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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 12,1429/ March 20, 2008, #18

The Greatest Revolutionary of all Times: Muhammad ibn Abdullah, peace be on him
by Kaukab Siddique

The 12th day of Rabi' al-Awwal is the birth anniversary of Muhammad, pbuh, the son of Amna and Abdullah, who changed the course of human history. No one in any religion or in any secular ideology has done more to improve the human condition. Here are a few points which are not found in the initial documents of any other faith or ideology, including those of the American founding fathers:

IRAQ: After Five Years of War with input from the Research Group of New Trend magazine

March 19, 2008: After five years of war, the biggest military power in the world has been fought by the forces of Islam to a standstill and faces outright defeat and strategic catastrophe.

The Muslim world has reached a turning point in modern history. Here we have a nation taken over by a massive armada with firepower the likes of which has not been seen before. Iraq resisted and resisted and resisted. As a result, today America's main problem is not how to win but how to get out. The Iraqis have done to the U.S. what the Afghans did to the Soviets. After nine years of genocidal action and the displacement of 7 million Afghans, the Soviets withdrew unilaterally. That's what the U.S. will have to do sooner or later.

The cost for Iraq has been very high but there has been no surrender. In fact surrender is not a word in the Iraqi dictionary after March 2003. More than a million Iraqis have been killed or wounded. Of them, according to Lancet magazine's research, nearly 100,000 civilians were killed by U.S. air attacks before the tragedy of Fallujah.

The U.S. destroyed entire Iraqi cities, in part or in whole, where al-Qaidah and the "insurgency" had set up an Islamic state. The list of cities destroyed or largely damaged by the U.S. is like a streak of blood across the history book of Islam signaling the coming of a new era. Fallujah was destroyed house by house, along with its mosques and Islamic schools, in the month of Ramadan, with some of the worst bombing during the night of Lailatul Qadr.
Ramadi was smashed, so was Haditha, and Tal Afar, schools, mosques, libraries, all gone because they taught resistance. But there was no surrender. And Baqubah, and Samarra, the list goes on. Mosul, heavily attacked before, is again surrounded. But in spite of the heaviest use of American fire power in all of modern warfare, there has been no surrender.

Then there is Baghdad: With the help of Chalabi, Jaafari, al-Hakim and Moqtada the Shi'ites in tandem with the U.S. carried out ethnic cleansing of the Sunni population seen as linked to and basis of the resistance. The Shi'ites have played a role which has marked them as agents of imperialism and Muslims in name only. Thousands of Shi'ites have been trained by the U.S. to help kill members of the resistance. They, along with the Americans, have been breaking into millions of homes, terrorizing the people, violating sanctities, in many cases killing and raping.

Few could have guessed that the Iraqis would resist but when the sons and grandson of President Saddam Hussain would not surrender and went down fighting, it became clear that the Iraqis would never accept defeat. These youths were supposed to be the weakest link of Saddam, softened and corrupted by luxury but they purified themselves by resistance to the end.

SADDAM HUSSAIN, shaheed, made the resistance possible. He had foreseen the overwhelming use of force by the U.S. and the weakness of his own forces. So he had prepared a detailed program of resistance. In every subdivision of Iraq, he had concealed huge amounts of concealed weaponry and ammunition of the conventional type. Thus resistance became possible for every Iraqi who knew how to use a weapon.

Iraq was impoverished by a decade of sanctions. Intense poverty and the devaluation of its money made the population open to the use of huge funds by the U.S. to buy loyalties. In addition, thousands of Shi'ites became collaborators owing to the teachings of their religious leaders who are linked to Iran and the U.S. However, the U.S. claim that the majority of Iraqis are Shi'ites has turned out to be false. Though armed and supported by the U.S., the Shi'ites are still not able to face the Islamic resistance.

