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Egyptian Ruler Hosni Mubarak Works closely with CIA to Control Egyptian Masses
Puppet Palestinian "State" Required to Defuse Islamic Momentum against Israel
Mubarak's Regime Could be threatened (with domino effect) if Palestinian Jihad Continues

[American Muslim group CAIR working with Mubarak, issues Statement]
[Understanding why Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman and Ahmed ĎAbdel Sattar are in Prison]

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is once again visiting President Bush. Before Mubarak came to Washington, he was visited by CIA Director Tenet who is reportedly coordinating CIA moves against the Islamic movement in Palestine, Jordan and Egypt.

American and Pakistani readers need to have a little background on Mubarak to understand his visit to Washington.
1. Mubarak receives $2.3 BILLION dollars every year from the U.S. to keep himself in power. The money is spent on his vast security apparatus (MUKHABARAT) in Egypt. Every African country has Egyptian intelligence agents looking for Islamic activists. The money is also used to refurbish his armed forces which are given inferior weaponry making it impossible for it to fight Israel. However, the weaponry is enough for Egypt to bully Sudan and Libya whenever the U.S. sees the need.
[The $2.3 billion annual grant makes Mubarak the biggest recipient of American aid second only to Israel.]
2. Mubarak has been used by Washington to crush the Islamic movement in Egypt. Nearly 60,000 Egyptian dissidents are being held in dungeons and underground prisons by the Mubarak regime. Some of the methods used by Mubarak, documented by Amnesty International and other human rights organizations, include:
ii. ARREST for carrying audio tapes or flyers found objectionable by the government.
iii. Detention without trial.
iv. Open ended detention with no date or hope for release.
v. Mubarak's police holds wife, mother, daughter and children as hostages to make Islamic dissidents in concealment to surrender to the police.
vi. Torture of great variety, both physical and psychological. (Some of the torturers were trained in the United States.)
3. CONTROL OF MOSQUES. Most of Egypt's mosques have been taken over by the Mubarak government which issues official "sermons" to be read by the appointed preachers.
4. MOSQUES STORMED BY SECURITY FORCES. In numerous instances over the last 10 years, Mubarak's security forces have attacked mosques where opponents had gathered, killing people inside the mosque.

WHY DOES WASHINGTON SPEND THIS MONEY ON MUBARAK? That's an important question. Mubarak is a key player in the DEFENSE AND SECURITY OF ISRAEL. If the Islamic movement in Egypt were not squelched, the border with Israel would open up to infiltration by Islamic fighters much as in the case of Kashmir and Pakistan. An even handed Egyptian government would defend the Islamic movement in Palestine and might even go to war with Israel.

WHY IS ARAFAT IMPORTANT TO HOSNI MUBARAK? Mubarak's intelligence services are quite sharp. They have given him a good sense of the restlessness of the Egyptian masses. As the Sharon offensive against Palestine continues, more and more Egyptians want to join the struggle. Arafat is the key to the setting up of a Palestinian Bantustan which would be DEMILITARIZED and TOTALLY CONTROLLED BY ISRAEL. Even more importantly, it would give the Palestinian people the false idea that they are finally getting a real country and should stop making the supreme sacrifice. THE REAL AGENDA OF MUBARAK and BUSH is the FINAL RECOGNITION of Israel as a legitimate entity. The situation for the Palestinians needs to be made so bad that they will NOT see the recognition of Israel as a problem. This also explains the obscene proposal made by Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at the height of the martyrdom struggle against Israel. Every other day Muslim martyrs were attacking Israel when suddenly ABDULLAH came up with the proposal that ALL THE ARABS SHOULD RECOGNIZE ISRAEL if it withdraws to the 1967 borders. This was a trick. NOTE THIS CAREFULLY:

Withdrawal of Israel from territories captured in 1967 is not a serious issue. It can be done in one day if the Islamic thrust continues. THE REAL ISSUE IS THE EXISTENCE OF ISRAEL ON ARAB LAND. Any games or proposals which cloud the real issue are a form of betrayal. Mubarak, Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Abdullah of Jordan are seriously involved in this betrayal.

Sharon on the other hand wants to have Arafat as a mere servant who will follow Israel's orders and spend his time in eliminating the Islamists. Mubarak wants to give Arafat some dignity so that he may look like a legitimate Palestinian leader and not a complete slave of Bush and Sharon. In short Mubarak is a creation of the U.S. and is U.S.'s paid employee. He has no legitimacy and has never allowed elections which would challenge his rule or give an alternative to the Egyptian people. (Musharref of Pakistan learned from Mubarak the art of the referendum in which voters can vote only for the man who is already in power, or else!) This employee pretends to be a ruler but is low level enough to meet and work with the CIA director Tenet as a good employee should.

Mubarak feels so vulnerable about his regime that he started tracking down dissidents who had taken refuge in America.
i. The first of these was the leader of Gamaa al-Islamiyya, Dr. Omar ĎAbdel Rahman who had never fought against America. When he took refuge in America, Mubarak worked with the U.S. government to have the Shaikh arrested, tried and convicted (by a Zionist Jewish judge!) as a terrorist. Many people do not know that Shaikh Omar was NOT tried for the WTC bombing but for a vague conspiracy in which the alleged "conspirators" were trapped by one of Mubarak's operatives, one Emad Salem, who was paid a million dollars by the FBI, to manufacture evidence against the Shaikh.
ii. Then, a fake preacher was sent by Mubarak to New York to have a dissident named Nasser Ahmed arrested. There was no evidence of any kind against Nasser but he was KEPT IN PRISON FOR NEARLY FOUR YEARS on "secret evidence" of "association with terrorists." The human rights community in America was alarmed and fought Nasser Ahmed's case. Before Nasser's release, it came out that the "secret evidence" was nothing more than the allegations made by the fake preacher sent by the Mubarak regime.
iii. Now we have the case of AHMED ABDEL SATTAR, a U.S. citizen, who was paralegal to Shaikh Omar, who was suddenly arrested on April 9, 2002 and denied bail for having talked to alleged opponents of the Mubarak regime. Even attorney Lynn Stewart was arrested, a new low in the erosion of human rights in America.
Thus Mubarak is an operative of the CIA, heavily funded but still very worried that the Egyptian people might topple him and confiscate the vast wealth he and his family have allegedly amassed. Indescribable poverty is the lot of the Egyptian people while Mubarak, terrorist, tyrant, traitor, lives with his cronies in affluence which would shame Hugh Hefner and Mobutu.

Even within this context, there are American Muslims who are shameless enough to be the friends of Hosni Mubarak. CAIR, which has not said a word about the arrest of Ahmed Abdel Sattar, has issued this statement about Hosni Mubarak's visit:

"CAIR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR BRIEFS PRESIDENT MUBARAK CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, along with other American Muslim and Arab-American leaders, met today with Egyptian President Hosny Mubarak. Awad briefed President Mubarak on issues of concern to the American Muslim community prior to the Egyptian leader's meeting with President Bush."

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