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Honest Reporting: A rare Commodity in U.S. Major Media
Why the focus on a 38 Year old Case while Police Atrocities Occur Daily?

"O ye who believe! If a sinner comes to you with any news,
investigate the truth, lest you harm people unwittingly and
afterwards become full of repentance for what you have done."
The Qur'an 49:6

The attorney of Ramzi Yusuf sent us the appeal filed on his behalf several months back. It's a thick book and not easy to read but it does bring out the fact that we know very little from the defense side about this Muslim convicted as the supposed mastermind of the World Trade Center bombing. In the meantime, he is being held in a prison in Florence, Colorado all by himself. He has told his attorney that under Islamic law, he should be provided with Halal meat and not kosher. He is being denied all his rights as a prisoner and a human being.

Only yesterday, we received the brief filed on behalf of Ahmed Ajaj. He was convicted of the bombing despite the fact that he was in prison SIX MONTHS before the bombing. His 'guilt' lay in the fact that he had talked with/about Ramzi Yusuf before the bombing. (Guilt by association!) This is indeed the miracle of American justice that a man who could not possibly have committed the bombing has been SENTENCED TO LIFE IN PRISON because of alleged "association" with the supposed mastermind.

Second only to Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman, these two are the high profile prisoners of the USA's justice system. Their plight is never discussed in the media. Even the appeals they have filed are not news. America has done "justice" to them and now wants them to disappear.
THE BIGGEST LINEUP OF JEWS IN THE MEDIA, National Public Radio (NPR), which now distributes its sophisticated propaganda through 350 radio stations, coast-to-coast, has been focusing on the trial of a white supremacist who bombed a church 38 years back and killed four Black girls. Not only NPR but the entire liberal media have been indulging in an orgy of sympathy for the victims of the event of 1963.

Of course justice should be done (though we all know that justice delayed is justice denied). However, there is something sinister about this over-indulgence in a 38-year old crime. Consider this:
1. Every other week, Black men are shot and/or killed by police officers in cities across America. In just about all these cases, the victims are unarmed and the police well-armed.
2. In the case of Amadou Diallo in New York, the police fired 41 shots at this unarmed Muslim who had come all the way from Guinea, West Africa in search of the American dream.
3. In Cincinnati, the murder of an unarmed youth was so blatant that the people rose up in revolt and the mayor imposed curfew.
4. No police officer has ever been indicted for murder though these murders continue in an unrelenting pattern.
5. Instead we find the media focusing on a 38-year-old crime. WHY?
It's a diversionary tactic. The Jews want to remind the African-American community of the idea that YOU NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD. SEE HOW MUCH PROGRESS YOU HAVE MADE? The Jews in the power structure are very worried that their front groups in the Black community, like Kwezi Mfume's NAACP, are gaining very little support. The Black Churches and the NAACP were quite ineffective in Cincinnati. The Black community is looking for more robust leadership (coming from the Islamic side, such as Minister Farrakhan, Jihad Abdul Mumit and Imam Jamil al-Amin).
Singing and talking about 1963 helps the Jews to highlight the (now) ineffective role of the middle class churches and to make the churches sound good.
KWEZI MFUME and the Zionists are also busy trying to divert the Black community to oppose Sudan. The Zionist story of "slavery in Sudan" has now found its niche in the Jewish "Holocaust" museum.
1. For the people in power: If you want justice, bring the police officers to trial for murder of unarmed civilians. At least provide data for how many have been murdered by now by the 'great guys in blue.'
2. For the media: If you are honest, when will you focus on the case of Imam Jamil al-Amin? The real shooter has confessed, so why should Imam Jamil be held in prison? Why don't you publicize the great wrong done to Jihad Abdul-Mumit and other Black Panther leaders?
(In the case of Ramzy Yusuf, his alleged "confession" was used against him.)
If you have the moral cojones (guts) to help in this great struggle for justice, help us to form committees for Ramzy Yusuf and Ahmed Ajaj. Our hands are full with the educational work in defense of Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman. We need the help of people who are strong in their faith and know this country well.
LATEST CONFIRMATION FOR THE 4TH INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC SYMPOSIUM IN BALTIMORE FOR JUNE 23: Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman's famous paralegal throughout the days of trial and conviction: Br. Ahmed Abdel Sattar. Be there, brothers and sisters.

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