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FBI WANTED TO "GET" IMAM JAMIL al-AMIN Since World Trade Bombing
The Evidence has been staring us in the face but most Muslims did not notice. In its April 1, 2000 issue The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) (not the American Jewish Congress) published a lengthy article on Imam Jamil al-Amin written by Joshua Good and Richard Whitt which indicated that the paper has good links with the FBI.

The report was meant to find Imam Jamil al-Amin guilty by association. (The usual dirty trick the government plays on those whom it wants to convict.) HOWEVER A CAREFUL READING OF THE REPORT BRINGS OUT THE FACT that the FBI has tried everything it could to link Imam Jamil al-Amin to serious crime.

The AJC report says that the FBI investigated Imam Jamil "from 1992 to 1997" . They were unable to pin anything on him. It's interesting to note WHAT they were trying to pin on him. According to AJC, the federal investigation "started after the World Trade Center bombing in 1992."

What the fool reporters of the AJC do not know is that the World Trade Center bombing took place in 1993: to be exact on February 26, 1993. So they are off by one whole year.

It could also imply that these reporters stumbled on some information which links the FBI's efforts to label Muslims as "terrorists" and this may have something to do with the conspiracy which led on to the World Trade Center bombing. (There is still no solid proof about who did it, although the government has tried to blame just about all its opponents, from Ramzi Yusuf, to Shaikh Omar, to now Osama bin Laden.)

According to AJC, the Darul-Islam movement was also investigated and then "Agent Bill Gant, then a member of an anti-terrorism task force, took on the Al-Amin case." He "investigated" Imam Amin in connection with every possible crime which took place on the west side of Atlanta: "bank robberies, weapons violations, manufacturing and possessing explosives, harboring fugitives and armored car robberies."

In other words an anti-terrorism expert was trying to link a PEACEFUL ISLAMIC IMAM, HAPPILY MARRIED, WITH BUSINESS AND MOSQUE TO TAKE CARE OF with every serious crime he could find in Atlanta.

Remember the anti-terrorism task force has ONE BILLION DOLLARS to play with, and as terrorists are very difficult to find, these people waste the taxpayers money in trying to label Islamic leaders.

ATTEMPT TO PIN DRUG PUSHERS' MURDERS ON THE IMAM: In its crude "guilt by association" article, the AJC lists 14 alleged drug pushers murdered in Atlanta. As is well-known, drug pushers often kill each other, but because the Imam's community was strongly against drugs, the government tried to connect the Muslims (especially the Imam) with the murders.

ENTIRE MOSQUE COMMUNITY INVESTIGATED: The AJC report inadvertently discloses a major violation of the rights of Muslims in this country. "The Atlanta Police Department's intelligence squad compiled a list of 134 people associated with Al-Amin, most of them members of the mosque." If that is not guilt by association, what is? "The list included dates of birth and Social Security numbers. For some it also includes criminal history and suspected roles in unsolved crimes." Which simply means, the police can start an investigation against a Muslim because he belongs to an independent mosque and not the plush pro-government white elephant places run by CAIR and AMC.

This is comparable to the case of Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman where homes were investigated because the Muslims there had spoken to the Shaikh or been part of his congregation in prayer.

Now, this means, if a brother who was once involved in a crime, embraces Islam and comes to Jamaat al-Muslimeen's masjid, this masjid will be investigated.

Who says the Muslims of America are not oppressed? If anyone here is independent, he is suspect. The anti-terrorism task force has a billion dollars to spend.

Don't be mislead by the fact that the government is using Black police officers against the Muslims. This is a well-known divide-and-rule tactic. In an article titled "Who says conspirators can't be black?" writer Lukata Mjumbe gives instances of police atrocities against people of African descent in Atlanta in which Black officers were used.

The AJC and other media played a dirty trick by portraying the killed police officer as a "family man" and Imam Jamil as a violent revolutionary. As Mjumbe asks, isn't Al-Amin a husband, father and "one of our own" as well?

Muslim mosques better speak out against the violation of the mosque community in Atlanta, otherwise tomorrow it will be their turn.

If this dangerous Zionist government under Clinton can hunt down one of the top Islamic leaders in America, we are in for a reign of terror. (Remember, Imam Jamil was working on taking 70,000 American Muslims to Makka for Hajj. Such a grand event would have changed the religious landscape). Think, dear brothers and sisters: would the Zionists allow the Imam to carry out such a big step without his acceptance of their control?
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