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America's Conscience Alive: Peace Rallies Denounce Bush war and Sharon
More than 100,000 Participated and Marched: CNN Claims 60,000
In Broad spectrum of Coalitions, Jamaat al-Muslimeen Focuses on Political Prisoners

"When comes the help of Allah and Victory, and thou dost see the masses enter the way of Allah of Allah in crowds, celebrate the praises of thy lord and pray for His forgiveness, for He is oft-returning (in forgiveness)." (The Qur'an 110:1-3)

"Allah himself is the enemy of a person who enslaves a free human being." (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith, Sahih al-Bukhari)

Eyewitness report: April 20 was a historic day in the extremely diverse and complex history of Washington D.C. The challenge before America's people was to confront the fascist alliance of Bush and Sharon and to propose a new direction for America. The question also arose, based on the daily diet of propaganda fed to the country by the Zionist-controlled media, that does America have a conscience? Had the 9/11 attacks provided the Bush clique an excuse to suppress the ideals of the American people for an open society based on laws?

On April 20, the American people showed that the conscience of America is still alive. BUSH and SHARON are the enemies of the American dream. Hundreds of organizations and groups participated. Would they be able to keep together and unite on a common theme? The people making speeches were as diverse as the old, worn out socialist Tariq Ali from a bygone era to Mahdi Bray, a stolid conservative Muslim, slow going and non-revolutionary from the W.D. Muhammad affinity. In between were a hundred shades of red, white and blue.

There were THREE different rallies:
1. Muslims {mosques from the entire eastern seaboard were represented}.
2. A broad left leaning and internationalist coalition with the acronym ANSWER, led by former attorney general Ramsey Clark, famous for his analysis of U.S. crimes against Iraq.
3. A general coming together of environmentalist, progressive, Christian, and church leaning groups with a core provided by the Green Party.

When these three groups came out on the streets and marched on the streets from the general White House-Washington Memorial area towards the Capitol, their strength in UNITY became apparent. For miles, the Washington DC streets, broad enough for four lanes, WERE SO FULL OF PEOPLE CHANTING AND MARCHING that movement was extremely slow and took several hours to cover a mile. It rained during the march for half-an-hour but it was more like a blessing than a torrent.

Among the hundreds of themes and messages there were THREE UNITING THEMES:
1. CONDEMNATION OF SHARON (including denunciation of the Jenin massacre).
2. Rejection of Bush's worldwide WAR ON TERRORISM policies.
3.PEACE AT HOME AND ABROAD to safeguard the rights of the American people.

(One war veteran epitomized the spirit of the march as he kept chanting: PEACE - NOW to which thousands who were slowly walking past responded: PEACE - NOW.)

Something very strange is happening in America: Zionist Jews are on the defensive. They realize that they have lost the support of most activists across the country. THE LEFT HAS DUMPED ANY SYMPATHY FOR ISRAEL from its agenda. Thus the Jews are facing a new kind of opposition: They are facing people whom they cannot accuse of anti-semitism and who in fact accuse the Zionist Jews of racism against Palestinians.


Jamaat al-Muslimeen worked within the non-Muslim coalitions on April 20 for SEVEN HOURS, with volunteers and supporters from New York, Baltimore, Silver Spring [Maryland], Chicago, Milwaukee and Atlanta. JAM's focus was on Islamic political prisoners and on the Bush-Sharon massacres in Palestine. The political prisoner focus was on:
1. Imam Jamil al-Amin
2. Br. Sulayman Walker Lindh.
3. Ahmed Abdel Sattar (recently arrested).

(JAM workers handed out thousands of flyers about Ahmed Abdel Sattar and Sulayman Walker Lindh. At one point Green Party workers on a loudspeaker van accepted the JAM plea to chant slogans in support of Freedom for Political prisoners.) (A prominent Muslim family, supporters of JAM, the Kurters from Milwaukee, Turkish and Hispanic, are working with the Greens.)

MUSLIMS IN AMERICA are being gradually politicized and even radicalized by the oppression being meted out to them by the Bush administration. Many have realized that voting for Bush was a major and strategic failure of leadership. Hundreds of Muslims joined the demonstration. There were even Pakistani women in traditional Pakistani garb marching down the streets with radical left winger ("white") radicals who were making fun of Bush's policies. There were also numerous African-American Islamic women in Hijab ("complete covering head to foot")

(Allah through 9/11 has changed the direction of history, one Muslim commentator says. The conservative, sleepy Muslims now have a choice: STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS or ACCEPT BUSH AS YOUR god.)

One of the most photographed placards in the entire demonstration was brought by Sis. Nadrat. Numerous people pleaded with her to let them take the placard. Some people even wanted to buy the placard. It says:
ter-ror-ist - n.
Some marchers said it should be corrected to read: "ANYONE" instead of "any Muslim"

Supporters of Israel tried to infiltrate the rallies but were very much on the defensive. One of them had an argument with two JAM brothers. He said Muslims were very one sided in condemning Israel and not condemning the "suicide" bombers. A JAM brother told him: "Give the Palestinians tanks and helicopter gunships and there won't be any more martyrdom attacks."

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