In addition to millions of Iraqis in the resistance, poorly armed or unarmed, the U.S. faced a new force which has come to be known as al-Qaidah in Iraq. It appears that Islamic volunteers from numerous Muslim countries entered Iraq to fight alongside the Iraqis and to attack American forces. Their spectacular martyrdom operations against the U.S. forces made them feared and and hated by the U.S. Most accounts agree that more than 80% of Al-Qaidah in Iraq are Iraqis; the 20% from Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Arabia, Algeria, Afghanistan and other countries have created a fearsome Islamic core. Al-Qaidah in Iraq has suffered the highest casualties at American hands, with thousands killed and wounded, yet it is not only largely intact but, even by American accounts, controls large areas of western, northern and northeastern Iraq.

WHY HAS THE FIGHTING TAPERED OFF SOMEWHAT? Our impression is that both the "insurgents" and al-Qaida-in-Iraq are lying low, waiting for the results of the American election process. They have realized that Bush is not going to end the war in spite of his unpopularity at home. In turn U.S. forces are no longer trying to physically take over areas held by the "insurgents." They are limited to their bases. They are, however, continuing to attack al-Qaidah with varying success.

The situation in Baghdad has gone in favor of the U.S. owing to the displacement of the population and the genocidal "cleansing" of the Sunnis. During the "surge" U.S. forces interned 25,000 Sunnis from Baghdad in a concentration camp in the southern Shia majority area. Another 17,000 Sunnis were interned in a simiiar camp by the U.S.-installed Shia regime.

A sign of Islamic success is that neither the leaders of Al-Qaidah in Iraq nor those of the "insurgency" have been captured though the country is flat [unlike Afghanistan] and unlimited funds are available for collaborators.

Shi'ites are badly divided among themselves, with nationalists, blind followers of religious authorities and supporters of Iran fighting each other. Thousands have been killed. Often they bomb each others' groups of pilgrims, and civilian supporters, as happened in Kerbala [March 17] and the bombings are used by U.S. media to blame the resistance. Thus the Shi'ites are quite weak and would have collapsed but for the $1 billion aid pumped in by Iran, a nation which has been quietly helping the U.S. to fight al-Qaida and the "insurgency."

Our America by New Trend's Media experts
Hillary Clinton's March 17 Speech against the War was Ignored by the Zionist Media: Is She Serious?

March 19: Congressman Murtha of Pennsylvania endorsed Hillary Clinton. This is a hopeful sign because Murtha thinks the war is unwinnable and wants an immediate withdrawal. {Obama thinks it should be won now that we are there.}
The best speech against the war in Iraq came from Hillary Clinton on March 17. She mentioned far reaching measures which go way beyond Obama's proposal for withdrawal to start after 16 months. She should be held to her word but if she is serious, it could mean that she has a plan which mirrors the hopes of the American people's vast majority.

