Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press release

Tasks for the Day of Infamy
1. Vow Not to buy from Jewish Businesses
2. Support Critical Review of 'Holocaust' by David Irving
3. Send 1000 Post Cards to Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman

"Use the power of language (hujw) against the Oppressors"
Prophet Muhammad, pbuh (Hadith)

We urge all people of conscience to EXPRESS REVULSION against the creation of the criminal-terrorist entity known as Israel on May 15, the day when the oppressive powers placed this cross on the shoulders of the Muslim world.

Israel is by any standards of humanity, international law, religious beliefs or common decency a crime against Palestine, against the Arabs, against the Muslims and against Africa. Israel is:
1. Based on stolen land
2. ever ready to use armed force to hold on to what it stole.
3. Guilty of genocide against the Palestinian people.
4. involved daily in murder, torture, assassination, banditry and pillage
5. led by known war criminals and murderers
6. populated by people who believe in racism

Inshallah, the forces of Jihad developing in the Muslim world will one day put an end to this colossal blight on the name of humanity. But in the meantime Israel is supporting, through America, just about every tyrant and dictator in the Muslim world. Thus the entire process of loss of liberties and the prevention of the formation of peoples' governments is tied to the Israeli attempt not to allow any independent movement to develop in Islam.
What can Muslims in America do?
1. Make sure our money is not going to Jewish businesses which support Israel. Remember that every Zionist Jew supports Israel. Do not buy from them. Check your doctors and attorneys. When you boycott a business, CALL THE MANAGER AND LET HIM KNOW WHY YOU ARE DOING IT.
2. Remember that the biggest source of income and support for Israel is the 'holocaust' industry concocted by the Jews. All of Israel is connected to this industry worldwide. Mr. David Irving's forthcoming appeal related to this issue can help us to cut off at least some of this flow of money to Israel. Mr. Irving is the world's leading historian on World War II and was acclaimed as such by all quarters. But when he questioned the Jewish holocaust story, he became a non-person in the Zionist-controlled media.
2a. Mr. Irving has brought a case against a Jewish professor's attempt to make sure his books are censored by the media/publishers/libraries. It's a defamation case and the Jews (including Spielberg, the film producer) have spent millions to defeat Mr. Irving. Though he lost the first round, Mr. Irving is going back to court in June. It's important that we call for a critical review of the'holocaust' story so that both sides may be heard. (A separate report on Irving will be sent out by New Trend magazine.)
3. The biggest opponent of Israel coming from the key nation of Egypt is Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman, leader of Egypt's mass Islamic movement known as al-Gamaa al-Islamiyya. He is being held in solitary confinement in a cell in Rochester, Minnesota. We are sending him 1,000 postcards on this occasion (May 15 to May 25). The postcard lists on the back the facts of the bogus 'case' against Shaikh Omar. On the front is the Shaikh's prison address and on the left a brief message of support with name, city, state (street address not required).

The message is for the government, because the mail is read carefully by the warden and the officials of Bureau of Prisons who report to the Attorney General.

Let's organize our moral power to free the Shaikh.
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Read more about Shaikh Omar, Imam Jamil al-Amin, Ahmad Ajaj and other political prisoners on our web site: www.NewTrendMag.org
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