Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 6, 1425/ May 27, 2004 #62

GORE and ZINNI: DEVASTATING BLOWS struck at Bush's Re-Election Bid
"This administration has shamed America." "President Bush has betrayed our trust." [Al Gore]

May 26, 2004. Former Vice President Al Gore delivered a devastating attack on the Bush administration while speaking at a program organized by MoveOn.org at New York University. He spoke at length about the horrors of Abu Ghraib and successfully connected them to the prison system WITHIN America itself. He condemned the mistreatment of America's Muslims after 9.11. and showed concern for the prisoners in Guantanamo. Gore called for the immediate RESIGNATION of the entire NeoCon group, Rumsefeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Kambon and Rice as well as of CIA Director Tenet.

May 25, 2004. General Zinni (ret)., a four star General, criticized the Bush adminstration's war in Iraq. It was "internal" criticism meant to point out that at least 500,000 troops would be needed to hold Iraq. In the current situation, America cannot win. The General seemed to lay the responsibility for the Iraq fiasco on the Zionist Jews, in particular Wolfowitz, Feith, Kambon, etc. Coming from a top General, a Republican, the criticism destroyed the Bush administration's claim of a successful war in Iraq.


May 23, '04

The Managing Director

Maharaja Television Network

7, Braybrooke Place,

Colombo 7.

Dear Sir,

We Muslims hold the Revered Jesus Christ (may the Peace and Blessings of God Almighty be on him) in high esteem as one of the mightiest Messengers of God. In fact no Muslim could be categorised as a believer if he or she rejects him, his miraculous birth or any of his many miracles all of which are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.

You can then imagine how upset we were when in a trailer for the movie ‘True Crime’ telecast on MTV on the 22nd of May 2004 Clint Eastwood says that he does not care a rat’s exterior (in fact the actual word used is too obscene to be mentioned in print) about Jesus Christ’. We wish you had censored the word and any disparaging remark about Jesus Christ in the trailer and the movie.

Also little children watch your programmes and such obscene words have a damaging effect on their uninitiated minds not to mention the embarrassment it causes to their elders.

As you are probably aware the Jews dominate Hollywood and over the years more than many movies disparaging and vilifying personalities the Muslims and Christians hold in high esteem have been produced in order to hurt the feelings of Muslims and Christians and to undermine their faiths. You may have observed that no such movies have been made of prophets that Jews revere, not that we wish for such a movie because we Muslims believe, as an article of faith, that these prophets too were sent by God Almighty to guide mankind.

We wish you would offer a public apology for the disparaging remark about the Revered Jesus Christ (peace and blessing of God be on him) and kindly take great caution in the future to avoid hurting the feelings of any religious group by screening disparaging remarks about their leaders.


Hameed Abdul Karim. [Sri Lanka, South Asia]

Israel's Assault on Rafah and the Sterility of Arabism

[Original New Trend study.]

According to U.S. TV news channels, the Israelis killed 45 Palestinians before they withdrew from Rafah. They also wounded more than 100 Palestinians. In addition the Israelis demolished and/or blew up more than 200 homes.

It was a form of mass rape, if rape means the victim is helpless and the rapist brings overwhelming force to bear on the victim. The Palestinians in neighboring areas of Gaza tried to carry out a peaceful demonstration to protest the Jewish tank column rampaging through the refugee camp. The Jews opened fire with tanks and heavy machine guns on the demonstrators killing more than a dozen, mostly children.

During the rape of Rafah, the Bush administration refused to condemn the assault and limited itself to morally neutral comments like "unhelpful" and "troubling." It's now obvious to the Palestinians that the U.S. WILL NOT OUTRIGHT CONDEMN ANY ISRAELI ATROCITY however vicious it might be. This obvious lesson should have been learned long ago.

Expecting the U.S. to intervene in a just manner is the preoccupation of many secularist Arabs. It's a childish belief in the "decency" of the rapist's biggest ally who arms and funds every Jewish soldier in Palestine, with everything from Apache helicopters to tanks, jets, machine guns, and even military uniforms and the boots which trudge through Palestinian mosques and churches.


EGYPT: The biggest champion of Arabism, Egypt is the biggest bootlicker of the USA and is linked to Israeli intelligence services. RAFAH IS RIGHT ON THE EGYPTIAN BORDER but not one Egyptian military unit moved in the direction of the border. There was NO ALERT sounded. Egypt continued to do business with Israel.
There is a HUGE Egyptian army but its only purpose seems to be to suppress the Egyptian people. The cowardly Egyptian dictator, the shame of Egypt, the tyrant Hosni Mubarak, did not even carry out a partial mobilization.
Any normal country would mobilize its troops if foreign forces were to approach its border for whatever purpose. It's obvious that MUBARAK SENSES NO DANGER FROM ISRAEL. As Islamic Egyptians say, the cur is provided security by Mossad: you expect him to mobilize forces against Israel?

JORDAN: On the other side of Palestine, Jordan's border was absolutely quiet during the Rafah massacre. Here the country is ruled by another CIA agent, in the form of a medieval HEREDITARY monarchy. The playboy "King" of Jordan is kept in place by heavily armed mercenary forces weaponized and funded by the USA. The Israeli flank is actually protected by "King" Abdullah's troops.

