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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulq'idah 28,1427/December 20, 2006 #84

Breaking news: Dec 20--Austria decided to release David Irving after keeping him in prison for 13 months.
Please scroll down to Edward Miller's report on Washington's "whore house politics." Will Democrats change the situation? Dr. Miller, New Trend veteran, is right on target.

The Muslim world is changing in favor of Islam: In Indonesia, a woman named Maria Ulfat, has become famous for her recitation of the Qur'an. Her voice, reciting the words of Allah, has entered millions of homes through national radio and TV. She won the international qirat competition in Malaysia. She has also recited in Makkah, Arabia. [Source: L.A. Times, December 17.]

Think about this: The ultimate in censorship: December 19: Israeli troops shot and killed a 14-year old Palestinian girl. The murder was not discussed by any of the cable TV channels. It got only ONE LINE in the wire services below the TV screen. Do you think these people could possibly be telling the truth about Hitler and the "holocaust?"

Blair with Olmert in Jerusalem: The Abomination of Anglo Imperialism & Crusader Mentality
by Kaukab Siddique

Seldom has British arrogance and crusader mentality been so blatantly put on display. On December 18, 2006, Tony Blair joined Israeli terrorist Ehud Olmert in a ceremony meant to denigrate Hamas and the Islamic aspirations of the Palestinian people. Blair chose the place well, the blessed city of Jerusalem, desecrated and ravaged by the Israeli-Jewish terror entity known as "Israel."

Blair chose his companion well, Olmert, the Butcher of Lebanon. The argument Blair made against Hamas was out of this world: in a normal world it would have cast doubt on Blair's sanity. Blair admitted that Hamas was elected by way of democratic elections, but, he said, we control the money, and we won't let Hamas have it because Hamas does not agree with us.

Olmert solemnly agreed with Blair. He used very interesting logic: Hamas is terrorist. If we let Hamas have the money which rightfully belongs to Palestine, it will be used for terrorism.

Not very dissimilar is the logic used by the Bush administration to close down Muslim charities which were helping orphans and widows.

Blair and Olmert are mentally in the era of the crusades and slavery, quite unaware that the world is passing them by.

The other side of the story: Muslims must know this. [Courtesy: IHR]
The Victories of Revisionism
Robert Faurisson -- Address to the Iran Holocaust Conference

...The "Holocaust" remains the lone official religion of the entire West, a murderous religion if ever there was one. And one that continues to fool millions of good souls in the crudest ways: the display of heaps of eyeglasses, hair, shoes or valises presented as "relics" of the "gassed", faked or deceptively exploited photographs, texts of innocuous papers altered or purposely misinterpreted, endless proliferation of monuments, ceremonies, shows, the drumming of the Shoah into our heads as early as primary school, organised excursions to the holy sites of alleged Jewish martyrdom and great show trials with their calls for lynch-law.

AFRICA: 2 items by NT Media Monitor

Somali Islamic Forces Defeat First Ethiopian Invasion: UN prepares Intervention

Heavily armed Ethiopian military columns which had come into Somalia to buttress the U.S.-installed "government" in Boadoa suffered their first defeat at the hands of lightly armed Somali mujahideen in November 2006. The western powers were alarmed by this situation and the United Nations hurriedly came together to decide that a UN military force should be sent in to protect the "government."

Ever since the Islamic movement took over Somalia, the U.S. media has stopped publicizing misery and starvation in Somalia as they used to. [New Trend's analysis shows that human misery videos are usually shown about countries which have been unraveled so badly that Christian missionaries have the opportunity to go in and "win souls."]

SUDAN: Darfur Propaganda Gets Deeper as anti-Sudan Government in Chad Weakens

A Jewish student activist, Mark Hanis, formed A "genocide intervention network." On December 5, he spoke at the Newseum, [Arlington, VA] trying to stir up a group of American students against Sudan. He compared Sudan's Islamic leader Omar Bashir to Hitler and recited wild charges of atrocities in Darfur. About himself, he pointed that he is a "holocaust survivor" and goes to Synagogue. One of the Muslim students objected to the Hitler comparison but much too gently.

