously not had each defendant stand and state that they were waiving a jury trial and their reason for doing so. Therefore, the attorney asked for a new trial (by jury).

It was reaffirmed that Khan was acquitted of conspiracy with Al Qaida, was acquitted of fighting Americans, was acquitted of violating the Neutrality Act (because that was not in effect at that time). He had nothing to do with 9/11; he did not fight anyone; he did not shoot anyone; he returned to the U.S. and his family after the trip.

Khan's preparations to go to Pakistan to aid in his father's estate litigation were in place well before the dinner to which Al-Tamimi was invited. He had July and August 2001 Court directives from Pakistan, and preparation had been ongoing since July 2001. Khan's father (a Pathan from Landi Kotel) passed away in Pakistan in June 1992 and the Estate remains unsettled.

Khan had no intention to initially go to LET. He had to complete the purpose of his trip first by Court appearances and document work on his father's Estate. He was required to hand carry the Heirship (Succession) Certificate (original), without which the property of his father would be lost.

The Estate Lawyer in Pakistan and the High Court were awaiting his arrival.

Khan spent little time at the LET camp. The record shows that following two Court appearances, he had some time to spare before the next appearance in early December, and so phoned his job requesting an extension of time to return to his job in the US, which was granted.

He then visited the LET office at Lahore and later the Community at LET (north Pakistan). He also had relatives in Peshawar he planned to visit. The LET community consisted of a school, mosque, and family homes. He toured the community and talked with a real estate agent about purchasing property for a home for his own family in the future. A tour of the lower training camp was provided where a sample of weapons was provided and a target (bullseye) was provided if anyone wished to try out the weapons (guns).

Each gun (rifle, was loaded with one (1) bullet. The first shot was with a rifle. The second was a semi-automatic style weapon (with one (1) bullet) and the third was a grenade launcher which did not function.

No human being was fired at. No fighting was going on. This was a training camp for demonstration purposes. LET was legal – and was not declared a terrorist organization until late December 2001 when Khan had already returned home to US. Khan did not join LET. He was not a member. In fact, he was not invited to be a member by LET. Khan was not a trained fighter. Khan had not ever trained abroad.

Khan is being charged by the government with firing 3 weapons (consecutively), at a target (and it is called "furtherance of conspiracy to commit war" against a U.S. ally (India). This was the on-going situation of Kashmir and India. No Americans were involved. Khan is being charged with 30 years for firing one bullet at a target; another 30 years and another 30 years, amounting to 90 years (life sentence), and at a time when LET was legal. According to Virginia law, one does not have to fire a weapon, but simply pick it up and then put it down. 30 years. A charge the District Judge called "draconian".

The decision of the Appeals Court will be handed down in the future – next 2 - 5 or 6 months.

Qadianism in a New Guise: ISNA Desecrating Islam Under U.S. Protection.

[In India, the British supported Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani in their efforts to nationalize Islam. The Qadianis taught the irrelevance of Jihad and spoke of the British imperial power as the paragon of excellence. The Qadianis (also called "ahmeddis" or "mirzais") were difficult to detect because they prayed like Hanafis and wore beards and hijabs. They fooled Muslims for quite a while. -Ed. note]

ISNA Proud of its Pentagon Connection: Still Claims to be Muslim

In its May/June 2006 issue, Islamic Horizons, a publication of ISNA [Islamic Society of North America] proudly presents its connection to the Pentagon and support for aggression against the Muslims of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The report titled "ISNA at Pentagon Meeting" is on page 8 of Islamic Horizons with a large multicolored photo of Ahmed Elhattab, Acting Secretary General of ISNA, standing under a large logo of the Pentagon. Elhattab is smiling broadly, his face lit up, as if he has reached his paradise.

The ISNA report is very matter of fact, as if this kind of activity is normal in Islamic life. It states: "Ahmed Elhattab, acting ISNA secretary general and executive director of the ISNA Development Foundation (IDF), attended the Joint Civilian Orientation Conference [JCOC] Alumni Event at the Pentagon, Jan.26-27. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld addressed the event."

Rumsfeld addressed the event? Would any decent Muslim be proud of such an association with the mass murderer of Iraq? Some Jews would not be proud of it.[Note the irony of "IDF" which escaped ISNA.]

As if that is not sufficient to establish ISNA as a puppet organization, the report indicates that America's war activity against Muslims was updated to the participants, along with concerns about the "challenges" the military is facing. Here is the ISNA report again:

"Event participants met with Department of Defense officials and attended a brief discussion on the challenges faced by military services in recruiting the future force of 2020. They received updates from senior DOD officials on combat operations, troop strength, and troop morale in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also participated in a working lunch and engaged in discussion on the latest national strategy for Homeland Defence."

Readers should note ISNA's infiltration of Muslim communities in America through people like Syed Syeed, Muzammil Siddiqui and Siraj Wahhaj.

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