Here are the outstanding and amazing quotes from her speech
"Here at home I've attended countless meetings and committee hearings where I have challenged high-ranking Pentagon officials and military leaders investigating the situation in Iraq, probing the facts presented, and demanding real answers to tough questions. And I am honored that more than 30 of America's most esteemed former admirals and generals, including two former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and five retired officers of the four-star rank have endorsed my candidacy.
.... That's why I cosponsored legislation with Senator Robert Byrd to reauthorize the war, legislation that would actually end the president's authority to fight it."
"That's why I've started laying the ground work for a swift and responsible withdrawal beginning in early 2009 by demanding that the Pentagon start planning for it now. I've introduced legislation ensuring that Congress would be briefed on those plans and that's also why I'm working to block President Bush's effort to keep this war going after he leaves office. I've introduced legislation banning him from unilaterally negotiating a long-term security commitment to Iraq, including the possibility of permanent bases.
" I have concrete, detailed plans to end this war, and I have not wavered in my commitment to follow through on them. One choice in this election is Senator McCain. He's willing to keep this war going for 100 years. You can count on him to do that. Another choice is Senator Obama who has promised to bring combat troops out in 16 months, but according to his foreign policy adviser, you can't count on him to do that. In uncertain times, we cannot afford uncertain leadership.
Here's what you can count on me to do: provide the leadership to end this war quickly and responsibly. ...
"The most important part of my plan is the first step, to bring our troops home and send the strongest possible message to the Iraqis that they must take responsibly for their own future. No more talk of permanent occupation, no more policing a civil war, no more doing for the Iraqis what they need to be doing for themselves. As president, one of my first official actions will be to convene the Joint Chiefs of Staff, my Secretary of Defense and my National Security Council and direct them to draw up a clear, viable plan to start bringing our troops home within the first 60 days of my taking office. A plan based on my consultation with the military to remove one to two brigades a month, a plan that reduces the risks of attack as they depart.
In the Senate I'm proud to have reached across the aisle to provide access to TRICARE for all members of the National Guard and reserve, even when they're not deployed. and to have passed my heroes at home act to help family members care for those who traumatic brain injury, the signature injury of this war because I believe when brave men and women sign up to serve our country, we sign up to serve them too. ....
"In addition to removing American troops from Iraq, I will also work to remove armed private military contractors who are conducting combat-oriented and security functions in Iraq. For five yeas their behavior and lack of supervision and accountability have often eroded our credibility, endangered U.S. and Iraqi lives and undermined our mission. Now, Senator Obama and I have a substantive disagreement here. He won't rule out continuing to use armed private military contractors in Iraq to do jobs that historically have been done by the U.S. military or government personnel. When I am president I will ask the Joint Chiefs for their help in reducing reliance on armed private military contractors. With the goal of ultimately implementing a ban on such contractors.
"I've already cosponsored the Stop Security Outsourcing Act requiring that security services for personnel at any U.S. diplomatic or consular mission be provided only by federal government personnel.
It's also a time we put an end, once and for all, to the no-bid contracts that squander taxpayer money while lining the pockets of the president's cronies. Between 2000 and 2006, spending on no-bid contracts more than doubled, representing half of all federal procurement spending. Today companies like Halliburton are enjoying record profits thanks to a 700% increase in taxpayer funds awarded to them. But a recent congressional report identified 187 contracts valued at $1.1 trillion where federal auditors found massive overcharges, wasteful spending and poor oversight. I'm proposing legislation to ensure that all new spending in 2009 is done through competitive contracting processes. The heads of each agency would have to certify to Congress under a sworn affidavit that their contracting awards processes are open and competitive. As president, I will work to pass this legislation into law and to end the era of no-bid contracts and handouts to Halliburton."

Our America: NT Special
FOX TV's Attack on Rev. Wright, Obama's Preacher, is Backfiring

Looks like O'Reilly was waiting for the right [Wright] moment [pardon the pun]. Till this weekend [March 14] [believe it or not] Fox had actually been praising Obama. Not a word of criticism of Obama while Hillary was being pilloried every week day and night! Probably, Fox' analysis was that Hillary was the greater danger for the Republicans: They hate the guts of a woman who flaunts her mind, not her body.

But then Fox people saw that Obama was moving ahead and the DVD of Rev. Wright was picked up and it appeared dramatically. By airing it again and again, ad nauseum, Fox tried to create the impression that Wright has been using that language for the last 20 years during which Obama was a member of his church. Hannity's show brought on Karl Rove, the discredited Bushite, who lied to the American people, to attack Wright and Obama. [March 17.]
The trick behind the Fox blast was that Obama will look phony [a real pussy cat] to his own community if he disassociates himself from his own pastor. Already he has condemned Farrakhan.

Here is New Trend's analysis of why the attack on Obama did not turn out to be right [Wright]: Of course, Fox TV's audiences of the racist kind will be delighted at the attempt to discredit Obama through association with the preacher. However, Obama carefully unhooked himself from right [and Wright]. It is doubtful if Obama will stand and fight anywhere. He is as much of an African-American as Keith Ellison was a Muslim.
Obama's Zionist supporters on CNN and MSNBC worked over time to counter the attack by FOX. Thus it turns out to be a conflict between two brands of Zionism: Obama on the Israeli Labor side and McCain on the Israeli Likud side.

