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U.S. Assault on Afghanistan: Shameful Bullying of a Defenseless Nation
Flag Wavings Remind us of Lynchings of Black People
Fascism Rising in the Name of Patriotism
Media Telling Lies by Omission: No Dissenting or Islamic Faces on TV

{FIRST THE WAR NEWS: Kandahar is solidly in Taliban hands 8 days after we announced its fall. Mullah Omar and Mujahid Osama are both alive. Prayers around the Muslim world are being held for their honor and dignity, victory or martyrdom. Konduz in the north is holding out, a heroic unheard of resistance. One Muslim for every 10 mercenaries attacking them in Konduz, 3000 against 30,000, plus daily bombing by B-52s. These 8 days of terrorism from the air are etched in Islamic history. Tragedy of the international Islamic community is unfolding in Konduz as the U.S. is determined not to allow anyone who believes in the Qur'an's UMMAH concept to survive. Several hundred Islamic volunteers have already been blown to bits by B-52s. The U.S. air force is playing god. The Zionist-Imperialist dance of death goes on every day over Afghanistan: the blood of martyrs mixes with the soil of Afghanistan in the blessed month of Ramadan}

Wilmer Leon is one of those unusual and rare people in America who have the ability to see reality beyond the media hype. Deeply steeped in the lore, history and traditions of the African-American people, he takes government propaganda with a pinch of salt. At a time when the major media are carrying out a non-stop daily blitz aimed at the destruction of Islam (thinly veiled under the cover of the "War on Terrorism") Wilmer Leon had the audacity to look for authentic Islamic responses to the ongoing war. This was his third such effort (see our previous reports for programs in September and October).

The Wilmer Leon Show is heard in the entire Washington, DC/Baltimore, Maryland area through channels 1450 and 1010. It's also heard in some other parts of the country through XM radio.

This program was for one hour and the three Muslim guests were:
Sis. Motisola M. Abdallah (Islamic and community activist from Atlanta, Georgia)
Sis. Yasmeen Salahuddin (Ph.D scholar and Media Watch activist, Baltimore)
Dr. Kaukab Siddique (Lincoln University, PA., editor of New Trend)
There was a good volume of lively callers on this live program.
Sis. MOTISOLA spoke about her experience dressed in Islamic garb while travelling by Delta to the November 10 Islamic movement meeting.
She made the following points:
1. The US was being selective in who is a terrorist and cannot seem to define what terrorism is.
2. Depending on what era, decade or time period it is, the US has sided since the cold war with many so called terrorist leaders and nations, even sponsoring and funding these regimes one after another. The people that they support today could easily be labeled by the US as terrorist tomorrow.
3.On one of the television stations this morning, Meet the press or Face the nation, the officials were talking about eradicating terrorism forever and in order to do that they must go after 50 countries around the globe and it could very well include Egypt in Africa.
The serious contradictions of waving the American flag and this so-called new loyalty to the country and patriotism. The flag was supposedly founded by the founding fathers and represents constitutional rights. Now what does waving the flag mean when constitutional rights are violated, and the legal system is being turned back today.
Displaying and waving the flag represents that one supports the bullying of a small nation with bombing and no evidence to back it up. How soon some Americans forget. The American flag was waved and displayed at lynchings of Black people, men, women and children to represent patriotism.
Sis. Yasmeen's main points
1. There is a disturbing trend in roll back of civil liberties. Even more disturbing: that the American public does not realize the far reaching implications of much of the new legislation that is being steam-rolled through Congress.NY Times article justifies this action as being a neccessary part of war-time domestic policy (i.e. in the interests of domestic security). Resonates with following quote: (GUESS WHO SAID THIS:
"And what about those who complain that our new security measures go too far? I am sure that the government will make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential for carrying out vitally necessary measures.
The number of cases in which an internal necessity exists for having recourse to such a law is in itself a limited one." - From a speech by Hitler.

2. Umbrella use of the term "terrorist" and "terrorism" by the government to achieve its goals. However, definition of terrorist and terrorism is murky, and historically fluid. As others have pointed out, Harriet Tubman was labeled a terrorist. There were posters of her "Wanted Dead or Alive". (The radio talk show host interjected that even Nelson Mandela was labeled a terrorist... another excellent recent example.)

3. Media's unbalanced presentation of events, and the impact of this on popular opinion. Watching television each evening is like witnessing a "Spontaneous Demonstration" - re: George Orwell's Animal Farm. No voice of dissent is heard. Even a discussion of domestic peace movements is completely absent from the mainstream media. Furthermore, the media's consistent linking of events that maybe (probably are) entirely unrelated is dangerous and designed to create panic in the American public and provide justification for the bombing of Afghanistan and the killing of innocent Afghans. An example of this: almost always Anthrax news is followed by a segment on the bombing of Afghanistan. (The meaning of this: we're being attacked, and it's OK, because we're taking care of it in Afghanistan.)
Br. Kaukab' Siddique's main points were as follows:
1. In a supposed democracy, after the 9/11 attacks, the government should have explained its intelligence failure and inability to protect America. Instead it covered up by creating war hysteria and launched war on the poorest country in the world.
2. After two months, the government still has no evidence on who did it: no evidence which could stand up in court or in the court of public opinion. {If someone in Afghanistan endorses the attacks, that does not mean he did it.)
2a. More than 1200 Muslims are under arrest in USA but there are no indictments or evidence AGAINST EVEN ONE PERSON.
2b. New "Laws" are creating an atmosphere of "collaboration" and informing (snitching). If you don't like someone, you can report him to the FBI
3. The U.S. has no evidence of transmissions whatever from Afghanistan that anyone there was ordering the attacks.
4. Bush lacks legitimacy to carry out such a big venture. He did not have a clear majority and got elected through ONE VOTE in the supreme court.
5. "War on Terrorism" is a war against Islam and against all oppressed people. The Bush mindset is as follows:
i. We have decided that so/and/so is guilty.
ii. He is supported by Taliban. So we attack Taliban.
iii. Taliban live in Afghanistan. We can't help it if a few thousand Afghans get killed in the process.
iv. Pakistanis support Taliban: so we'll go after Pakistanis.
v. Pakistan and Taliban have support around the Muslim world, so we'll deal with whole Muslim world.
Look at the list:
a. Stalinist dictator of Uzbekistan
b. Russian-military-supported clique of Tajikistan
c. The military coup leader of Pakistan
d. The Dictator of Egypt, the King of Jordan, the despot of Arabia ....(all of whom practice torture and arrest on suspicion). The list goes on.
7. David Irving has pointed out in his book on the Nuremburg trials, that international law does not permit those who have committed atrocities themselves to put their enemies on trial for committing atrocities.

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