SAUDI ARABIA: The Saudi monarchy flourishes in the name of Islam, but it's only identity is Arab, not Islamic. THIS REGIME HAS NEVER FIRED A SHOT AGAINST ISRAEL although it has some of the most sophisticated weaponry bought at expensive rates from the USA. During RAFAH, the Saudis refused to give up on the so-called "road map" provided by Uncle Sam. While the Jews were busy killing people in Rafah, the Saudis were promising new increases in oil production to augment the vast supplies being spent in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

SYRIA is the most "Arab" of the Arab regimes nowadays and its air waves are filled with the rhetoric of Arabism and Palestine. However, during the Rafah massacre, Syria kept very still, with not the slightest sign of military activity against Israel. For 30 years, Syria has not fired a shot in anger at Israel. The cowardly Syrian army is used by the HEREDITARY RULER to keep a tight squeeze on the Syrian people.


Strangely enough the Palestinian resistance is not downcast by the genocidal actions the people are being subjected to by the Israeli Jews. The people are, by all accounts: The Palestinians do not see themselves as a a small group being hounded by a heavily armed bully, but as the vanguard of the resistance by all oppressed peoples. Beyond rhetoric, the Palestinian spirit is stronger than the tanks of the Israeli Jews. The defeat of Israel may well come from the crimes its stormtroopers have committed in Rafah.

How to Treat Ignorance? Why did Canada Arrest a Muslim Whom Any Country Would be Proud of?

[Prominent Pakistani scholar Dr. Mahboob Khawaja writes about the arrest of his son, Momin, in Canada]

Innovation and creativity are the hallmarks of the new age, knowledge-based Canadian mosaic, but appear objectionable factors to the traditional institutions such as the security agencies. People of new ideas have helped to develop the industrialized world with discoveries continued to be encouraged and experiments supported by the societal institutions and public enthusiasm. Ironically enough, that is why Momin Khawaja has been accused and locked up under the disguise of "terrorism" and "bomb-making." With preconceived notions of terrorism under the Project Awaken, the intelligence establishments are trying to manufacture an unintelligent human myth and image of "terrorism" for reasons only to be substantiated by "no comments" to the curious public. My son, Momin is a Computer Science graduate, and has tried to discover a creative remedy to a prevalent problem of public disturbance, caused by mobile phones, playing noisy musical scores in places of worhsip, hospital corridors, and schools teaching-learning places throughtout the oil exporting Arab societies. He tried to modify the existing cellular phone signal jammer, available in Canadian market, and to adjust it to the electronic system requirements of the Arab world. It would stop the incoming phone signal within a limited space of a mosque, school or hospital facilitating an undisturbed peace of mind and public good. This entrepreneurial plan could have generated millions of dollars worth business to the Canadian economy by exporting the mobile phone jammer device to the new and unexplored market of the oil rich Arabian world.

Canadian society has vested interest and expectations of change and development in liaison with global trends and economy. Canada is a respected player in contributing significantly to the Western and non-Western economic advancements. But some of the official institutions pose a challenge to innovative thinking and have proven to be a stumbling block to this enlightened goal. People and markets grow in freedom, not in fear, when raided by armed squad. Momin is waiting behind bars for a bail hearing on the unsubstantiated charges of "terrorism" and "bomb-making", levelled by the Canadian security agencies. The RCMP anti-terrorist squad, not for any wrongdoings, terrorized my family; and being Muslims, we were targeted by ignorance and misinformation. Our family home was rampaged by 20 plus masked and armed gunmen of the special police, shouting at my children: "don’t move, don’t move, we will shoot you." My two youngest sons, first year university students, were equally terrified by the police custody, and could not write their final exams, wasting one precious academic year of their lives. My daughter was hand-tied, insulted and dragged on floor by the armed squad. The RCMP armed squad failed to produce any evidence to support the intent of the home search warrant and the accompanying accusations. Now, they appear quite active and busy to cook one.

I was arrested in Arabia at the behest of Canadian authorities and set free after two weeks without any charges. The Canadian Government Minister denied publicly that she ever made such a request to Saudi Arabian authorities. I have seen the document and have experienced the ordeal. It seems that Honorable Anne McLellan, the Minister responsible, lacked the courage to come out clean and respond to my messages of April 15, and April 26, 2004, asking her to make a public apology in a comparatively polite language.

It is a tragedy, not full of smoke and flames but essentially, result of misinformation, incompetence and stupidity on part of the Canadian intelligence establishments. They view the world as static, old and fixed, not moving, new or creative. Laws, regulations and rigidity do not change human thinking and behavior, whereas, people do. Perhaps, most of the people of reason would agree with me that intelligent people and institutions learn fast and readily accept advice for change. I am wondering, how to diagnose institutionalized ignorance to ensure the freedom of new thoughts, opportunities for creativity, respect for human dignity and a progressive Canada?

Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D.

2004-05-29 Sat 07:20ct