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JAMAAT AL-MUSLIMEEN URGES MUSLIMS AND PEOPLE OF CONSCIENCE TO NOTICE THAT U.S. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and all major media TRIED TO CONNECT THE HAJJ (Islamic pilgrimage) to international terrorism all day on TV screens on February 7. Repeatedly the insinuation was made that the Hajj makes conditions amenable for terrorism. Thus an all-out attempt is being made to label a major Islamic act of worship as a receptacle for terrorism.

JAM urges Muslims to break the silence. Pick up the phone and get on radio talk shows. Distribute flyers in your community. Ashcroft and the neo-cons are playing a dirty game against Islam. Do not let them go unanswered. Silence will not save you.
Jewish Leader Attacks Imam 'Umar & ALL Muslim chaplains

"Every Muslim is every other Muslim's brother (sister), does not oppress him (her) and does not leave him (her) alone helpless to be oppressed, or to be dishonored." [Prophet Muhammad,pbuh, Hadith, Sahih Muslim]

Following Wall Street Journal's attack on Imam Warithuddin 'Umar, a Jewish leader, Senator Schumer, attacked Imam 'Umar and ALL the Muslim chaplains in his old jurisdiction. He called for the SUSPENSION of ALL of them. Here is the attacker as reported in U.S. news services:

"ALBANY -- U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer blasted state-prison officials Thursday following reports that a radical Muslim cleric has recruited like-minded chaplains to minister and spread "al-Qaeda-type extremism" to inmates. Schumer said the state should immediately suspend the chaplains pending an investigation. He said the state lacked oversight and that Corrections Commissioner Glenn Goord is "in a lot of hot water."
This is the methodology of Zionist censorship. They control the media, tell lies all the time, and if anyone dares to speak otherwise, they try him in the media and destroy his job possibilities.

[During this Zionist attack on Imam 'Umar, the Imam was FIRED by way of a FAXED message without discussion.]
Leading Synagogue Rabbi Had His Wife Murdered Hit Men Were Told, She was Enemy of Israel [Media Have Carefully Hidden Major Story of Murder Among the Jews]

[On January 29, 2003 a Philadelphia court sentenced two Jewish hit men to about ten years in prison in the murder of Rabbi Neulander's wife Carol. Two weeks earlier, the Rabbi himself was sentenced to life in prison for having arranged the murder of his wife. It took a second trial to convict the Rabbi. He had been convicted on first trial but a "technical" hitch was brought up to give him a second trial. Both parties were Jewish, hence a conviction became possible. VERY FEW PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE PHILADELPHIA AREA EVEN HEARD OF THE CASE. The story was buried by the major media. From our archives, we present a revealing glimpse of how the Zionists control America's Jews - editor]

The Philadelphia Inquirer for June 2, 2000 had a top front page story (with two photos) titled "Neulander murder was long planned, attacker tells court" subtitled "Len Jenoff pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter and said Carol Neulander's rabbi husband was behind it." This was followed up by an 8-page front cover story in the INQUIRER MAGAZINE of June 4 titled "The Rabbi's Story Part One."

According to these reports Rabbi Neulander of Cherry Hill, NJ, head of Congregation M'kor Shalom "one of the largest synagogues in the region" agreed to pay hit man Jenoff $30,000 to murder the Rabbi's wife Carol. Jenoff, 54, brought in a younger man, Daniels, 26, to help him. (Both Jenoff and Daniels are Jews.)

It appears that after the murder, the hit man decided to confess, probably to get off on manslaughter charges. The Rabbi had his wife murdered because he was having an adulterous affair with another woman and did not want to go through a divorce or lose his well-paid job at the Synagogue (according to the Inquirer).

THE REAL STORY, HOWEVER, IS HIDDEN IN THE 89-page transcript of the statement Jenoff made to the Camden County investigators on May 5. According to this confession, the RABBI WANTED TO HAVE JENOFF KILL SOMEONE BECAUSE SHE WAS DISLOYAL TO ISRAEL..

According to the transcript, the Rabbi of this leading synagogue asked Jenoff:

"Would you kill for Israel or would you kill to defend the state of Israel?" That's how the Rabbi wanted to prepare Jenoff to do the killing. (All quotes are from the transcript.) Jenoff asked the Rabbi: "You mean Rabbi, you mean, like working for Mossad?" The Rabbi answered "Yes" and Jenoff says "I said "yes, then I would."

After having made sure that Jenoff would be willing to kill for Israel, the Rabbi pampered him with attention and won his confidence. Then he gradually brought up who was the person to be killed. Jenoff states:

"first it started as a person that was an enemy of the State of Israel."

It appears that Mossad (the Israeli state terrorist organization) operates in America, because the Rabbi was giving Jenoff names of people he could go see in Philadelphia so that Jenoff would "eventually get into Mossad."

Jenoff was convinced by the Rabbi that "not only is this person a threat to Israel, but was more like this person was a threat to the local Jewish community. "The Rabbi continued to imply that if Jenoff did the hit, he would get the job in Mossad. "Show these people you have balls."

He actually met people who were supposed to be connected to Mossad. After many delays, the Rabbi finally brought out the real target of the hit: his wife Carol.

There is extensive discussion in the transcript about how the murder was to be carried out: very cold-blooded stuff coming from the a leading Zionist "religious" leader on the East Coast of America.

At one point it was suggested that the murder should be done in such a way as to seem to be done by "minorities" or Black people.
ZIONIST MEDIA KEEPING IT QUIET: The Philadelphia Inquirer (that city's biggest paper: you can guess who publishes it) does not even mention the Israeli connection in its main story. Only in a secondary story, on page 21, in the last but one paragraph (column 6) we are told at the end of a paragraph that: ..."Rabbi Neulander, he said, told him that the woman was an enemy of Israel and that she had to die for the good of the country."

The entire story has been simply IGNORED IN NEIGHBORING CITIES LIKE BALTIMORE, WASHINGTON and NEW YORK, all which have huge heavily-financed newspapers (published by you know who) and all of them saddened by the plight of women in faraway countries.


Try to imagine what the media would have done with a hit paid for by an Imam to murder his wife because she is against the Islamic Jihad in Afghanistan!

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