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TWO and Half Years in Prison Ruined AHMED ABDEL SATTAR's Health

On October 15, after treatment, Br. Ahmed was taken back to prison by the U.S. authorities.
He had a heart attack and is going to need a pacemaker to keep him going.

This is a man in his mid-forties. He was in perfect health when he was suddenly arrested and taken to prison. Thirty months later, his health is ruined. How did this happen?

Ahmed Abdel Sattar was a model citizen: Never committed a crime of any kind. Family man happy with his wife and children. Community worker giving of his time to help children's school and other mosque activities.

Such people are not used to going to prison. He is being treated as if he is a "terrorist." His first indictment was so bogus that tye judge threw it out BY FAX [didn't even hold a hearing].
However, the government would not release him and WROTE a NEW INDICTMENT!

For two weeks, the prosecutor has been reading in court transcripts of Ahmed's phone calls. They simply reveal that he thought as a citizen of the U.S. he could talk to Egyptians who want to overthrow the murderous regime of the Egyptian tyrant Hosni Mubarak.

It would appear that the U.S. government is so closely linked to the Mubarak regime that it is willing to arrest and prosecute American-Egyptians who talk to those who want to overthrow the tyrant.
[And we are told that the U.S. supports "democracy" and that's why Iraq was invaded. As Dr. Edward Miller says: ‘lies, lies, lies.]
Please write letters of support to :

Ahmed Abdel Sattar #53506-054
150 Park Row
New York
NY 10007

IMPORTANT NEW BOOK AVAILABLE on Lucasville Prison Uprising:

On October 16, a Jamaat al-Muslimeen representative attended a conference organized by the"national Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty" at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC.
As a result we now have an outstanding new book:

LUCASVILLE: The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising by Staughton Lynd, 244 pages, 2004, $16. {Order from: New Trend, POB 356, Kingsville, MD 21087)

Mr. Lynd and his wife Alice were at the Gallaudet conference, a very unusual ["white"] couple from Ohio, elderly but determined, tough and honest.

Readers might remember that New Trend chose SIDDIQUE ABDULLAH HASAN, one of the Lucasville Five who have been sentenced to death, as its PRISONER OF THE MONTH.

Owing to these efforts, Dr. Wilmer Leon, who hosts the "on With Leon" [WOL Washington and Baltimore, AM] show got interested in the case and finally interviewed Mr. StaughtonLynd, live.


The book is a "must read" for those who are interested in the "in"justice system of the USA, or who are against the death penalty, or those who care for the rights of Siddique Abdullah Hasan,the Imam of the Lucasville Muslim prisoners and the 4 convicted with him, and those who want to see how the forces of decency and compassion are working against intrenched oppression.


Producer Fox News

Dear Producer

On October 15, 2004 Tony Snow interviewed John Meacham, author of FRANKLIN and WINSTON. Mr. Meacham claimed that Churchill "wanted people to know the truth" and Tony Snow heartily concurred. Now that classified information about World War II is available, there can be little doubt that CHURCHILL DID NOT WANT his own PEOPLE TO KNOW THE TRUTH.
David Irving, in his voluminous Churchill's war, Vol. 1, has provided documentation, from hitherto classified information, that the British leader deceived his own people.

For instance, Churchill knew that Hitler was NOT going to invade Britain. The German secret code had been broken and helped Churchill to look into Hitler's plans. Similarly, Churchill knew that Hitler was against the bombing of British population centers.
Churchill deliberately bombed German cities to provoke a response against his own people. All this is now available from Britain's own war documents and diaries of the people involved.
Also, on specific nights Churchill knew that London was or was not going to be bombed and fashioned his own actions and rhetoric accordingly to impress the British people.

Mr. Meacham has not done his research. I suggest that he look up Irving's book. [A massive second volume appeared this summer.] If he wishes, I can be nice to him and provide him a few source references from Irving's first book.
I hope President Bush is not an admirer and imitator of "Winston."