Mark was concerned that the Darfur problem has now crossed over to Chad where Sudan is said to be fomenting a rebellion against the rulers of Chad [who long ago started the Darfur rebellion].

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL too is being used in a clever way. At a Washington DC program [shown on C-Span], three persons [Aisha Bains, Adam Shapiro, Jen Marlowe] speaking as representatives of Amnesty recited outlandish atrocity propaganda in the form of a recitation called "Darfur Diaries." However, three-fourths of the way through the program, the presenters admitted that Amnesty itself DOES NOT consider the Darfur situation 'genocide' but they [supposedly representatives of Amnesty] insisted that it is!

At the END of the program, they admitted that all the stories they picked up were collected when they were in REBEL-CONTROLLED AREAS. One speaker, very Americanized but claiming to be Darfurian, expressed shock that he had heard an Islamic, African-American imam opposing the Darfur story.

Movie Review: by NT Media Monitor
"Blood Diamond" Worth Seeing: the Unspeakable Oppression of Africa's People

The richest continent in the world is also the poorest. Those who produce diamonds never get to own one. The movie is about Sierra Leone [West Africa] but it speaks about Africa as a whole, and generally about the condition of humanity.

This could be a movie unwittingly made about Darfur, Sudan, where rebel groups are armed by outsiders [Israelis, the U.S.] to send them into battle with government troops. In Sudan, there is oil, in Niger there is uranium, in South Africa, gold and diamonds, in Sierra Leone, diamonds.

The Europeans, the Americans, the Israelis get rich from the misery of the people. The movie shows boys/children being used as soldiers to destroy the values and traditions of their own people. The boy-soldiers supervise slave labor used to extract the diamonds which fund rebellion and make foreigners rich.

Obviously, the producers of "Blood Diamond" did not have the moral courage to mention De Beers and other Jewish businesses which are the biggest diamond traffickers. Even then the impact of the movie, coming out just before Christmas, was such that diamond businesses issued statements claiming that their diamonds are not "conflict diamonds."

One scene in the movie shows almost the entire population in a refugee camp which is like a concentration camp. Africa's misery challenges the status quo: a world in which most people live at the margins of existence and others buy diamonds as Christmas gifts has to be a world which has lost the basic principles of civilization.

The movie has a weak ending: the producers wanted to make it palatable to American audiences and failed to break out of the eurocentric mode.
*** New Trend recommends this movie.

Re: The Pope's recent statement about Islam [which was criticized in New Trend].

The Pope has always taken a stand that is most popular in a country with its government. In Spain, it backed the Fascist Franco and never condemned the horrible executions and labor camps he was running. (The U.S. also backed Franco and supplied him with arms.) When it became clear that Franco was losing his power, the Catholic church changed its stance and apologized to the people of Spain.

During WWII, it was the same thing regarding the holocaust. The Pope did not condemn Hitler or the atrocities that happened under his rule-20 million people died in camps. This is still true today. The leaders of the Catholic church are not taking a stand against Israel and its genocide against the Palestinian people, nor other atrocities around the world. They don't want to sympathize with the "underdogs", but stay on the good side of powerful leaders and a most dangerous media. To stand up to Israel would make the Catholic church appear to be anti-semitic; thus they would lose many Catholic parishioners, who contribute to and support the church.

Carolyn Johnson

Editor's note: Readers should not casually refer to millions of people who died in Hitler's camps. The evidence is not there. There were no angels on either side in that war. German civilian populations were BURNED ALIVE through systematic FIRE BOMBING of German cities. Huge numbers of German civilians died in allied atrocities after Hitler's death. Hitler did not have a monopoly of evil.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

America's "Qadianis"
ISNA-CAIR's Self Image: Photos with Condileeza Rice and Atty. Gen. Gonzalez
by Kaukab Siddique

The U.S. government knows that ISNA-CAIR are its lick spittle toadies. Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, Stephen Schwartz attacked ISNA-CAIR, but the U.S. government said, no, these are "our" people. Kabbani tried to replace ISNA-CAIR but failed. The U.S. power structure loves ISNA-CAIR more than it loves Emerson-Pipes-Kabbani. Be it Clinton-Albright, or Bush-Condi in the White House, ISNA-CAIR is there to lick boots and gobble up the spittle. Next could be the democrats: the lickers will get invited via Keith Ellison!

