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by our Palestine monitor

Imagine two Jews creeping out of the Warsaw ghetto and attacking the Nazi occupation forces in Poland. For days the Nazis have been committing atrocities against the Jews, having fun shooting at civilian targets, using artillery against "suspects." Then the two martyrs emerge and hit the Nazis. Twenty three occupiers are killed, including several "workers" from East Europe helping them in their dirty work. The west is joyous and acclaims the martyrs: special bulletins are issued from Washington and London acclaiming the two heroes who sacrificed themselves.

...... The reality was different. The Jews seldom fought back. In fact the Jews often worked as "capos" to help the Nazis imprison the other Jews.

PALESTINE IS DIFFERENT. Here a defenseless people refuse to submit. The two martyrs (from Nablus) sacrificed themselves but they broke through the most intense and powerful security system in the world. That breakthrough in itself was heroic. The oppressed people of the world were electrified by the sacrifice of the two martyrs. For weeks, the Israeli Jews have been killing Palestinian civilians, a TEN YEAR old shot by the Jews, a FOUR YEAR OLD SHOT BY THE JEWS, an old couple blown away by an Israeli tank's shell, a Palestinian child crushed under the debris of a house demolished by the Jews.... The atrocities go on daily, Islamic leaders, activists, teachers, humanitarians assassinated and the murders justified on U.S. TV.

And then the martyrs strike. The whole world of the oppressed masses, from Morocco to the Philippines, from Chechnia to Nigeria, gets up and cheers (Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd). Is it at all surprising?

Only President Bush doesn't get it. He issues an automatic condemnation of the attack. Not a word out of him about the Palestinian children, not a word about the homes demolished by the Jews, not a word about ambulances not allowed to take Palestinians to hospital as they slowly bled to death.

To quote Mr. Bush: "Sharon is a man of peace." With a friend like Bush, Americans don't need enemies.

2003-01-07 Tue 19:55ct