What is the Crux of Obama's Problem? He endorses all the distortions of the American Power Structure

March 18: Just about the entire spectrum of America's Zionist media [with the exception of FOX, which supports Zionism Likud style] hailed Obama's speech as a historic pronouncement. New Trend's analysis is that the speech was self-serving and indicated that Obama has sold out completely to the people in power. It was sentimental and prepared very craftily to fool the public. He even repeated one of his tear jerker stories. Here is the crux of the speech related to the truthful remarks of Pastor Jeremiah Wright. We have underlined the key words owing to which Obama is the darling of the Zionist-Corporate media:

"But the remarks that have caused this recent firestorm weren't simply controversial. They weren't simply a religious leader's effort to speak out against perceived injustice. Instead, they expressed a profoundly distorted view of this country a view that sees white racism as endemic, and that elevates what is wrong with America above all that we know is right with America; a view that sees the conflicts in the Middle East as rooted primarily in the actions of stalwart allies like Israel, instead of emanating from the perverse and hateful ideologies of radical Islam."

In plain language, Obama is blaming Islam, not Israel, for the conflict in the Middle East. He is rejecting his own pastor's views which go against Israel. So racism is not "endemic" in America? Are you serious? What happened in the Katrina disaster? Obama is definitely a sell out!
A man who pretends that the issues his Pastor brought up can be pushed under the rug in the name of unity should not be expected to stand up for the rights of the people of America.

Muslim Illusions and Wishful Thinking about Obama [based on the mail New Trend receives on an ongoing basis]

Muslims of America, by and large, are in about the same mode today about Obama as they were at the time when they gave a bloc vote to Bush. Believe it or not, some Muslims actually believe that Obama is, secretly, a Muslim. They produce as evidence his middle name and his origin.

When will Muslims achieve political maturity of even the most basic kind. At least they should know that Obama did not arise full blown as a presidential candidate. He was first a SENATOR, which means that he was a solid member of the American capitalist-zionist power structure before he became presidential candidate.

America's intelligence services check out the background and inclinations of people trying for top offices with great care.
In fact Obama will have to be more anti-Islam than Bush because he has to prove that he is not thinking like a free Black/incipient Muslim. Remember that the worst ravages against the Iraqi people were carried out by an American general who was of Arab origin: Remember General Abizaid?

Within the Obama election machine, the enemies of Muslims have concealed themselves. Recently a top Obama operative was removed from his campaign when she called Hillary a "monster." Guess who was it?
Samantha Power who has been active, right at the top, to fulfill the Zionist agenda against SUDAN. She has been distributing those stories of rape in Darfur which she claimed to have heard from women whose language she doesn't understand.

Obama has been threatening to attack Afghanistan in much greater force than Bush and wants to extend the war into Pakistan if the Islamic leadership is located there.

The Black community is thrilled with Obama. Racial loyalty is understandable in a country where Black people have been mistreated for centuries, but is Obama mentally Black? Malcolm X wouldn't have thought so. It's a serious mistake for the Black community to support him. He represents only the Black rich, upper class, and not all of it.
Surprise: His campaign is OUTSPENDING Hillary. There is big money, HUGE money, behind him, though he claims its only the small amounts adding up. [A book titled The Synagogue of Satan lists him among the politicians who started receiving funds from AIPAC years back.]

If Obama has shown strong loyalty for anyone, it has been for the Zionist terrorist entity known as Israel.