One wonders how some of the Muslims of India could follow Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani whose cult declared that Jihad is no longer valid and that the British Empire was the best of all possible worlds. It seems impossible, yet right here in America we see the growth of a new "qadianiat." Remember, the Qadianis prayed Hanafi style and their women wore hijab.

We don't need to investigate ISNA. These 'qadiani' types are so shameless and so confident of government support that they publish the enemies of Islam, and their own connection with them, in their OWN publication. How low can one get! Politically aware non-Muslims would not honor Condoleezza Rice and Gonzalez.

In Islamic Horizons, ISNA's glossy newsletter, we have an article praising one of ISNA's dirtiest bootlickers, Sayyid Syeed, with a photo of him sitting in a group photo whose center piece is Condoleezza Rice. The mass murder of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan leaves Sayyid Syeed untouched. He feels so honored by one of the mass murderers that he gets into the photo opportunity with her and then the photo is published in ISNA's own paper! [See Islamic Horizons, Vol. 35, #2, p.12] {Syeed is on the Advisory Board of CAIR.}

What about the MUSLIMS of AMERICA? Who has oppressed them more that Atty. Gen. Gonzalez? Ask Jose Padilla, still being held without trial. Ask Masoud Khan who got 90 years for visiting an anti-Indian camp in Pakistan. Ask Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar who got 60 years for talking on the phone with the enemies of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. ISNA loves Gonzalez so much that his photo, all smirk and tie, is published honorably in ISNA's own paper. [IH p. 46. Here we are told that Syeed actually meets with and advises Gonzalez on how to deal with Muslims.]

ISNA's mediocre "leaders" have misled the Muslims of America for much too long.

Distinguished British Historian's Appeal Coming Up: Censorship of David Irving Could Backfire

A man who wrote thousands of pages on Hitler, Churchill, Hess, Goebbels and unearthed the hidden documents of the Second World War was arrested by the puppet regime in AUSTRIA and sentenced to three years in prison. Why? because, while in AUSTRIA, he uttered a sentence more than a decade back questioning the Jewish version of the "holocaust."

On December 20, his appeal comes up. His sentence could be reduced or ended [bogus as it is] or it could be increased to 10 years as the prosecution is demanding.

Anyone who honors scholarship, research, evidence, integrity, independence relating to great historical issues would honor David Irving. Unfortunately the Jewish power elite's censorship and the financial clout of International Jewry and Israeli terrorism have made it almost impossible for most people to know what Irving writes and says.

Mr. Irving is an outspoken critic of the zionist-backed occupation of Iraq and a great supporter of the Palestinian people. By keeping Mr. Irving in prison, AUSTRIA has aligned itself to the enemies of Truth.

Christmas Shoppers Get message on "50 Shots:" 30 Muslims Stand out among 5,000 Protestors
by Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, New York City.]

On December 16, 2006, there was a massive protest in New York City against the November 25th murder of Sean Bell and the wounding of his two friends, Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman.

The protest was lead by Rev. Al Sharpton and Trent Benefield, who was in a wheelchair. Al-humdulillah! He seems to be on his way to recovery. Everyone active was at this rally, which was to march from 59th street and 5th Avenue and end at Macy's Herald Square at 34th street. There were Asians, Muslims, Caucasians, and of course people of African-descent there marching for justice for the shooting victims. There were thousands but I am terrible at estimation but, I would say there were 5,000+ who participated.

To my chagrin, I found out that Congressmen Rangle and Councilman Andrew Weiner also attended the march. What are zionist politicians doing at a rally for justice?

After Jumah, flyers were handed out requesting that Muslims in attendance wear white kufis and hijabs so that we stand out. There were a number of us who complied and yet, more who did not but I was happy to see an Islamic presence marching together. I estimate that there were 30 Muslims in our area alone and even more scattered throughout because there were members of the New Black Panther Party who gave their salaams, as well.

The only tense moment of the march came at the beginning when the members of the New Black Panther Party broke from the line and marched up front to see what the delay was. The march was supposed to begin at 12 noon but we began lining up at 11:20am. People were beginning to get impatient and some started chanting, "Let's Go". As soon as the Panthers went up there the march started moving in a continuous fashion, which was around 12:40pm. It was supposed to be silent but was anything but that. However, it was very peaceful.