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
WAR NEWS: [Compiled & Analyzed by our Media Monitor]


October 17. It's the third day of Ramadan in Iraq and for straight three days, two battalions of U.S. marines have been trying to ram their way into Fallujah. For more than a month, U.S. jet fighters have been bombing selected areas of the heavily populated city in what the U.S. claims are attempts to hit Islamic leader Abu Musa'ab al-Zarqawi. Hospital sources in Fallujah say that more than 300 civilians have been killed in the bombing and more than a thousand wounded [over a month]. Almost ALL the dead and wounded are civilians, including women and children.

The three-day old ground offensive began with air and tank bombardment of the city. On October 15, the U.S. air force dropped 11 FIVE HUNDRED POUND bombs on the city. On October 17, hospital sources in Fallujah told reporters that their ambulances are no longer able to reach the dying and the injured trapped in streets blocked by buildings and streets wrecked inthe bombing.

The offensive began after the people of Fallujah sent a delegation to U.S. forces to say that Al-Zarqawi is not in the city and the people will not hand over any Islamic fighters helping the cityto resist. The DELEGATION WAS ARRESTED and is now in U.S. custody.

The U.S. marines are the best armed and trained forces in the world. They should be able to capture Fallujah, which has no artillery, tanks or aircraft, within a day. However, Islamic mujahideen seem to be better fighters than the marines. They are resisting with machine guns, RPGs and a few small caliber mortars. Three days of fighting has shown no quick SLICETHROUGH by the marines.

The people of Fallujah, traumatized by the daily air raids, are streaming out of the city in the hundreds, seeking refuge elsewhere.


On October 17, Iraqi mujahideen attacked a police force which was returning to Karbala after being trained in Jordan. Nine of the mercenaries were killed in the mujahideen attack. [Foxnews.]

The losses indicate that while the King of Jordan has not sent his troops to Iraq to help the U.S., he is helping out by training Shi'ite mercenaries. [Al-Zarqawi, main target of the U.S., is also said to be from Jordan.]



[Accurate reporting by Pakistani media.]

On October 14, Pakistani newspapers reported that the Taliban had ambushed U.S. troops in Uruzgan province and that 6 U.S. troops were killed. The Pakistanis named the district where the attack took place: Charchima.

For two days, the U.S. was silent about the attack. Then on October 16, CNN and other cable channels reported that there had been an attack on U.S. troops in Uruzgan [no area mentioned] and that {only} two soldiers were killed. A day later [Oct. 17], the U.S. downgraded the attack, saying that it was a remote-controlled bomb, but that it was not sure how it happened.

With no U.S. reporters in Afghanistan, observers get the impression that the U.S. is trying to hide the fact that the majority of Afghanistan's people, the PASHTUNS, did not take part in the elections, and that the Islamic elites of the Pashtun, the Taliban, are taking on powerful American and auxiliary military forces.


[Again Pakistani media, ahead of the U.S. media.]

On October 14, Pakistani media reported that the Taliban had shot down a helicopter, carrying ballots from WAKHAN. The helicopter managed to hit the ground without blowing up, and in the extreme cold weather its crew were being supplied with air drops by U.S. C-130 aircraft.
The downing of the helicopter uncovered part of the fraud which is being carried out under the name of "elections" in Afghanistan. Pakistani newspapers point out that Wakhan is a tiny wedge of Afghan territory in extremely high mountain areas. Very few people live there and in the winter which has already descended there, there is no population to be voting. Thus the stack ofballots being brought by the helicopter, from officials on post in the area, indicates how the bogus "election" is being carried out. [The Karzai people are trying to make up for the votes they did not get from the Afghan majority.]

[The U.S. media mentioned the "hard landing" of the helicopter only in passing, without mentioning that the Taliban brought it down, and no discussion of its content.]



Pakistani commandoes carried out a surprise attack in the Mahsud area of the tribal region torescue the two Chinese engineers captured by the mujahideen. It appears that the rescue was botched because one of the two engineers were killed in the commando attack along with the five mujahideen guarding the engineers.

