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Recently the A AND E station spotlighted a presentation on Imam Jamil-Al-Amin. This was a rerun of a previous showing on details surrounding the case. With some positive aspects of the documentary (more like an espouse), some telling points were clearly missed. THIS WRITER OPENLY ASKS THE PROSECUTION OR ANYONE ELSE TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. They were conveniently missed by the A and E Presentation.

1. Who actually pulled the trigger which killed the police officer? The exposť could not point the finger at the Imam.

2. Who actually witnessed the Imam shooting the officer? The officer merely pointed out that the Imam was IN THE AREA. He did not say the Imam ACTUALLY pulled the trigger.

3. Who actually tests the ballistics details? Was it an police firm? an independent testing facility? Or was it a "make-and shift," facility manned by fellow police officers?

4. How can anyone claim that police officials of Atlanta (more specifically West End) are unbiased when it comes to Imam Jamil? The fact that several times police officials falsely accused the Imam and his community in 1990, 1992, 1994, and 1995 leaves no doubt that prejudiced police officials were handling the case. Do we not remember how one witness openly stated he was forced into being a witness against Imam Jamil? and He later embraced Islam.

5. When will the FBI and police officials legally commit themselves to an open investigation of their OWN people, who have vendettas against living figures from previous liberation movements? Even until this day there clearly remains Federal officials who still want to get "even," with those who were part of the Black Panther Party, The American Indian Movement, The Brown Berets, MOVE, The Nation of Islam, the Hawaiian Independence movement, the Puerto Rican Independence movement, and even the old Jamat-Al-Muslimeen and others. Some people have not forgotten the past. After arguing with the Regional FBI director two months ago, EVEN HE COULD NOT DENY THIS. We need to ask for such an investigation. WE NEED TO HAVE ALL THOSE FBI AND POLICE AGENTS STOP WORKING CASES OF THE PAST INTO THE PRESENT TIME. Mr. Ashcroft HIMSELF is a product of such feelings. Where are those officers who tried to kill the Imam after his famous "violence is as American as cherry pie," speech ? Are they not still working ?

6. Two months ago this writer asked the regional FBI director to talk frankly about the Imam. About Why was he still in prison? Why does the prosecution STILL not have a SINGLE WITNESS TO THE ACTUAL MURDER. Why the prosecution claimed blood was found smeared on the Imam but EVERY photo shows the exact opposite. About why would a well respected Imam wake up one day and kill a police officer and then "run away," when police officers do that all the time themselves. About why there were constant murmurings about the Imam within various police communities, About why the Imam's personal life was attacked, WHICH HAD nothing to do with the present case. We still wait and are still waiting.

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