Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

Atlanta Rally in RainStorm Calls for
Unconditional Release of Imam Jamil

" O Prophet! Strive Hard Against the Rejectors and
the Hypocrites, and be firm against them. Their abode
is Hell - an evil refuge indeed! "(The Qur'an 9: 73)

"Each one of you is a ruler and each one of you is
responsible for those you rule."
(Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith collected by Imam Bukhari)

Observers say that January 19, 2001 was probably the day which started the momentum for the unconditional release of Imam Jamil al-Amin. The court room where Imam Jamil appeared (Atlanta's Fulton county Court ) was packed with Muslims. The crowd overflowed into the corridor where a TV monitor had been set up for those who could not find seats inside.

The oppressors were on the retreat. 1. The gag order on Imam Jamil was removed. 2. His right to pray with others in prison was reinstated. 3. He can now lead Juma' prayers. 4. The case hearing will begin in October 2001.

The Imam looked resplendent in his Islamic robe and head-dress as he praised Allah, the Creator of all peoples, and declared his innocence in the case.

At 12 noon a protest rally began across the street from the court inspite of the steady downpour of rain.

None of the funded Muslim groups were there but independent Islamic and non-Muslim organizations were well represented.

May Allah reward the International Committee, led by Br. Bilal Sunni Ali, Br. Nadim Ali and Br. Khalil, for their coordination of efforts which created unity in diversity. (The P.A. system did not break down inspite of the storm.)

Br. Sunni Ali set the tone by pointing out that the downpour of rain should not discourage us, because our brothers in Palestine are standing in the rain of bullets (so the rain water is nothing).

Shaikh Abdus Sattar (from Iraq) and Sis. Umm Asma, his wife, (representing Gulf Medical Relief Fund who were in Baghdad when the bombs were falling) stood together to call on the Muslims to rise up in defense of the oppressed, be they the children of Iraq or the political prisoners of America's tyranny.

Br. Altaf from the National Muslim Students association assured Imam Jamil of the support of the new generation of Muslim students.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique and Sis. Ashira Na'im denounced in thunderous terms, the entire history of murder and oppression which has run rampant in America, from slavery, the decimation of Indians, the murder of Crazy Horse, down to the assassinations of Dr. King and Malcolm X, the incarceration of Geronimo Pratt for 27 years, Br. Jihad Abdul Mumit's imprisonment for 22 years, the railroading of Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman ,the arrest of Imam Jamil and the entire prison and injustice system.

(As the two spoke, a powerful rain squall roared down Pryor street and seemed to wash away the sins of Br. Kaukab, Sis. Ashira and Br. Sunni Ali. Br. Kaukab's umbrella broke like a twig and his placards were swept away.)

Protests were also voiced by representatives of Mumia Jamal and Leonard Peltier as well as a group against the death penalty. In response, Br. Kaukab urged Muslims to oppose the death penalty because in a secular state like USA, where church and state are separate, and the government is not based on a concept of the Hereafter, there is NO LEGITIMACY FOR THE DEATH PENALTY.

JUMA' PRAYERS at GEORGIA TECH. The Muslim students of Georgia Tech have been very supportive of Imam Jamil's struggle. It was only fitting that the Juma Salat at the neat, progressive school heard support for Imam Jamil. Imam Muhammad Durra (originally from Ghana) (from Rishmond, Virginia) gave an upifting, spiritual khutba which he concluded with open support for the cause of Imam Jamil. He urged the listeners (including a good number of sisters), to remember that only our deeds of virtue, piety and obedience to Allah's teachings can help us when we reach the inevitable stage of death.

Following juma' ALL the worshippers stayed to listen to Dr. Kaukab Siddique as he expounded from the Qur'an and the Hadith about struggle against the oppressors. He linked the struggle of IMAM JAMIL al-AMIN with the struggle of SHAIKH OMAR 'ABDEL RAHMAN. He urged immigrant Muslims to realize that attempts to please the White House and Congress will not fool the oppressors. Those who want invitations to the White House are playing into the hands of the bloodsuckers of the Iraqi, Afghan, Chechen, Kashmiri, Sudanese people, he said. The oppressors, he gave examples to show, want to cut off the activists from the general ummah and then to enslave the ummah in a religion which is of the church-type: they want a Qur'an, he said, in which the Jihad verses are not recited.

Statements of support for the Imam also came from local MSA leader Br. Amer Basher, National MSA, Br. Altaf, and Br. Mansour Ansari, well-known in Atlanta.
Atlanta's RADIO WRFG 89.3 FM, on it's NIGHT WATCH program from 11 pm to midnight (on January 19), hosted by Br. Bilal Sunni Ali, had three out-of-town guests: Br. Abdul Haqq from the December 12 movement (New York), Dr. Kaukab Siddique, international ameer of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, and Sis. Ashira Na'im, Secretary-General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen. All three talked about the ways and means to make the masses aware of the significance of Imam Jamil's struggle and the evil of the anti-people power structure of USA. Br. Kaukab emphasized Imam Jamil's anti-consumerism, his lifestyle which frees people from exploitation by the major corporations. Br. Abdul Haqq emphasized the need to get grassroots level support and to raise funds for the movement.

Sis. Ashira emphasized the essential role of women in the movement, that there is no need to give the idea that there are only some issues about which women can speak. She urged people to give up their fear of the oppressors. If Jihad Abdul Mumit and Imam Jamil al-Amin are not afraid, why should we be, she asked.

WHAT IS LEADERSHIP ALL ABOUT? Imam Jamil calls people to the Qur'an and the Sunnah, and not to himself, Br. Kaukab said, and that makes him a rallying point for all people who want virtue, decency and lack of ego in leadership.

Br. Abdul Haqq concluded that the role of youth and Imam Jamil's insistence on the inclusion of youths in the movement is essential.
END NOTES: On January 20, Jamaat al-Muslimeen representatives went to Masjid Omar, north of Atlanta, to distribute literature and found a very nice dinner in progress seemingly organized by the Salafi group.
ON JANUARY 21, Br. Kaukab spoke at Imam Jamil's Community masjid in the West End of Atlanta and called for unity of independent groups which are not imposed by rich , outside forces. A close rapport based on spiritual understanding and brotherhood seems to have developed between JAM reps and Imam Jamil's community.
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