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Sudan: SPLA's GARANG seeking more U.S. support, Rebutted by Islamist

The U.S. is no longer concealing its relationship with the funded groups being used to undermine and split the biggest African country: Sudan. Garang, leader of the armed gang known as SPLA, is visiting Washington, DC and was honored at an elaborate program at the Kennedy Center on March 25. He presented himself as an expert on Africa and a philosopher about the "south" in Sudan and even about the Islamic movement.
{In fact Garang is a renegade military colonel whose breakaway group has been provided huge funds over the years, plus massive modern weaponry, reportedly by the U.S. and Israel.}

During the Kennedy Center program, Garang was taken aback when a respected African-American Islamist, Br. Hodari Abdul-Ali spoke from the floor and raised the issue of the bogus "slavery in Sudan" story. Br. Ali pointed out that the slavery story has been uncovered now to have been a scam to draw funds from the African-American communities in America. {Even the Washington Post, no friend of Islam, concedes that in many cases, rebels in the south, Garang's people, put on a show of "slavery" to get "redemption" money from unsuspecting bleeding heart African-Americans.}
Instead of dealing with the issue, Garang tried to fudge it by claiming that "abductions" carried out in inter-tribal raiding are the same thing as slavery. In other words, as often happens, if a tribe raids another and takes captives for whom it tries to get ransom, then for Garang, that is slavery.

The program was informative in one way. It brought out the fact that Garang wants the U.S. to intervene (militarily if necessary) to stop the Islamic majority (most of Sudan) from keeping the oil resources Sudan now has. Thus Garang wants the U.S. to end the only source Sudan now has to keep its economy going and to be able to stop the advances of Garang's heavily armed gangs: the oil.

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