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On July 23 no less than 500-600 people from all walks of life gathered at the Federal Plaza to rally against the continuing occupation of Iraq. Muslims, Christians, Black, White, Rich and Poor have again started to protest against Mr. Bush. The Christian community spoke in force about the events taking place. Seven giant-sized metallic boards, with the names of ALL victims was erected at 5:30 PM CST. The metallic boards had the names of each Muslim, Christian, American, Iraqi scripted for all to see. As this reported is begin written, the boards still stand in Federal Plaza. Ms. Kathy Kelly from Voices of the Wilderness declared that a cultural war is being directed at the world from the United States. Ms. Kelly has spent much time in Iraq defying the Administrations ban on travel to the now ravaged nation. Voices of the Wilderness is one of the few organizations which have fearlessly defied sanctions on Iraq FROM THE BEGINNING. Their website is as follows:
A heartfelt letter written was made public from a 20-year old Latino man killed in Iraq. The letter brought home the horrors of war and how a young man sacrificed his life in a war to help his family financially. We were also told by family members, his funeral was about $7,000. The young man's family was unable to cover the expenses until the U.S. Marines offered to pay all costs. However, the official told this family all expenses would be covered if they refused to discuss anything publicly. Hence, family member came to the rally and made all things public.

The event ended with all participants shouting "PRESENTED," with flowers at the erected walls. We were told this is the Latin-American tradition. Each casualty of the war had their named read out loud with flowers being laid at the wall for everyone to see. Imam Malik Mujahid represented the Muslim community and read out loud the total number of hate crime and INS casualties in America. The event was very well done and the Christian religious Community came out in force to condemn this war, putting Islamic organizations to shame. IT WAS INTERESTING TO NOTE THAT NOT ONE PERSON PROTESTED, ABUSED, OR MOCKED OUR GATHERING. This was very different from the beginning of this war. The rebellion against Mr. Bush shall continue in this city. WE URGE ALL JAMAAT al-MUSLIMEEN SUPPORTERS TO BEGIN SIMILAR ACTIVITES IN THEIR COMMUNITIES. THE PEOPLE ARE NOW AGAINST THIS WAR AND SO ARE THE VERY PEOPLE FIGHTING IN IRAQ.
This even is being sponsored by: American Friends Service Committee, Chicagoans Against War and Injustice (CAWI), Circle of Life Affinity Group, 8th Day Center, Episcopal Peace Fellowship, IL SOA Watch, Peace Pledge -Chicago, Resources Unlimited Foundation, Voices in the Wilderness

The BeyondToday organization has been graciously working with all Muslim and Non-Muslim organizations to further the process of struggle within all communities. Organizers have now asked to link New Trend to their website. Their organizational webpage can be seen on the following website:

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