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{commentary and analysis by BUT SHIKAN (Idol Breaker)}

Time to reject all "terrorist" labels and join the Ummah

Say: "I do warn you according to revelation" but the deaf will not hear the call, even when they are warned! (The Qur'an 21:45)

"The (Last) Hour will not be established till my community conforms to (unIslamic) behavior like previous nations did, foot by foot, step by step."
Someone asked: O messenger of Allah, like the Persians and the Romans?
He replied: Surely, like them. (Hadith of Muhammad, pbuh, from Abu Huraira,ra, collected by Imam Bukhari.)

Observers of the Bush administration's behavior pattern after his election agree that its policies have two broad interlinked aspects:
1. Support for Israel.
2. Opposition to Islam and all independence-oriented Muslims groups and nations.

There is no inconsistency in this pattern:
1. Bombing raids on Iraq and continuing sanctions on Iraq.
2. Tightening of sanctions on Afghanistan.
3. Use of F-16s by Israel against defenseless Palesinians without significant negative comment from the U.S.
4. Support for Israeli assassination of Islamists with CIA boss Tenet specifically designated to monitor Arafat's efforts on this front.
5. Growing U.S. support for SPLA's efforts to destabilize Sudan.
6. Support for Algeria's regime against the Islamic movement.
7. CHECHNYA WAS COMPLETELY LEFT OUT OF DISCUSSIONS between Bush and Putin. Russia is free to commit genocide in Chechnya.
8. Growing U.S-Israeli-Indian collusion.
9. Pakistani President pushed into talks with bloodthirsty Indian government in an attempt to sidestep the freedom movement in Kashmir.
10. Arrests of Egyptian Islamists in Bosnia at behest of IFOR and Egypt's Hosni Mubarak.
11. Moves against Albanians in support of Macedonia.

The immigrant Muslim communities were misled by self-appointed 'leaders' who called for a bloc vote in support of Bush. Previously these groups were known as bootlickers of Clinton and Albright. When they saw Americans disgusted with Clinton and chances of a Bush win, they decided to switch their bootlicking to the Republicans. Their behavior has swung between that of knaves and fools. Unfortunately they are able to influence entire immigrant communities owing to their financial resources and the dream many immigrants have of alliance with the American ruling class.

The Bloc vote not only was a strategic blunder because it misread the deep Bush support for Israel, but also because it undermined unity between African-American and immigrant Muslims (which was already fragile).

The time has come for CAIR, AMC etc who called for bloc vote to apologize and disband. Those Muslims who care for the future of the ummah should ask:
1. Does anyone know the salaries of CAIR/AMC etc Directors? (Do inform the ummah.)
2. Do you know that these people have security clearance with the FBI and thus can legitimately be called agents of the U.S. government? Why don't they tell the ummah how they got their top security clearance?
3. Where did CAIR/AMC get the money to set up offices in areas of Washington which are expensive even for the Jews? Who are their wealthy supporters?

Does the Muslim ummah know that:
1. These organizations (AMC/CAIR) supported the Jews in the case of Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman? (We have documentary evidence which can be mailed to interested readers.)
2. CAIR behaved in a treacherous way at a key point in the case of Imam Jamil al-Amin. (Since then it has carried out PR exercises to repair the damage.)
3. CAIR called for cooperation with the FBI. (CAIR should tell us how often its people have met the FBI people.) (We can mail out the text to you.)
The Islamic way out for CAIR/AMC is to withdraw all communion with the White House/Congress/Pentagon/FBI, do public TAWBAH and ask for the ummah's forgiveness for misleading it.
One dirty trick the Clinton administration played on the Muslims of America, which the Bush adminstration has continued to play, was to declare ALL ISLAMIC MOVEMENTS WHICH BELIEVE IN JIHAD AGAINST ISRAEL as 'TERRORIST.' CAIR and AMC etc fell for it.
Under U.S. law itself, such labelling is unacceptable. No organization or person can be declared a terrorist until brought to trial and proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be terrorist. The Muslims self-declared 'leaders' led the immigrant community into this trap that today Israel can commit any crime against Muslims and its actions are justified by the US as actions against terrorists. The following Islamic movements, all authentic expressions of the Islamic resistance, have two things in common: All are anti-Israel and ALL are listed as terrorists by the USA and Israel:
1. Al-Gamaa al-Islamiyya (Egypt) led by Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman.
2. Taliban (led by Mullah Omar)
3. Al-Qaida (led by Osama bin Laden)
4. Hamas
5. Islamic Jihad
6. Hizbut Tahrir (especially in Uzbekistan)
7. Hizbullah
8. FIS (Algeria)
9. Harakat al-Ansar (Kashmir)
10. Lashkare Taiba (Pakistan) (not yet listed but the Jews are clamoring for it)
11. Sudan's National Islamic Front and Sudan's government
America's Muslims can become a national force if they UNITE to bring about FREEDOM for IMAM JAMIL al-AMIN. (National rallies are planned, reports Imam Khalil Abdur Rahman, in Atlanta, in mid-September.)
The World's Muslims should unite to free Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman and all political prisoners in USA.
The best site for reporting on IMAM JAMIL Al-AMIN:
Click on java frames, click on NEWS, go to IMAM JAMIL. You'll find original, Islamic reporting, not copied from Atlanta Constitution paper, from DAY ONE of the Imam's arrest.
New Trend urges sisters to join Jamaat al-Muslimeen to become partners in the decision-making processes of the Islamic work being done. TAQWA, not gender, is the standard for Islamic leadership.
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