My Observation: Fifth Avenue, New York is very ritzy with a lot of stores carrying extravagant items. Apartments in that area can easily be bought and sold for 2 to 25 million dollars. Mayor Bloomberg, the billionaire owner of Bloomberg Radio and Television, did not want this march to take place.

Many shoppers were going in and out of stores buying items but, there were just as many people (tourists) who stopped and stared and took pictures. As we moved past the Diamond District (an area where many jewelry stores are owned by Orthodox Jews) on 46th Street, a sister observed that there were fewer and fewer people down there. By the time we passed Time Square, it looked like a "ghost town"!

This protest did have an impact on businesses. It was great seeing onlookers drop whatever it was they were doing to join in the march. Many of the marchers were telling onlookers that we were shopping for justice. One Muslim brother was adamant that people should boycott Christmas and to explain to their children that they received no gifts because Santa was shot 50 times. This was to be the biggest shopping weekend before Christmas next week and I think we made a dent!

SHUTTING DOWN OUR WASHINGTON WHORE HOUSE: Democrats Supported Iraq War and Love Israel Above All

by Edward W. Miller [San Rafael, California]

" There are two parties in Washington: the Republicans and the Republicans Lite"

Jesse Jackson

" I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."
(former Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001)

As the scales of power tilt slightly in favor of the Democrats, now would be a good time for Americans to take a careful look at the Washington political machine, and try to rescue those whom we have elected to office, from their present status as "Whores of the Special Interests ", restoring them to their sworn and honorable positions as " Representatives of the People" and "Defenders of the Constitution".

Just as prostitution in Nevada and New Jersey historically has been controlled by the Mafia, using political bribery, physical threats and murder, just so the big lobbies in Washington, representing such interests as oil, pharmaceuticals, guns, insurance and that parasite, Israel, buy and sell and even threaten our elected politicians.

Our dysfunctional Congress, often in lock-step with one of the most corrupt administrations America has known, has propelled us into two completely unnecessary wars, in Afghanistan and then Iraq, has dangerously interfered with our political and personal rights with the Patriot Act ( rubber-stamped again without significant congressional discussion on March 13th, 2006), has just destroyed the centuries-long Writ of Habeas Corpus, (which preceded the 1215 Magna Carta ) , and has isolated us from all other nations in their campaign to halt global warming as Washington denied the Kyoto Protocols, and finally, using NAFTA and the FREE TRADE POLICY, has further decimated the economies of the Third WORLD, including our Central American and Mexican neighbors, making emigration into the US for survival the only recourse for these impoverished peoples.

Since members of both Houses of Congress, like barnyard pigs, have become accustomed to gorging themselves at the trough of political money, attempts, so-far, to stem this rising tide of political cash have had little effect.

Only more radical changes in the system itself will reduce the power of the political dollar. The level of political spending (campaign funds) our politicians must consider, either as incumbents or challengers in the political arena, has become one of the major faults in the system .

One attempt to create a more democratic system was made by Proposition 34, the BIPARTISAN CAMPAIGN REFORM ACT, passed in 2002. As summarized by the Legislative Analyst:

" Candidates for state offices collect private donations from individuals, corporations, political parties, and other organizations (such as labor unions and nonprofit organizations) to pay for the costs of their political campaigns. The maximum amount of money that each person or group can give to a candidate is determined by state law. The limits were last changed when voters approved Proposition 34 at the November 2000 general election. Current limits on the amount of money that can be given depend on the office being sought and who is giving the donation....An individual can give a candidate for the state Assembly a donation of up to $3,300. On the other hand, a political party can give that same candidate as much money as it chooses. A candidate can accept donations any time before an election and can spend without limit any money that is collected." Since political parties bypass state lines, huge donations of " out-of-state- cash has been able to swing elections, thus stripping the individual state voter from his share of political power."

