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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'ban 4,1427/August 29, 2006 #58

ARE YOU GOING to the annual ISNA CONVENTION near CHICAGO? Ask ISNA's leaders these key questions. Please scroll down to the end.

Heavy fighting erupted in Iraq between the Islamic resistance and U.S. forces from August 26-29. Fifteen U.S. troops were killed. Iraqi losses are not known but were probably steep.

August 29 is the first anniversary of the Katrina disaster. Independent observers agree that it was a bigger disaster than 9.11 in that almost an entire city was wiped out. African-American leaders like Minister Farrakhan say that the Bush administration and the power structure revealed its institutional racism in the way the people and the city of New Orleans were treated. A year later, the Zionist media are keeping out African-American leaders from the TV screens and are busy trying to rationalize the massive tragedy through "White" eyes.
Here we present the Islamic viewpoint of the situation as it is today.

KATRINA-IN THE MEAN TIME: An Islamic Perspective
by Ashira Na'im
[The sister-writer is one of the Islamic leaders of Jamaat al-Muslimeen and is from New Orleans.]

The flood that followed the wind-damaged city was the final blow to "The Big Easy" as we had come to know it. New Orleans, the town that once boasted USA's best food, best hospitality, best weather, best jazz, etc., is one year later still gloomy and desolate and full of trash. And my friends and many relatives have been forced by circmstances to evacuate and never return to this city. One look at one of the largest housing projects "The Mighty St. Bernard" now all wrapped in chains as if it was a criminal finally apprehended, makes you realize that the residents here were poor people who owned nothing and will not be returning. This scenario is true for several more government housing projects and other rental properties. No one lives there anymore. You can only wonder and hope that their lives will be better.

Now a ride into some of the more affluent areas, like the Pontchartrain Lake area, reveals a sad but not hopeless situation. Though interior walls and floors were destroyed; furniture soaked and rotted, those owners continue to seek the help from FEMA and all insurace, grants, loans, etc. they can get. In the meantime, they live in mobile units parked either on their land or on some relative's land--trying to get their dream back.

In the meantime, I have lost my hometown landmarks. I don't know how to find my friends. I can't go to the house around the corner and find someone's relative who might tell me where they are. In the meantime, my heart will continue to hold a void as I have to lift my feet over the void and continue to live day by day.

Still, know too that my hometown had some terrible stats--a few years ago, 2 times in a row New Orleans was #1 for crime (mostly black on black murders related to drugs) and Baltimore was #2. One year Baltimore held first place and New Orleans second. Some secrets of my hometown were high rates of homosexuality and it was a town for "fun" in promiscuous behavior, gambling, drinking, and drugs. Tourists flocked to this town every year at all times of the year. The world famous Mardi Gras was known for uninhibited "fun."

In the meantime, people talk about whether the disaster is God-sent or man made. We thank Allah that so many lives were spared. Allah knows best. And we must reflect. Allah says travel through the earth and see what was the end of those before you.

We thank all of the contibutors who sent funds to help the victims of Hurrican Katrina. With the uncertainty of what assistance the victims will continue to need and receive, we ask you to continue to make donations so that we can continue to help in your names. Send contributions payable to Family Extended Educational Tide (FEET), Post Office Box 39732, Baltimore, Maryland 21212 You will receive receipt by return mail. Thank you.

Report and Analysis by New Trend Media Monitor from Urdu
General Musharraf's Forces Slaughter Baluchis, Including 80 year tribal hero Akbar Bugti.
Helicopter Borne Troops Kill 80 Baluch: Stiff Resistance Left 21 Pakistanis Dead [6 officers].
Riots, Widespread Arson, Curfews, 600 Arrests across Baluchistan and Sind.

Late on Saturday, August 26, 2006 General Musharraf's troops carried out a well-coordinated assault on the hideout of top Baluch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti in remote northeastern Baluchistan. The Pakistani generals appear to have tracked Bugti by his phone calls. Musharraf is helped by American surveillance which spies on all of Pakistan.

After a spate of covering fire provided by missile attacks from helicopter gunships, a large Pakistani force landed by helicopter and attacked the Bugti compound. The Bugtis, along with elements of the Mengal tribe, fought back for several hours but were overwhelmed. As more and more bodies are dug out, it appears that at least 80 Baluch were killed. The Pakistanis too suffered, 21 dead, including some elite officers of the Pakistani army. At last reports,August 28, sporadic fighting continued in the area.

Nawab Akbar Bugti [80 year old] and a Mengal chief were among those killed, according to Shaukat Aziz, the American Prime Minister of Pakistan appointed by Musharraf. First reports said Bugti's two grandsons were killed too but the Pak government is creating some confusion about this or they might have survived. The Baluch in particular and Pakistani opposition leaders want to give honorable burial to the Baluch leader but Musharraf is delaying and saying that the body is buried in the debris.

As the news came out, Pakistanis across the political spectrum were shocked and horrified. On August 27 RIOTS broke out across Baluchistan and Sind. Crowds of people came out on the steets from Quetta to Gwadar attacking government properties and ransacking police stations. On August 28, it got worse as masses of people started setting fire to ALL public properties. The highway to Karachi was cut. The police opened fire several times, killing 3 At times people fired back, killing one police. The police arrested more than 600 people.

Demonstrations against the murder of Bugti, some violent, were also held in most cities in Sind, the biggest being MMA [Islamic Coalition] rallies in Karachi. [Syed Munawar Hasan, Jamaate Islami leader, told New Trend that he is deeply disgusted with Musharraf's action and its implications of blatant fascism.]