Pakistani newspapers say that a chemical attack was carried out by the commandoes as the bodies of the mujahideen appear to be horribly distorted by the chemical used.
[The incident has highlighted China's mistreatment of the Muslims of Xingiang Province, the Uighurs. Last year, an Islamic leader from China who had taken refuge in Pakistan was captured by the Musharraf government and handed over to China. Reports indicate that he was tortured and later executed by the Chinese Communists.]


Just before Ramadan, as the Parliament session began, the Speaker of the House suddenly whipped out a resolution supporting Musharraf to continue as Chief-of-Staff of the armed forces.
The pre-prepared pro- government delegates immediately voted for the resolution and that was it.

The opposition members shouted and screamed and threw papers at the Speaker but to avail.
Musharraf now claims that Parliament has endorsed his right to head the armed forces [his realbase of power] while he is President.

The Musharraf government has a VERY THIN majority in Parliament, most brought about by buying corrupt politicians in some constituencies in Punjab and Sind where fuedalism still holds sway.

The opposition Islamic Coalition [MMA] had carried out a countrywide campaign to make Musharraf agree to give up his military position in exchange for letting him continue as President. Musharraf realized that MMA had picked up steam and agreed to their demand.
However, as the time to give up the military position neared, he went back on his word.
[New Trend's inside observers say that the peaceful Islamic movement is no match for Musharraf's tactics. The situation is gradually moving towards violence and even civil war, unless the peaceful movement can come up with some brilliant moves to unseat Musharraf.]


DAILY news of the India's occupation army's atrocities are coming in. The Muslims of Kashmir are fighting back, both by peaceful means and with weapons, but are suffering heavily.
The reports are too many for us to analyze and present. Hopefully we will return with a digest of Kashmiri struggle against India.

Election 2004: Coke vs Pepsi

by Yusuf Robinson
[Yusuf is a college student in Maryland. He embraced Islam a couple of years back in Baltimore.]
I've have been listening to some good lectures about our current situation and am fired up for propagating a more grassroots salution. Democracy means government by the people which means literally government by the people being governed. A republic is were the people elect others to serve them in matters concerning government.

What we live in is a system which dictates to us how to exercise our right to choice and also dictates to us who are our choices. It is a system which turns on itself. The professional politicians have their say in who gets nominated and great influence in who is backed in any given election.

Big business supports the candidates in fooling the uninformed masses that they are actually for a change other than "my face in place of my oponent's." And the media again controlled for the most part by a handful of Giant corporations reinforces the sway of the parties and the money donated by big business.

Politicians are themselves pimped and slaved by their financial supports and party. So what about a government by the people or chosen by the people, when only a handful select, promote and support what will become our candidates and we are only left with the task of choosing what would be the equivalent of Pepsi vs Coke.

When it is said and done we are left with the same thing or perhaps it would be better to say Snake vs Puppet. One an all out poisonous villain and the other controlled by the same kind of heartless monsters.

I nominate that we strive hard to continue to wake the people of this sleepy nation to the truth of our sitation. We are in dictatorship at worse and oligarchy at best. We are being exploited for our belief in freedom and free will and free choice. We are being left to a worthless decision, between two evils, one manifestly corrupt and the other ambigous evil in ambition for power.

We live amongst people who believe so much in freedom and choice and a better life for their children that they are willing to go to war and die for someone like President Bush and Company. We live amongst a people who believe so much in the power of choice that they are willing to vote-out Bush even when if it means handing over seat of Presidency to someone so obvious motivated by power as we see in Kerry and friends.

We as Muslims must stand up and call them to a better decision, JUSTICE. This election is many things but one that it isn't is fair or just. After Sept. 11, the war in Aghanistan, the war in Iraq and all the lies and deceptions we have been fed in the last four years; after Columbine, Waco Texas, The 1st Gulf war, The Clinton scandals, and Oklahoma City and all of the other acts of terrorisms against the US people; after the Nixons and the Reagans and all of the other criminals we have had in the oval office...Don't the American people deserve more?