On Wednesday Dec. 10, 2003 the Supreme Court issued its opinion in McConnell v. Federal Election Commission (FEC). The court upheld, 5-4, the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 on the key issues of banning "soft-money" contributions and limiting "issue ads." But struck down two provisions of the law - a ban on political contributions from those under voting age and limitations on party spending unrelated to a particular party candidate. Special interest groups and business interests have already found loopholes in the measure. Two Congressmen, Christopher Shays, (R-CN), and Marty Meehan, (D-MA) filed suit in federal court challenging the Federal Election Commission's interpretation of the new law.

Loopholes in this measure were to be corrected in California, by Proposition 89, the "Clean Money and Fair Elections Act ", which would have established a system for candidates, both incumbents and challengers, to receive public funds to pay for the costs of campaigning for state offices. The Act was strongly opposed by big business and the California Chamber of Commerce. Offered to California voters on the ballot on Nov. 7th 2006 the measure failed miserably @ 1,847,919 / 25.5% Yes votes ...... 5,394,826 / 74.5% No votes

A quick glance at the recent antics of our newly empowered Democratic Party is enough to remind us of how vital is returning real democracy to the American people.. Take congressional working hours for example:

It has been the custom for Congress members to leave Washington after Thursday lunch, often going back to their homes and constituencies until the following Monday morning. This shortened work-week has allowed our Representatives to slack off on their legislative duties. The media just reported: "9 out of a total of 11 appropriation bills, legislation necessary to keep the Us government running, had NOT been acted upon by Congress as of Nov 18th, 2006."

Political writer David Corn noted: (THE NATION 17 Nov) " On Thursday morning, incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid met with several journalists, including yours truly. ....outlined his plans. He noted that he will compel senators to work longer hours and dramatically expand the Tuesday-through-Thursday-at-noon work week that has become routine in the Senate. He said he would cut back on recess time."

Another approach to both leveling the player field between incumbent and challenger as well as increasing the ballot value of the average voter, would be to offer free TV and radio time to both challenger and incumbent. Since the great majority of political campaign cash is spent on media access, this approach would markedly reduce the power of big spenders, both individual and lobbies such as the Oil lobby, the gun lobby or AIPAC. Since we Americans own our electromagnetic spectrum, it should be simple for a well-directed Congress to force the FCC to allot media time in both TV and radio modalities to both incumbents and challengers during any state or federal election campaign..

Today some freshly-charged Democrats are blaming Republicans for our Iraq catastrophe, but, as Stephen Zunes points out: " It was the Democrats who controlled the Senate in the fall of 2002 when the Senate voted to authorize the invasion of Iraq." "Majority leader Tom Daschle and assistant majority leader Harry Reid led the majority of their fellow Senators."

Whether our Democratic majority will fight the Bush Jr.." Stay the Course in Iraq" policy, or get us quickly out of this quagmire is yet to be seen. On another note: Tuesday, February 28, 2006, the City and County of San Francisco became the first large municipality to call for the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney, by a 7-3 vote. Nancy Pelosi, the new Democratic Chair, and Speaker of the House, in her first few days of glory, refused to join in a program to impeach Bush and Cheney. Pelosi, however, after pledging her heart and soul to support Israel, took time off from her political campaign to " condemn Jimmy Carter for using the word "apartheid" in the title of his new book. on Israel and the Mideast... according to a Jewish Telegraphic Agency profile, Pelosi's support for Israel is personal and "heartfelt." In a speech rallying AIPAC loyalists Pelosi said:

" There are those who contend that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about Israel 's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza ...This is absolute nonsense. In truth, the history of the conflict is not over occupation, and never has been: it is over the fundamental right of Israel to exist."

As Alex Cockburn pointed out (4/4/2006) "The Democratic Party has long been ... supported by, rich Zionists. In 2002, Haim Saban, who funds the Saban Center at the Brooking Institute and big contributor to AIPAC, gave $12.3 million to the Democratic Party. In 2001, the magazine Mother Jones listed on its website the 400 leading contributors to the 2000 national elections. Seven of the first 10 were Jewish, as were 12 of the top 20, and 125 of the top 250. Given this, all prudent candidates have gone to amazing lengths to satisfy their demands. "

Americans have a ways to go before we can free our so-called "Representatives" from the chains of "Big Money". If the Democratic Party won't help, perhaps we can get the Green Party to pick up the " Set Congress Free" torch."

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