Strong condemnation of Muisharraf's action has come not only from the Islamic Coalition but most vehemently from Muslim League led by Nawaz Sharif, the elected leader ousted by Musharraf's coup.
WHAT IS BEHIND THIS BLOODY EXTRA-JUDICIAL KILLING? Pakistani observers think that the U.S. gave Musharraf the go-ahead to eliminate the Bugti chief. The slaughter of the Baluchis has brought no notice from the U.S., major media or government, as if it never happened.

Baluchis have often had problems with the Pakistani government. The major complaint has been that Baluchis do not benefit from the resources in the province, most particularly the gas fuel coming out of Sui. The Baluchis have often rebelled and been suppressed. However, Islamic leaders have always taught reconciliation through dialogue and political processes and hence the point of no return was not reached.

Under Musharraf, Pakistan is not only in the hands of a mercenary army but a military which is entirely at the disposal of the United States. Observers who study background say that Musharraf is planning to give permanent military bases to the U.S. in Baluchistan. The offensive against the Islamic Taliban government was launched from Jacobabad, just across the Baluch frontier in Sind. Gwadar is already a preliminary naval base for the U.S.

As Iran becomes a regional power, bases in Baluchistan will facilitate U.S. pressure on Iran.
Musharraf's regime is expressing the murder of Bugti as a victory against a rebel. However, Pakistani political circles, both Islamic, Peoples Party and Muslim League, see the killing as a blow at Pakistani national unity and cohesion. Heavy handed use of force failed in East Pakistan, is failing in Waziristan. With the proud Baluchis, it is a disaster to take away from them their pride and self-respect.

Pakistan is in serious trouble. Like Yahya Khan, General Musharraf seems to be totally blind to the disasters he is imposing on this nation created in the name of Islam. The people seem to be helpless before a bloodstained military which betrayed the Taliban and slaughtered the Waziristanis.

Exclusive Letter to New Trend

African-American Imam Facing State Terrorism: Warith Deen Umar Fights for his [OUR] Rights

As salaam alaikum

The U.S. government has changed my day of sentencing from September 7, 2006 to September 21, 2006 at 4PM in the Federal Court in downtown Manhattan. The government is threatening me with up to ten years in prison. They have not only taken my passport and imprisoned me in the Southern and Northern districts of New York but they never returned my family's 8 computers, my legal papers, my photos, cameras, intellectual products, 34 published and unpublished books and manuscripts and other notebooks, khutbahs and miscellaneous items in my home library. They took twenty-five years of my papers and writings.

The government literally robbed my apartment and my home with impunity. They stole from my family and found nothing illegal in all they took. They wrote to my lawyers and agreed to return my property if I would give them a plea. I refused to sign off on their attempts to clear themselves by offering me some facsimile of leniency in the court decision of whether to jail me and for how long. This thieving government will never get me to join them in their persecution of me. Whatever they do to me will only hasten their demise. Ma sha'llah. Allah promises to destroy all injustice. So they're through.

Israel To Acquire Two German-Made Submarines
[How Israel uses the "holocaust" to Blackmail Germany. Other than "H" there is no reason for this German act.]

Associated Press ran_13

ISRAEL has purchased two more German-made Dolphin submarines capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The new submarines, built at a cost of $1.3 billion with Germany footing one-third of the bill, have diesel-electric propulsion systems that allow them to remain submerged for longer periods of time than the three nuclear arms-capable submarines already in Israel's fleet, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Sudanese Protest U.S. Officials Visit and Plan to Intervene in Darfur

KHARTOUM: Angry demonstrators mobbed the car of US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer yesterday after she arrived in Sudan, and demanded that she return home.

Frazer was officially greeted by senior officials from the ministries of foreign affairs and international co-operation.

But dozens of protesters, chanting slogans and raising banners reading "Go Back Home", "You Want War" and "We Want Peace" showed up at the airport, covered her car with banners and blocked her way before police intervened.

Frazer had flown to Khartoum with a message from President George W Bush for his Sudanese counterpart, Omar al-Bashir, reportedly to urge him to accept deployment of UN forces in west Sudan's war-torn Darfur region. [Source: wire services]

ISNA Leadership: Agents of the Power Structure: Ask them these Questions
by Kaukab Siddique

Innocent Muslims in large numbers participate in the annual Convention of ISNA ["Islamic Society of North America"]. They go for three important reasons:
1. To socialize with other Muslims from far away cities.
2. To find spouses for their sons and daughters.
3. To buy goods from the bazar.

However, this activity permits the organizers of ISNA to say that all these people come to the Convention to support ISNA and its mediocre leaders. The crowds are used to publicize ISNA, to lure other innocent Muslims and to obtain funds.

I urge Muslims to question ISNA's leaders and find out for themselves that ISNA is not only hostile to Islam but is cooperating with the worst enemies of Islam. Here are a few relevant questions:

1. Why does ISNA recognize Israel as a legitimate state? Isn't Israel hostile to Islam?

2. Why is ISNA silent about the U.S. bombing and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq?

3. What kind of security clearance do ISNA leaders have that they can attend Pentagon and White House meetings? Why does the Bush administration trust them so much while it is criminalizing all the leading Islamic activists in this country?

4. Is it Islamic for Syed Syeed, previous Secretary General of ISNA, to work closely with the FBI?

5. Is it not true that the new ISNA President, Ingrid Mattson, worked with an Israeli citizen, Dr. Abu Rabi, for a long time and the institute she worked for is a masked missionary enterprise? Was she brought in under pressure from the U.S., re: Asra Nomani, etc.

6. If ISNA is Islamic, why has it dumped the Islamic methodology for crescent-sighting related to Ramadan and Eidain? Is it not time to stop trying to divide the Muslims on this issue?

8. Why is ISNA silent about the suffering of ALL Islamic political prisoners, from Imam Jamil al-Amin and Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman to Masaud Khan and 'Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar?

7. Why does ISNA consider itself Islamic?

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