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Ramadan 3.
There were more attacks on U.S. troops. Several were killed and wounded in various cities. The mujahideen blew up a U.S. tank at Balad, 45 miles north of Baghdad, killing 2 U.S. troops, wounding 3. [First such attack since May 1.] ONLY NPR reported that for the first time UKRAINIAN troops were attacked by Iraqis south of Baghdad and 7 of them seriously wounded. Two U.S. troops were wounded in Mosul.
Ramadan 4.
A train carrying U.S. military supplies was blown up near Fallujah in a well coordinated attack. U.S. TV showed Iraqi civilians cheering after the attack and looting the train, taking away computers and variety of dainties used by U.S. forces. There were 35 attacks today. One attack wounded 3 U.S. troops in Baghdad. The United Nations and the Red Cross are withdrawing from Iraq as they are seen as part of U.S. occupation.

[OUR IRAQ MONITOR OBSERVES: It is sad to see the U.N and Red Cross withdrawing. Perhaps they wanted to do some good. Perhaps President Saddam Hussain will let them stay if they do the following:
1. U.N. SHOULD CONDEMN THE DEATH OF MORE THAN A MILLION IRAQIS, mostly children, which occurred owing to U.N.-U.S.-Israeli sanctions. FAMILIES OF ALL VICTIMS OF SANCTIONS SHOULD BE COMPENSATED AT LEAST $1 million each for their losses.
2. RED CROSS should condemn the BOMBING OF IRAQ for 42 days in 1991, the recurrent air raids on Iraq from 1992-2003, plus the SHOCK and AWE assault on Iraq when Iraqi cities were pounded by B-52s, B1s and super duper bombs. [Some reports say that more than 7,000 Iraqi civilians were killed during SHOCK and AWE.]
OUR MONITOR SAYS: After the apologies and reparations, surely President Saddam Hussain will let them come back in because he is gracious to those who come with sincerity.]

2003-11-15 Sat 12:47ct