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America reveals domestic agenda against Muslims.

One day after the beautiful documentary by PBS, The FBI and INS has wantonly targeted Muslims today in Los Angeles, California. Reports are that people coming in to INS offices have been immeidately handcuffed and hauled away. This writer has also been informed, by sources in California, that several homes were raided by the FBI and arrests were made.

From eye witnesses and official reports the targets seems to be people from Iran and Arabic-speaking countries. We are told some citizens have been detained also in the "possible" confusion. Is this a prelude to war?

We are asking Jamaat staffers and Muslims in California to spread the message and hold those in power accountable. Names, adresses, and reason for charges need to be presented. THERE IS NO REASON FOR PEOPLE TO BE PICKED UP AND JAILED IMMEDIATELY. There are some reports suggesting that a camp has been created to detain these individuals. Is this true?

The Muslim world needs to become aware of what is taking place. Why is America talking about freedom, justice, and equality when they are detaining people for no reason. Why is America claiming to suppport Women's rights when they are detaining Muslim men for no reason? What is the purpose of this mass arrest? Why have these arrests been made, at the same time President Bush accuses Iraq of violating weapons of mass destructions.

Why is Iran and Saudi Arabia not speaking out on this matter? Why are none of the Muslims opening their mouth and condemning this incident?
We need responses from our "Mainstream Muslim leadership."

Muslims abroad and people of conscience need to address this matter, before it is too late. Not to mention, it may already be too late.

By Ather Masood

2002-12-29 Sun 07:21ct