Shouldn't we the Muslims offer them the peace that they have been wishing for ever since the first shot of the Revolutionary War? It is Islam that we should choose and support and campaign for during the last days before "election". Who is our candidate? God the Creator and Cherisher of us all, The One who feeds us whether sinner or saint and requires nothing from us but demands of us that we be civil and just in dealing with each other and that we worship none buty Him.

Our mode of government is Islam which is completely above the current spectrum that polarizes Conservative and Liberal and its progressive ends are either Fascism or Communism respectively. Islam means choice of living your life as you choose within sane bounds without fear of undue persecution. Islam means no professional politicians and no one is above the law and no one changing the rules when it adversely affects them. Islam means laws without class bias or sex bias or race bias or age bias. Islam is justice. That and countless other reasons is why I vote Islam for next election...They can keep all other choices, especially Bush vs Kerry.
[With thanks to Jamaat al-Muslimeen rep. in Texas.]

[Compare Benazir's statements on 9.11 with those by Yusuf Islam, Hamza Yusuf and President Bush.] [Strange "bedfellows?"]

Former Pakistani prime minister discusses world affairs at UTB-TSC

The Brownsville Herald


October 16, 2004 ... The former prime minister of Pakistan on Friday denounced terrorists who use religion to justify their acts.

Benazir Bhutto, the first female prime minister in the Muslim world, addressed the issue during a fund-raiser speech Friday night at the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College.

"(Terrorists) are opportunists and hypocrites," said Bhutto, now the chairperson of the Pakistan People's Party. "They are criminals, they are not clerics. When the terrorists attacked America they were not fighting for Islam, they are fighting for themselves."

Bhutto admits "it's difficult to shake the images of the Twin Towers collapsing under the weight of hate," but true Muslims don't preach hatred, she said.

"The Muslim holy book says do not commit treason or treachery," said Bhutto, who served as prime minister in the late 1980s. "The Muslim religion bans killing by stealth and the targeting of people to cause terror."

Bhutto, visiting Brownsville as part of the university's Distinguished Lecture Series, said that Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions are closely related since the three claim to be descendants of the biblical prophet Abraham.

Bhutto said the war on terror must be fought to ensure world safety but Americans must plan for the "after-war." Not planning for the aftermath of the Russian-Afghan war led to the birth of al-Qaida, the terrorist group responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks, she said. The U.S. government gave weapons, training and backing to the most volatile of the Mujeheddinn tribes but failed to plan for the consequences.

"I urge the American leaders to learn from the lessons from the past," she said. "The U.S. and its allies created the Frankenstein that calls itself al-Qaida by planning a short-term solution."

During her two terms as prime minister, she fought terrorists by using force, education and information, she said.

"Osama Bin Laden, Ramzi Yusef " I know them, I took them on," Bhutto said, referring to the leader of al-Qaida and the mastermind of the World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

"My only regret is that we were unable to destroy (terrorist groups) completely," she said.

On Dec. 1, 1988, Bhutto was elected prime minister of Pakistan. She was 35, the world's youngest chief executive officer and the first woman to lead a Muslim nation. Twenty months after being elected, Bhutto's government was unconstitutionally removed from office by a rival party until 1993 when she was re-elected into office.

During her time in office she appointed the first women judges to the higher courts and opened the first Pakistan Women's Bank.

Bhutto said that fundamentalist groups tried to keep her from taking power through bribery and assassination attempts.

"Osama Bin Laden paid $10 million to an opposing party to pass a vote of no confidence, but I was able to beat that," she said.

UTB-TSC President Juliet V. Garcia said Bhutto's journey has not been an easy one.

Bhutto said she hopes to someday have a true democratic Pakistan.

"Terrorism and fundamentalists are bound to fail unless we fall into the psychopaths' trap," she said.

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