Letter: Who is Bush's Muslim Delegate to the OIC [Organization of Islamic Conference]
Hope you are fine on reading this email of mine. Last night I was watching VOA (Voice of America). This is a TV channel which broadcasts programs in various languages and mainly in those languages which American Foriegn Policy attempts to wage soft-ware war and the program I was watching was in Persian in Iran. The interesting thing I was watching last night was about the American Delegation to Organization of Islamic Countries where America has sent a Muslim delegation but I did not know who the guy was. I was thinking it would be very useful if you guys could give an inside account of this delgation to us abroad + a Muslim perspective about the various Muslim groups in America by cataloging their origins, communities and leaders and political affiliation etc.

Wish you all a good day and
wa a-salaam

Atila Kafkazli [Iran]

Editorial note: President Bush chose Sada Cumber, an Ismaili, who has little to do with Islam and the aspirations of the Muslims of America. He is extremely wealthy and embedded in the American capitalistic system. He was probably chosen to force the Muslim world to accept the Ismaili religion as legitimate. Here is how the local paper described him:
"Cumber, a native of Pakistan, is the first U.S. envoy to the organization. He has founded six companies in 25 years. He was previously CEO of Psionic Technologies Inc., an Internet security software company that Cisco Systems Inc. acquired in 2002, and he's active in the Ismaili Muslim community in Austin. Austin American Statesman"

The Ismailis almost worship their leader who is known as the Aga Khan. Br. Akbar, from Canada, who is an expert in this field, has sent the following update about the Aga Khan

Is the Aga's friendship hotting up?
18th February 2008
Courtesy Dail Mail
There has been a sophisticated shift in the growing friendship between the fabulously wealthy Aga Khan and his British-based companion Beatrice von der Schulenburg.
The couple have been introduced together at a major high society event in Spain where they sat with the King and Queen of Spain and a host of other prominent figures.
For more than a year, the Aga, who is separated from his second wife, Princess Inaara, has been spending time with divorcee Mrs von der Schulenburg daughter of Sixties folk singer Frederik van Pallandt, who was half of the Nina and Frederik singing duo.
Although he has entertained her on one of his many yachts in the Mediterranean and at his Paris base, the pair have rarely been seen in public. Which is why their appearance at the re-opening of one of Madrid's most famous museums has been making headlines in Spain and Germany.
Their presence, along with King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia and Crown Prince Felipe, was highlighted in the Spanish magazine Hola!, while a German commentator noted that Beatrice was now the Aga's "lady of the heart" and he had presented "for the first time officially his new flame to society".
In fact, the Aga who is revered by 12 million Ismaili Muslims worldwide could not have made it more visible. They were among 600 guests drawn from politics, high finance and the upper reaches of the European aristocracy.
Other guests included the distinguished British architect Lord Foster and Carmen Thyssen, widow of philanthropist Baron Heini von Thyssen.
Karim Aga Khan, 71 known as 'K' to his friends separated from his estranged wife, with whom he has a son, Prince Aly, three-and-a-half years ago. The German-born princess is now based in Surrey. Their divorce proceedings began in the British courts.
When the Aga divorced his first wife, former British model Sally Croker Poole, in 1995, her settlement was said to be 50 million.
Beatrice, 40, had four children with City figure Jeffrey von der Schulenburg, whom she married in 1990. They divorced three years ago.

Interesting drama on BBC TV about an 11 year old girl who becomes Muslim.
I can't remember seeing a movie on English TV presenting a positive account of someone embracing Islam! (The get out is that it is an 11 year old girls perspective on life).

I think it is the sort of story you would like.


The Gaza Bombshell
David Rose - Vanity Fair (New York)

Vanity Fair has obtained confidential documents, since corroborated by sources in the U.S. and Palestine, which lay bare a covert initiative, approved by Bush and implemented by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams, to provoke a Palestinian civil war. The plan was for forces led by Dahlan, and armed with new weapons supplied at America's behest, to give Fatah the muscle it needed to remove the democratically elected Hamas-led government from power.

From Br. Abdul Rashid Hamid:

Spencers's trashy attack on Islam. A dishonest, bigoted, hater presented as a scholar:
US magazine distributes free anti-Prophet book

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