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{Join us to rally for Br. Sulayman, John Walker, in Alexandria, Virginia on Feb. 25, 10 am, Monday}


From: motisola_3@hotmail.com (Motisola Abdallah)

Tuesday February 19, 2002 the front page of the AJC (Atlanta Journal & Constitution) carries a full page picture of Imam Jamil Al-Amin with his son. The caption reads that they are giving each other the "hi five" palm slap. Muslims who were with the Imam when he was having a moment with his son give an account that his son told his dad that he had grown a few inches. Imam Jamil raised up his hand and told his son to match his hand so that he could see how much he had grown. A very tender and loving moment between father and son. An AJC reporter snapped the picture who was right there with the two and knew exactly what was going on, put that caption under that picture of them giving each other the "hi five sign" which was totally untrue.

When we got downtown to the courthouse, the street on both sides were lined with riot police fences on both sides of the street surrounding the courthouse with two man teams of police on motorcycles at each entrance. Once inside we go through the usual metal detector gate and one would think that is the end of that. But, when we go upstairs to the actual room where the trial is being held, they have set up another security check point with the same conveyor belt and metal detector. This is unusual and just one in many intimidations methods going on to discourage supporters.

We are made to wait in long lines with no explanations as to why we are waiting. Some of us had to wait for two hours. When we did get an answer from the deputies, we were told there were no more seats and the courtroom was full. Upon insisting that we be let in and that we have been waiting for hours, they let some of us in five and ten at a time with another 45 minutes to an hour before they let the next group of five in. Again we go through the metal detector. Once we clear that security check point, we are checked again outside the court room with a metal wand device from head to toe.

This again is another ploy to make supporters discouraged and not come back. A male sheriff ran the metal detector from my head to my toe and had me turn around and ran the metal detector device up and down my body again, particularly paying close attention to my Hijab, as if I might have hidden something in my scarf. I moved my arm slightly because I thought he was finished and he told me I had to be searched again with this device. So I'm searched again. Once I got in the courtroom I noticed there were plenty of seats in the courtroom. We were lied to that there was no room. Still many supporters were not allowed in and they eventually went home.


The jury is made up of 9 African Americas, two whites and one Hispanic. As the jury is seated, I immediately notice one man with a big chain around his neck with a cross hanging from it.

Judge Stephanis Manis briefs the jury and proceeds to read them the 13 count indictment against Imam Jamil. Manis tries to set the mind set of the jury by telling them that the defendant enters into this trial innocent and until proven guilty is to be presumed as innocent. She predicts the trial will go 3 - 5 weeks from 9 am - 6 pm Monday through Friday.

The prosecution opens with a fairly young African American female attorney who approaches the jury with "please don't shoot me anymore, please don't shoot me anymore". These are the words coming from the officer who was shot she says and they will prove to the jury that that man, as she points to Imam Jamil, is guilty.


You could tell they were trying to build a case they did not have. The prosecution admitted that the law enforcement officials made mistakes and that there was a lot of confusion that night. She went into how the defense will probably bring up minor things like blood and mistaken ID because it was very confusing period that night. The prosecution's opening remarks were full of contradictions, holes and half truths. The Judge had to ask for order in the court several times even sending the jurors out while she admonished the courtroom (us) about making remarks. We were all so astonished as to how they have no case until many of us could not contain ourselves. Miss Kelly Stevens, goes on to say that the evidence will speak for itself and that Imam Jamil Abdully Al-Amin is guilty.

Every objection that the defense brings up the judge denies it. Next the defense opens and within five minutes busted up the prosecution's opening remarks and exposes the contradictions, half-truths and lack of any evidence. As Lawyer Martin proceeds, the prosecution makes a couple of objections and Judge Stephanis Manis sides again with the prosecution. Martin's arguments were how they closed the case on March 28th ignoring key evidence that would of freed Imam Jamil immediately. Martin states that "they got their man and would not look into any other evidence. He hammers at how the deputy is on tape as to giving the wrong description of the shooter, something the prosecution Miss Stevens did not speak about in her openings. Mr. Martin, (the Imam's attorney) showed exhibits that busted holes in the sheriffs accounts as to what happened that night. Martin says that key witnesses were not interviewed that night that saw a short stocky man with an assault weapon that night, nor did the prosecution or the FBI look into the matter of people seeing a man running away from the scene bleeding that night. The prosecution says that there was no blood trail and that it might have been a dog that was bleeding. Another key point is that the deputy, Kinchen, swore that he shot his defendant, twice in the chest and once in the head as he was fleeing after being shot by the defendant. No spent casings or shells were found where the deputy says he fired his weapon.

I have pages of notes, but it is clear that the Imam has been set up. Each and every time the defense tries to bring in the FBI involvement and suspection, Judge Manis shoots it down. Several times the jury was asked to leave the room, because the supporters are just shocked at what they are witnessing. Imam Jamil was kicked, called a dirty name and spit on by an FBI agent the night he was captured and Martin wants to know how far was this investigated and how was this FBI agent punished and does he still work for the FBI and the Judge just about shut the door on these inquiries.

Also, while the deputy was on the witness stand a show was staged by the prosecution and the deputy where he, the deputy would break down several times after being asked key questioned. Martin objected to this but also acknowledging that it may be painful for the the deputy to recall these events, but he felt that it was planned event. Martine moved for a mistrial in lieu of this; of course the judge denied it. Judge Stephanis Manis reminds me of President Bush. At one point she points out she waived the "all rise" when she enters the courtroom because she knows that Muslims don't stand or reverence anyone, so the courtroom does not have to rise when she enters. President Bush is sending food to Afghanis and having dinner with Muslims at the white house to try and show his solidarity with Muslims. Judge Manis clearly knows that the Imam was set up, there is no evidence, he should have been freed long ago and she is boldly siding with the prosecution on every issue. President Bush is guilty of bombing thousands of Muslims while simultaneously eating with other Muslims here in the US. They both are two-faced and cannot be trusted.

Bottom line is that the prosecution has no case and there only focus is do what they are told to do and that is to get Imam Jamil!


There are a few people from different parts of the country. New Black Panther Party was there, Nation of Islam members, Elain Brown, white and black non-Muslim supports from out of town, and a small dismal showing of Muslims who were basically from the West End. We could do better. But the game is on to discourage us and make us wait.
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